1815 large cent
fortapache loves this. During the 19th century, people didn't know that the 1815 didn't exist. For an unknown reaso… No large cents were struck dated 1815 due to a lack of planchets. After the war ended in 1815, the mint wasted no time in ordering new planchets. First struck in 1793, the large cent was coined every year from 1793 to 1857 except 1815.

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[3] In addition to the copper shortage, people also hoarded precious metals during the war. Create an account or login in order to post a comment. The obverse featured a bust of Liberty with a reverse of a ring of chains. Henry Voigt's design was almost universally criticized in its time for its unattractiveness and perceived allusion to slavery. I am very perplexed and kinda excited about this find so please can everyone give me their opinion. yougottahavestuff loves this. View cart for details. The restrike cannot be confused with the original, as it was minted with an 1813 reverse.[8]. After the war ended new orders for planchets were placed but they did not arrive until December of 1815.

The copper used during the years in which Classic Head cents were minted was of a higher quality, containing less metallic impurity. Like it billretirecoll loves this.

As a result, all surviving specimens command high prices ranging from $2,000-$3,000 in the absolute lowest state of preservation to over $500,000 in the highest.

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Love it 0. Get the best deals for 1815 large cent at eBay.com. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? About a dozen and a half of these unofficial issues, struck in both copper and nickel, are known to survive. Free shipping on many items ... Large cent/penny 1814 Sheldon 294 crosslet 4 collector coin. The first deliveries of cents in 1816 (February) were all dated 1814. When the United States declared war in 1812 against Great Britain, coinage was affected. This left a break in the continuous production of dates of cents and collectors filled that hole in their date runs with altered date coins. Fantasy date token. Please check your coin again. This newest design enlarged the obverse portrait, giving Liberty a much more mature look (leading to the Matron Head reference), and surrounded the portrait with stars along the outer edge of the coin. SPX6655 (Refurb) Ultra Performance Radar Detector - 1 yr. Certified Warranty, 3M Particulate Respirator 8511 N95 w/ Cool Flow 10-Pack Expires 07/2025, 1000 GLOVEWORKS TLF Latex Disposable Gloves - Powder Free (Non Nitrile Vinyl), Apple iPhone XR 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone 4G LTE iOS Smartphone, Champion Sweatpants Men's Jersey Joggers Side Pockets Comfortable Athletic Fit, AR403 for 4342528 8053999 Whirlpool Kenmore Roper Igniter Gas Range Oven Igniter, 12V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery for Currie Ezip 750 Electric Scooter, PROCLUB PRO CLUB MENS PLAIN CARGO PANTS 5 POCKET CASUAL SWEATPANTS ACTIVE PANTS, Sony PlayStation PS Plus 12-Month / 1 Year Membership Subscription. [9][10], One-cent coin in the United States from 1793 to 1957, For the large Canadian one-cent coin minted from 1858–1920, see, Flowing Hair cents, wreath reverse (1793), Braided Hair, or Late Dates (1839–1857; 1868), Whitman The Official Guide Book to United States Coins 64th Edition 2010 Page #93, 1815 the only date since 1793 for which no cents can be found, Striker sells 1784 half disme reproduction, "CORONET HEAD CENTS 1823 COPPER RESTRIKE 1C MS".

Around 1860, an altered 1803 obverse die (re-engraved “1804”) and an 1820 reverse die were used to create several unofficial “restrikes” of the rare 1804 cent.

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Its low survival rate, in addition to its small mintage, coupled with being the first regular federal issue and a one-year design and type, has created an extremely strong demand from generations of numismatists. Surprising these altered coins can sometimes bring some pretty good money. $399.99.

I find it surprising because you can still get an 1845 cent pretty cheap, alter it and if you do a decent job make a profit. No large cents were struck dated 1815 due to a lack of planchets.

Grading the 1816 Liberty Head Large Cent. Rittenhouse was dissatisfied with Eckfeldt's designs, and with the criticism of the Chain cents fresh in his mind, he hired Joseph Wright to do yet another redesign in the denomination's troubled first year.


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