1975 chevy nova specs

I make mention of that in the article, where I said GM specially designed all Nova 9C1s to meet CA emissions. 1975 Chevrolet Nova Maintenance & Repair 1953 Bristol 403. So, let’s do a bit of history refresher. It had a 318 four-barrel. The Nova was fully redesigned in 1968 and it shared much in common with the 1967 Camaro/Firebird (F-bodies). GuruM3C2F asked a Consequentially, Christy acted as a consultant with the LASD to help design a vehicle test procedure that would identify the best police car to meet needs of LASD.

While the 1974 Nova police car prototype had good handling, it came at the compromise of a harsh ride. Any carburetion could be used but there needed to be a balance of economy and performance. This was a far cry from the extremely basic Chevy II that had been introduced in 1962. Apparently the LASD was not offered the Volare/Aspen E58 360-4, which had 220 hp in 1978. These are standard specifications - not necessarily specifications for the vehicle(s) in the photo(s). May we count on your assistance?”. While acceleration wasn’t the quickest, it handily out braked and out handled the larger police cars. Share your knowledge! The total glass area increased, in particular the rear door window was larger and the windshield saw a 15% increase in size. The 6-cylinder drivetrain was yanked and replaced with an L48 350-4bbl with dual exhaust rated at 185 hp (SAE net) and a specially tuned TH350 transmission.

MT said the Nova “does everything the Volvo does, though where the Volvo is mannerly, the Nova is Muscular.”  In comparison, the traditional Plymouth Satellite, Dodge Coronet and AMC Matador scored 69.831, 68.503 and 67.672 points respectively, scoring significantly lower than the Volvo, Nova and Dart.

Engine options were similar to what they had been in 1974, though there was one additional option. The steering box and linkage were relocated to be ahead of the front axle, and the control arm geometry was heavily revised and improved. Despite this new modern chassis design and Fords extensive experience in the police market, the Fairmont police car was a half-baked effort that was a bust, unable to compete with Chevrolet’s offerings. The Nova was arguably the best police package of the 1970s and it resulted in the LASD and many other police departments moving to smaller, more fuel efficient police cars. Ford may not have gotten the compact police market right, but they did build decent police cars during this time. Great story you posted below on the Nova 9C1 too!

1975 Chevrolet Nova Specifications and Photos 0-100/h, 0-60mph, dimensions, weight, photos and specs Compare with: select: Technical Information / Specifications: Model: 1975 Chevrolet Nova Category: Engine Position: Front: Engine: 4093 ccm (248,50 cubic inches) Engine type: in-line, 6-cyl: Max. The Nova 9C1 first of Chevrolet’s specialized police cars and unlike past Chevrolet police cars, it was a highly tuned package specially engineered for police duty. Even then though, the LTD wasn’t a well-balanced package, having woefully in adequate brakes. The low end torque of the LM 1 made the car feel much faster than it was. 1975 Chevrolet Nova 2-Door Coupe 5.7L … 1975 Chevrolet Nova Specifications and Photos 0-100/h, 0-60mph, dimensions, weight, photos and specs Compare with: select: Technical Information / Specifications: Model: 1975 Chevrolet Nova Category: Engine Position: Front: Engine: 4093 ccm (248,50 cubic inches) Engine type: in-line, 6-cyl: Max. The world's largest wheel fitment database. Good stuff, Vince. THE DATE CODE AND PART NUMBER APPEAR ON THE FILTER HOUSING. In its sales literature, Chevy touted the car’s new European styling as it attempted to make the Nova the luxury standard of compact cars. The 2-door Novas gave way to 2-door Malibus, which were even easier to spot thanks to the dual exhaust. Yet even with all of this, Ford still warned that the Maverick wasn’t suited for pursuit work, and was only intended for suburban assignments. In 1996 the car performed okay, easily beating the 4.6L CVPI, but was considerably slower than the Caprice 9C1.

This included using a unitized body structure with a bolt on front subframe. The 1974 test is interesting.


I'm Trying To Convert My GMC 350 Throttle Body Fuel Injected Motor To A Car... What Is The Maximum Speed Of Chevrolet Nova 137 Hp 1975.

However, 1997 was a different story. 378 Great Deals out of 14,529 listings starting at, 205 Great Deals out of 6,315 listings starting at, 535 Great Deals out of 25,874 listings starting at, 498 Great Deals out of 20,032 listings starting at, 435 Great Deals out of 11,946 listings starting at, 7 Great Deals out of 339 listings starting at, 11 Great Deals out of 389 listings starting at, 2,839 Great Deals out of 143,180 listings starting at.

If I recall correctly, the MT article was called “You’ve Got the Wrong Car, Officer!”. It featured rectangular parking lamps and rectangular tail lamps. By 1982, though, all of the state, local and county police cars were Dodge Diplomats. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Other compacts included a 350 powered Pontiac Ventura, AMC Hornet with a 232 six, a Dodge Dart with a 360, and a slant-six Plymouth Valiant. GM should’ve slipped some of the departments who’d been using these a few Citation prototypes as free loaners, get some heavy-duty real world use before unleashing them on the public. The Nova Customs had thin rocker moldings and the LNs were given more luxurious amenities. However, the Nova wasn’t the only compact in the competition. Those in the know could spec out an American BMW for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

3 years ago.

The body became squarer and Chevrolet appointed them with more luxurious accouterments. Advertised as not to small, not too big, not too expensive, the Chevy Nova was produced for over two decades and earned its way proudly into the American drivers heart and was a personal favorite for law enforcement officers in 48 states at one time.

told that this is the case but I don’t see it Dad came across a Nova 9C1 for taxi duty.

A compact car, the Nova gave.... 1975 Chevrolet Nova Price Range: $3,095 - $3,793, 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO Fluo Capsule. https://www.stevesnovasite.com/threads/1974-nova-9c1-cop-car-only-survivor-of-17-built.635105/, Your email address will not be published. Any ideas as to why the ’82 Chevies were slower than the others?

While the 1977 Impala 9C1 wasn’t a game changer out of the gate, its performance was fairly close to the Nova. Like civilian models, the Nova 9C1 used GM’s new HEI ignition and the dual snorkel air cleaner was replaced with a new cold air intake setup. The 350-4bbl LM1 350 replaced the L48 used in the 1974 cars. being possible. The Nova had “dual outlet” exhaust where a single exhaust pipe entered a transversely mounted muffler which had dual outlets. This is now the definitive article on the subject! Find 127 used Chevrolet Nova listings at CarGurus.

Nevertheless, after receiving this letter from Christy, Chevrolet decided to take up this challenge and put forth a real effort to make a good police car. GuruQXX7C asked a The two engineers started out with a plain white 1973 Nova taxi cab. Beside straight line performance the cars were scored on handling, braking, fuel economy, ergonomics, mechanical repair, major component heat test, and communications evaluation. question

question . Research 1975 Chevrolet Nova 2 Door Coupe prices, used values & Nova 2 Door Coupe pricing, specs and more! 1966 Fiat 124.

The body became squarer and Chevrolet appointed them with more luxurious accouterments. Note the steering linkage is mounted behind the front axle. Rochester carb. Some agencies in CA removed the mufflers from their 318 R-bodies to gain a fraction better acceleration (or at least make the cars sound tougher). 11 months ago. When you asked about doing a Vintage Review of this car, I assumed the article reprint and a bit of commentary. The Malibu 9C1 that was a successor to the Nova 9C1, even if its name had been attached to a larger car when the Nova was offered, was praised extensively by Car and Driver relative to the civilian models it was based on. For 1970, the GM F-bodies were full redesigned.

So even if the communication category is nixed, the Dart still is not as well balanced as the Nova. Early 80s Malibu 9C1s had 305s and they performed as well as the fullsize cruisers with the 350/351/318 of that same time. I almost bought an ex-MTO Cruiser with the LO5 but ended up passing it because of what I deemed had too much rust. Write about the tires you are currently driving on. woundering if the windows are the If subframe was switched from 75 to a 74 or Being savvy car guys, we all knew no normal GM car had an external antenna back then. Christy ended the letter by saying, “Due to the current energy crisis and the wide interest of government agencies and the public at large in energy saving alternatives, we feel that this program will have wide-spread impact and value for all concerned. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chevrolet Nova 1975 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for Chevrolet Nova 1975 same as a 1974? Removing the muffler from the 1980 Dodge St. Regis and Plymouth Gran Fury with the “pursuit” 318 4 barrel was a modification approved by the State. What was not the same, however, was the price. We strive to help you get the information you need about PCD, offset, rims and all other wheel and tire data that you need for your vehicle. The Nova virtually tied the Volvo, with the Volvo scoring slightly higher at 78.17 versus 78.14 points overall. This same front suspension was likewise the basis of the much lauded downsized B-body cars introduced in 1977. This was the beginning of the Nova becoming one of the most popular police cars for urban police departments. So while Ford may have been cleaning up selling the sizzle of the Granada, Chevrolet was revolutionizing the police car market. Ford reinforced the ancient Falcon chassis to withstand the police duty, knowing it wasn’t up to the task.

"Now it's beautiful," said the brochure of Nova's all-new sheet metal, "refined along the lines of elegant European sedans." They even took off the air cleaner lid and/or installed upside down.


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