120mm wombat shell

Striking armored targets directly at a 90 degree angle either at the front, side or rear can produce different results with varying damage.

Battlefield 4 - Tank Guide Ammo Types & Upgrades. Click to open image! Like all other tank shells, unguided rockets and rocket/missile launchers, it has the capability of damaging and destroying structures such as walls and levelling some buildings.

The L6 Wombat itself comprised the L12A3 BAT gun, but mounted on a new lightweight carriage. All in all, the 120mm HE Shell excels at close-quarters anti-infantry primary weapon, and is an excellent choice for MBT operators in maps focused on close-quarters urban combat. Depending on the range and movement, the operator of the HE Shell must also compensate by either leading the target or adjusting cannon elevation. The latter released flechettes, or small darts, giving a "shotgun" effect. Extinguisher

Direct impacts towards the rear of all Main Battle Tanks at a 90 degree angle deals the most damage and will result in a Critical Disable (unless Reactive Armor is present). L6 Wombat being prepared for firing during winter training, Royal Marines Wombat outfitted Snow Trac on patrol in Norway, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/120_mm_BAT_recoilless_rifle?oldid=2657379, 3 (DC) Detachment Commander, (No.1) Spotter + main armament loader + maintained the spotting Rifle, (No.2) Driver, main armament unloader and rear security + back blast observer. Vehicle type Special feature By comparison, the HE shell is an anti-infantry orientated shell. Striking armored targets directly at a 90 degree angle either at the front, side or rear can produce different results with varying damage. High Explosive anti-tank shellAnti-infantry orientatedLarge blast radius 1 (∞ reserve)

All MBTs can be dispatched with as little as 2 HE rounds to the rear with this method. Damage resulting from impacts at an angle other than 90 degrees are not listed due to slight variations of damage at different angles of degrees of shell impact with the exception of helicopters, with all damage results consistent with impacts at any angle. The L2 BAT (Battalion, Anti-Tank) was a 120 mm calibre recoilless anti-tank rifle used by the British Army.

The Wombat’s 4.72inch (120mm) caliber HESH round weighed 60 pounds (27.2kg) and could penetrate 15.75 inches (400mm) of armor. Primary Weapon It could also be mounted on Army Land Rover vehicles and on the FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier. The weapon was normally carried in the rear of a specially adapted Land Rover (Portee). Effect Click to open image!

The Wombat was used by mobile units such as paratroopers or marines.[2]. WOMBAT remained in anti-tank platoons in Berlin to supplement MILAN until the late 1980s, due to the expected engagement ranges should the Warsaw Pact have ever attacked. The HE shell deals lighter damage upon impact with heavy and light-armored targets than the AP Shell and Sabot Shell after the recent Battlefield 4: Night Operations update, with its damage almost reduced by half for balancing reasons. Alternate reload When executed correctly, this can deal an extra damage boost between primary weapon reload of the cannon, with the next or second shot of the HE shell usually resulting in target destruction. Such includes Jets of all Types, Quad Bikes, and PWCs. Unlock cost Depending on the range and movement, the operator of the HE Shell must also compensate by either leading the target or adjusting cannon elevation. The circular HUD icon and text display on the bottom left-hand side of the screen will indicate when or whether the primary weapon and shell is equipped, ready to fire, or reloading. Special feature The Auto Loader vehicle Specialization reduces the time taken to reload between shots. The L6 Wombat (Weapon Of Magnesium, Battalion, Anti-Tank) version was greatly lightened through the use of magnesium alloys. A short burst of the driver's Coaxial Heavy Machine Gun or secondary gunner's machine gun will ensure target destruction. During the Cold War era, NATO and British Royal Marine forces used the Swedish made Snow Trac as a carrier for the L6 Wombat in the snow-covered mountains of Norway.

◄ Striking most light-armored targets at a 90 degree angle at any side of the vehicle usually produces a critical hit, especially when Reactive Armor is not present while impacts other than 90 degrees will often deal less damage.

The Canister Shell specialization can also be employed for similar situations however, it is effected by the primary reload of the HE Shell. [4] Other ammunition types include the canister and modified canister rounds. Secondary weapon Maximum ammunition

Magazine size 1 5 Maximum ammunition The United Kingdom’s L6 Wombat 120mm recoilless rifle entered service in the 1960s and was used by the British Army in many parts of the world. Rate of fire Vehicles not listed are vehicles which are instantly destroyed upon shell impact at any angle. Click to open image! The wire guidance of MILAN would also have been problematic in the built up areas of Berlin. 25000 MBT Score M1A2 Abrams, T-90A, Type 99 MBT ≈ 20 RPM These rounds could be used against infantry in the open. It consists of a family of kinetic energy (KE) rounds and a family of high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds. Price £250. Click to open image! During the Vietnam War, the Wombat was used by the Australian army. Pair pictured carrying 120mm tank shells away from firing range 'were trying to protect children who were playing nearby' Alan Barlow and Jason … The Auto Loader vehicle Specialization reduces the time taken to reload between shots.


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