2022 kitchen trends
In fact, it is quite possible to do this. And to be honest, this is actually nothing new. If you are ready to be content with artificial aging of a compact kitchen set and giving it the appropriate decor, then there will be no problems. It is for you that we have collected 100 beautiful photos of new kitchen interior decor design trends 2022-2023. In addition to the kitchen set, dining table and chairs, do not forget about the other important components of the space of this room, in particular: Modern kitchen appliances built-in or made in the original color, in harmony with other details. A new type of design language and creative planning ideas also shape the current kitchen worlds.

As you can see, zoning looks not only stylish, but also specifically emphasizes the purpose of a particular room.

Light green, which is a shade of green, has the same properties as green.

Want to keep your appetite in check? We use only natural materials: cork coatings, bamboo floors and wallpapers, furniture without harmful impurities, water-based paints. A kitchen without fittings, on the one hand, is more functional – there is no dirt around them, handles do not interfere with cleaning, and on the other hand, the interior is not overloaded with details. All of this does not work well on the surrounding materials and to avoid unnecessary hassle, homeowners often resort to using plastic panels. Furniture is the face of the whole room. Juicy and vibrant shades – red, yellow, red and even blue are suitable for a brighter design. It contains all the same listed elements.

Despite the decorative name, it is easy to understand. You can always find a small microwave oven, hob and small washing machine. Required fields are marked *. The simplicity and naturalness of the design of a small kitchen will, in combination with a light color scheme, make space more and more spacious. Yes, the space is very small and the real name of a room of such a footage does not turn out to be. Someone will say that gray is a dull and boring color, but designers are ready to argue with that! The trend of kitchen interior design 2021-2022 is built-in green corners and even entire phytowalls that will not only transform fashionable kitchens, but also provide you with cleaned air in the house. In this case, designers recommend choosing a modern kitchen studio.

Well, that’s all, it’s time to end. Jewel tones are still around as are rich and deep colors in hunter green, charcoal, peacock blue and off-black. The main purpose of a kitchen apron is to protect the surrounding space from the effects of grease, dirt, moisture and other harmful factors. If you are here today, then most likely you are worried about the appearance... Hello dear readers of the indecortrends.com blog !

Of course, we have also put together the top kitchen trends for 2021 and the top kitchen trends for 2022 for you! If you look at modern designer kitchens, you will find that the classic materials that you expect in kitchen facades, countertops and household appliances have now been replaced by very unusual building materials. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of kitchen design solutions for 2020-2021 with a photo. This solution is ideal for small kitchens. As a rule, bright blue kitchens require special care and attention, because the blue color can quickly become dirty from dust and fumes, which are usually present in large quantities in the kitchen. It all depends on the well-chosen material, colors and design details. Hanging chandeliers in a small kitchen can interfere, but if you still decide to use them, for example, above the dining area, it is better to stop at the simplest plafonds, which will then be easy to wipe from dust.

You want to stay in it a little longer – to sit, drink tea, read a book while singing birds, or just take a break from the bustle of the world. Remember that in a private house (cottage), household communications are arranged according to different schemes, unlike an apartment, so it would not be a good idea to be guided by “apartment” blanks. If you want to create a modern and unique kitchen – do not be afraid to experiment with walls. We propose to view below some of the photos in which niches have been successfully hidden, thereby not losing beauty in the overall design picture. Top 10 Kitchen Trends For 2022. For wall decoration in a small kitchen, you can apply paint with moisture-resistant compounds (latex and acrylic water-dispersion paints with the addition of anti-mildew substances), fiberglass, washable vinyl wallpapers, plastic panels. In some apartments, a gas boiler is still an indispensable attribute. Simply put – everything is at hand. Another pleasant bonus may be that you don’t have to save on the size of the washbasin, oven and cabinets. In this case, you have to look for an alternative! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Technological progress and changes in social dynamics have made a great contribution to the development of modern trends. Previously, the use of a bar in the kitchen was a truly exotic design solution. Kitchen Design Trends 2022. It is advisable to hide the hood, pipes or overall equipment behind the doors. It has a lot of geometry and graphics. It hosts guests, family members gather, festive events are held. Many people like the shade of cappuccino for its practicality.

A combination of blue and gray shades will give lightness to your kitchen interior with photo 2021 for modern ideas in a small room. True, it is suitable for a small kitchen only if the owners are rarely at home and cook food there only occasionally.

It is important to remember that if you are interested in this solution, then always select an “island” for the overall design of the kitchen. A new furnishing trend for kitchens in 2022 is the design of the kitchen fronts down to the floor, so that no plinth can be seen anymore. The corner option is very convenient and functional, since all the elements are practically at hand. Minimalism is an excellent choice for a small or narrow kitchen, as well as for a one-room apartment.

Those who like it authentic, on the other hand, prefer kitchens with real filler concrete or slate veneer will be applied thinly to the surfaces. The only solution is redevelopment using one of the methods described above. The only difference is that there is a possibility of a standard size dining table. Fashion trends follow each other, and the kitchen remains a special place of the apartment, where after a hard day the whole... Trendy Kitchen 2019 - Emerging Trends Mix Sobriety, Comfort and Colors, Modern Kitchen Trends 2021 - Ideas To Decorate Kitchens, Kitchen Curtain Trends: Modern Ideas And New Designs For 2022-2023, New Decorating Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022-2023, Kitchen design 6 sq.m. The trends of kitchen interior design 2020-2021 are demonstrated in very concise interiors without frills and multiple decorative details. The design of modern kitchens is aimed at minimalism, functionality and sustainability. In such zones, as a rule, all those elements that we talked about earlier remain unchanged. At the same time, interest in countertops made of natural stone remained. The modern design of the kitchen offers us a huge range of ideas and design innovations, among which everyone can choose for themselves fashionable kitchens to their taste. It is advisable to use natural materials in the decoration. She is able not only to receive guests, but also allows the dining area to look more noble. It will surprise you with how well dark kitchen cabinets can work in and / or improve the kitchen space with its luxurious feel. Interesting design options can be made if the architecture of the room contains niches, bay windows or ledges.

Also, in chipboard assemblies, problems with fastenings are often observed due to “crumbling” of the walls. Based on the ideas presented, you can certainly create your own unique style. In addition, colorful accent rugs and eclectic lighting fixtures add color and light to a living space. They hold all the appliances, a small table, enough cupboards and leave little space for any small design gadgets. For the same reason, Baroque styles and palace classics are popular. There is an opinion that on an area of 5-6 sq.m.

Alas, small-sized rooms can not always boast of such an addition. We will describe the elements and tell you how to use them best so that your room is pleasing to the eye, not only to you, but to all guests who come to your house. Black has always looked (and will look) elegant, strict and expensive. In one of the articles, we have already revealed in more detail the secrets of a successful interior design of a 9 sq.m. However, it is used quite rarely due to the fact that you deprive yourself of the opportunity to successfully combine it with other warm shades, such as red, yellow, green, and so on. When choosing a kitchen design for 2020-2021, consider lighting – both natural, such as large panoramic windows, and artificial – lamps, chandeliers, sconces, etc. Various environmental activists, such as Greta Tunberg, are also calling for the same. A more relaxed atmosphere can be obtained by combining several shades of beige and gray.

If we take the price-quality ratio, then ceramic tiles will be the best choice for the kitchen. It all depends on your taste. A tree with white finish on kitchen surfaces looks very impressive. And if you got a corridor-type kitchen (for example, a walk-in), then it is best to use a parallel layout. Then you have definitely come to the right place! This is a universal solution for people who live in the rhythm of the 21st century. Kitchen Trends 2021: New design ideas for the kitchen. With a bar counter, it becomes not only a place for preparing food, but also a place where you can sit comfortably with friends or alone, sipping wine.


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