2014 yamaha fx cruiser ho review

An industry first, offering quick, easy access to onboard instrumentation keys.

A PWC site dedicated to Jet Ski, Seadoo, Yamaha WaveRunner, Honda AquaTrax and HSR-Benelli offering personal watercraft reviews, news and more. Below is the information on the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner® FX HO. © 2020 Verticalscope, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun to ride.

Yamaha drops its hot new powertrain into the popular FX platform to create the ultimate combination of WaveRunner performance and comfort. Below is the information on the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner® FX HO. The Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is priced at $14,999. What models compete with the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO? The 2012 makeover also includes some handy additions, like the small, wet stowage compartment immediately adjacent to the platform. How big is the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO's engine?

The sheer size and power of the FX models can easily overwhelm the more casual rider, in my opinion. The base price of the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO Personal Watercraft is $13399. How much is the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO? By adding a detent in the throw of the mechanical reverse lever, a driver can effectively stop the craft in a stationary position. 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner® FX HO pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Copyright © 1999-2020 Boats Group. It seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.

Be the first to write a review. A three-tiered cruiser seat offers the comfort of back support for rider and passengers.

2014 Yamaha WaveRunner® FX Cruiser SHO pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Where can I find 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO videos?

2014 Yamaha WaveRunner® FX HO pictures, prices, information, and specifications. For a big touring-oriented machine, that’s within spitting distance of flagship performance at a very unflagship-like price tag. Does the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO get good gas mileage?

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the jet ski weighs 853 Lbs and is fueled by a 18.5 Gallons fuel tank. It was the 2014 VX Cruiser I got to demo a few weeks ago, and after spending the previous few hours riding the 875-pound, 250-horsepower WaverRunner FX models, the VX seemed diminutive by comparison; the … Disengaging the system is as simple as releasing the throttle (for Cruise Assist) or applying throttle for no-wake. The Longitudinal In-Line engine in the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO Personal Watercraft has a displacement of 1812 cc which is 11.89% more than its competition. It’s a trait that had me salivating at the sight of a glassy cove, and grinning from ear-to-ear as I transformed that glass into a series of zig-zag-like wakes. The WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO has a Direct Drive Transmission. The FX Cruiser HO retails for $13,399, or $2,000 less than Yamaha’s premier FX Cruiser SVHO. But power comes at a price, and often the craft that offers a little less just may be the most compelling buy. Intuitive cockpit ergonomics include Command Link instrumentation, which provides easy access to onboard instrumentation. Home; Reviews; Yamaha ; by Sulthoni, on April 14, 2014, 01:42.


It has a 3-blade Stainless Steel impeller and puts out -30006-HP. The FX also features tilt steering to fine-tune ergonomics, mode activation buttons for the info display conveniently clustered above the glovebox, and Yamaha’s keyfob remote, which can lock the ignition to prevent theft as well as activate a slow-speed or gas-saving mode. This WaveRunner FX PWC weighs 825 lbs. © Copyright 2005-2020 PowerSports TV All Rights Reserved.


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