3/35 armor bamberg germany

We were stationed in Germany in 1975 through 1978. Excellent site lamonster.

He was stationed in Bad Hersfeld Germany, he has a plaque hanging up in the garage with a dragon and it says something like 35th fire brigade or armored. He advised a Vietnamese armored cavalry squadron near My Tho during the Vietnam War, taught ROTC at Arizona State University, and commanded the 3/35 Armor Battalion in Bamberg, Germany. This bike is crazy fast for a cruiser ;D, hey LAMONSTER good job with the board! Find People you served with from 3rd Battalion, 35th Armor. The housing services are user friendly and can help you before you even arrive there if you get in touch with them early. I would have bought an updated VMAX too, but who knows when that will happen. 7290, Warner Barracks, CMR 459, Bamberg Germany. Unit: HQ-HC 3-35 AR 1st AD Bamberg, Germany Name: Christopher J. Zastrow Service: Army E-Mail: cjzastrow@gmail.com Unit: 13th Signal Battalion Name: Timothy Brown ... Unit: C Co 3-35 Armor 1st AD Name: Steve Delgado Service: Army E-Mail: hoze1@aol.com Unit: 4/17 Air Calvary - TF118 Name: Elfego Orona JR Service: Army Taxi cabs are plentiful and there are two bus lines that run past post. Glad to see this new board!! find my friend." The U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg is on Warner Barracks, located on the east side of Bamberg. Served in this Battalion ... Paluda, Mike, COL 3/35 Armor: …

Are you looking for someone who is or was in 3-35 ARMOR DIVISION BAMBERG GERMANY? :clap2: :a18: Hello everyone! Not too bad for a bike that's just now hitting the streets. By 1995, both camps exchanged more troops while trying to reach a perfect balance.

In order to make your transition easier please request a sponsor as soon as you receive your Orders. I called the number ans wow he was blown away when he found out who I was. For more information follow the Relocation Assistance link on the USAG Bamberg ACS web page or call us at 011-49-951-300-7777, fax 011-49-951-300-7778, 469-7777. I'm from South Dakota, the land of Sturgis, and I am proud to be riding a non-HD that can really deliver. I love this bike! From World War I to War World II, almost every branch of the German Army was stationed here, the most famous being the 35th Tank Regiment and the German 17th Cavalry Regiment. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

2,750,409, MILITARY UNITS - 3-35 Armor Division Bamberg Germany. This will allow you to make telephone calls to the United States at much cheaper rates. By the end of 1991, the camp was “absorbed” by the Nuremberg 99th Area Support Group, ending up with a new commander. After all German ammunition was removed from the Muna, the U.S. forces used the facilities for ammunition storage. USAG Bamberg is one of the wide variety of co-bases operated by both the United States of America and Germany on German territories.

I look forward to talking to all of you and getting feedback on all the different topics. I was also considering changing the pipes, but some reports that I have read say thatÂ* Horsepower and Torque output will decrease if the exhaust is changed, since the stock pipes have a valve setup in them. We wonder about the rest that served with us in the artillery unit we served in. How cool is that. If it turnsout like VTXOA (which you have spent a lot of time refining and moderating) it will become an invaluable tool for us all. Previously Held MOS 1210-Armored Combat Command Commander 12A-Armor, General ... 3/35 Armor: Tankers night out! For soldiers assignment information contact the Military Personnel Division, Bldg. Getting around Bamberg is a breeze and the Germans run right on schedule. Seems like the mods are slow in coming from the aftermarket companies. In April 1945, only 10 days after the U.S. forces entered Bamberg, the 2nd Platoon, and 33rd Chemical Decontamination Company captured the ammunition plant, and placed guards at the facility. The view enabled soldiers of the time to watch the city and guard it against possible attacks. Your sponsor will communicate with you by mail, e-mail or phone. The first things that I am changing are the Mirrors (they work very good, no vibration, great visibility, but they don't look very nice) also the Grips and the Pegs are gone, I have just ordered them. My black M109R is 1000 kilometers old and absolutely the most awesome bike on the planet. I just bought some Kuryaykn silver bullets for rear signals that I plan on mounting to the rear fender stuts also bought a vertical plate mount that I plan on coming up with some kind of bracket to mount it.

It was built to support the German invasion of Europe. :D, i love this site and love the layout, easy to use. The current complex was renamed in 1950, in honor of CPL Henry Warner. He is so thankful I called and we exchanged addresses and he wants to come and visit. Warner was killed in action on December 21, 1944 after his heroic anti-tank actions in Bütgenbach, Belgium. However, time passed by and the Germans had to quit their plans in front of the American invasion. Hello everyone...My names Tray Edmondson and live in burlington Ky..Picked up my Black M109r wed. evening....the 5th.... Handling has really surporized me with all the whoha about big tires no turning well...Coming off an 04 marauder 1600..I can honestly say ,,no difference....and the steering feels lighter...on the m109... Anyways,,Glad to find this site and share the bugs for the first year produciton.. ;D. Hello, my name is Ryan from the Annapolis, Md area. I think Suzuki really did their homework and got this bike right. Thank you so much again for helping me E-7 and above will stay in the Bamberg Inn (or other temporary lodging as assigned) until permanent quarters become available either in the BOQ or off-post.


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