'd alessandro baltimore corruption
FERN SHEN: Yeah. LUKE BROADWATER: In less than two months. In the House. So currently they don’t have enough authority to make Hopkins accountable because they don’t have the authority to make the Baltimore Police Department accountable. ), ( 65

She dropped Hastings the same way that the D’Alesandro machine had relied on black votes, but then turned their backs on blacks after the election. ), ( 394 ), ( Send Letters to the Editor to editor@MaconMedia. This includes rallies, protests, community forums, and parades. 207 176 ), ( 174 16 And he, you know, had to pay a fine. Second to that, but working hand and glove with it, was Jack Pollack’s machine.

JILL CARTER: I think the first thing, the overwhelming, fundamental issue, is that it sets a bad precedent for privatization of law enforcement, which should be a public function. I’d go into a funeral home, pay my respects to the one person I knew there, sign the book and leave. They wouldn’t give them to me.

JAISAL NOOR: And I wanted to turn to that the recent protests at Johns Hopkins against the private police bill that was passed by the Assembly, and is awaiting approval by the governor. 57 When I as a candidate pointed out that DiPietro could still be tried for corruption, the D’Alesandro response was to send a compliant State’s Attorney before a compliant judge, to drop those charges also.

), ( Globalist-Directed Geo-terrorists Aim Yet Another Weather Weapon at Florida Panhandle—WHO & WHY? 61 ), ( I mean, last year they did not–the lobbyists on behalf of Hopkins–and Hopkins had eight lobbyists working on this bill, and even, you know, brought down Mike Bloomberg for it–they did not have leadership on board for the push.

), ( ), ( The bill got amended to force the entire board off. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I mean, it just spiraled so quickly.

They came back this year. Her father, Thomas, is known by some as the most corrupt mayor in Baltimore’s history.

It would freeze the bill and not allow Hopkins police to become law. But initially, again, it was about contracting. Currently he is an adjunct professor of law at the National Paralegal College and the graduate school, National Jurisprudence University, where he teaches Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, American History, Administrative Law, Criminal Procedure, Contracts, Real Property, and Advanced Legal Writing, among many other subjects. So he–obviously he was, like, gearing up for this. JAISAL NOOR: He got one copy. But he’d been removed as a federal judge for taking bribes from drug dealers.

Well, joining me now to discuss this are some of the figures responsible for bringing this all to light.

The supposed repayments were made in cash rather than by check. 51 38

), ( Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. allegedly was a “constant companion” of notorious mobster Benjamin “Benny Trotta” Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD.

), ( But they ignored those voices because there was just a push to get this through no matter what, and then sell it to the people.

Friends of Ours: Mostly About Organized Crime. 26

Whenever you are in Baltimore, please make it a point to visit me at City Hall. 188 ), ( 15 When I first met my one-time neighbor, she was daughter to one Mayor of Baltimore, Tommy D’Alesandro, Jr., and sister to Tommy, III, who’d later become Mayor. But I think that what’s critically important to remember is that even though a lot of the press has gone to the mayor, exactly what we talked about that, that the University of Maryland Medical System only got privatized because the senator lobbied hard for it, and that was Senator Kelly. It was irrelevant that Murtha missed being indicted in Abscam because he decided to take his agreed-upon bribe of $50,000 later, rather than right away. JAISAL NOOR: And finally I want to end with you, Senator Carter.

Violent civil unrest had unfolded from the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles to Newark. And so I reached out to the University of Maryland Medical System. Finally, in January 1961 President John F. Kennedy requested the G-men to address “allegations of D’Alesando’s involvement with Baltimore hoodlums; with favoritism in awarding city contracts; [and] protection for political contributors and the prosecution of local cases.”  President Kennedy wanted to appoint D’Alesandro to the United States Renegotiation Board which was a government watchdog against profit gouging by defense contractors. Anybody who knows how the Assembly works, if Mike Miller and Mike Busch say something is going to pass, it’s going to pass.

Now Pugh, who is currently on medical leave, is facing growing calls to step down amidst allegations of self-dealing and conflicts of interests. ), ( And you know, and it all kind of connected back to some of the other reporting that we’ve done, for instance, on this conduit contract.


You know, what–the whole sort of pay-to-play theme that’s exposed by what you have reported and what you’re pointing out in the legislature really is something that’s, you know, a larger problem that–you know, I think that’s one byproduct of this that people are really starting to see that now.

), ( ), (

A Democrat, D'Alesandro served as a member of the Maryland State House of Delegates from 1926 to 1933.

), ( The weakest lost, and were destroyed. 25 54 JILL CARTER: Like should it be a city manager form of government? You now know more about Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi than most of the MSM reporters and editors either know, or dare to report. In fact, some of you were watching, and you know that’s because the fix was in. It’s ensnared the mayor and many powerful figures in Maryland’s political and business establishment. It’s depriving minority businesses and people that live in the city of what they need. A February 6, 1961 memo from Hoover to the Baltimore and Washington Field Offices cautiously advises:  “The White House has requested that we proceed with a special inquiry investigation but that if substantial derogatory information were developed, we should report this and discontinue any further inquiries because substantiation of any of the allegations would eliminate D’Alesandro.”. But the students seem revved up, and so did the people in the community. For example, “in 1945, Captain JOHN R. ROLLMAN, Western District, Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore, Maryland, furnished information to the Baltimore Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning one CHARLES F. CAMMARATA, who until a short time previously had operated a tavern at 641 West Baltimore Street.”  According to Captain Rollman “CAMMARATA had gotten away with all sorts of criminal activities in the Western District due to the protection of Maryland United States Representative THOMAS D’ALESANDRO,” and “CAMMARATA was alleged to be gambling in various crap and card games in Baltimore.”  Once again, the FBI never did anything about these allegations at the time they were made, and in 1961 when the G-men finally got around to taking a look into them Captain Rollman since had died and “CAMMARATA’s current whereabouts are unknown.”  A March 15, 1961 FBI memo reports that Cammarata may have been last seen in Havana, Cuba in the mid-1950s where he allegedly “had some connection with Clark’s Tropicana Night Club,” and may now be residing in Miami, FL where he “reportedly owned apartment houses”; however, perhaps content to let sleeping dogs lie, the FBI never followed up on these tips in an attempt to reach Cammarata about the alleged protection he received from D’Alesandro while operating in Baltimore in the 1940s. The same charges against Councilman Mimi DiPietro, had not been dismissed.


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