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Date: 22 May 2009 (original upload date) Source: Created by uploader in Adobe Illustrator CS3: Author: Connormah: Licensing . Why? Ryan Jesperson was the reason I stayed watching til his segment, long after the news was cycling over again. Who? ", I was curious why complete strangers would do this for us. I’m not overly keen on Chelsea Bird, and her mcdreamy nonsense, but I think Shaye Gangam is just right for an early morning. Not happy to see anyone lose their job but this was a right move for CHED. Many of us do and I wish there were more Bruce Allen’s out there telling it as it is as opposed to all the snowflake opinions. I admit i am a die hard Conservative but i am open to other opinions including Ryans , but i like a respectful delivery . Licensed to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it first began broadcasting in 1954. Ryan wouldn’t have had a show without his family and friends to prop him up. Lots to pick from. I told him then that he should taken off the air. Ok Folks could we try being a little bit civil. So what is a listener to deduce from that? This is great news. Whats worse is how arrogant and fake he came across, how he would always take on that preachy, juvenile, nasal tone (chyeeead) as though he had some kind of moral high-ground, or some monopoly on being cool; then he makes some low class racist comment about people simply because they don’t happen to drink his particular brand of cool aid. That is unacceptable and he should never hear his voice again on ANY media outlet. He simply guilty for exposing the gross incompetence of the Kenney regime. Jespersen displayed his left bias continually and drove a lot of listeners away from CHED. I never heard of the guy but his employer says he was fired for insulting the employees of his guest by calling them chimpanzees. Rebecca Joseph, Managing editor, Alberta online This all had less to do with an angry councillor and more to do with CHED seizing an opportunity to cut costs while virtue signaling.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:630_CHED_Logo.svg, Created by uploader in Adobe Illustrator CS3, {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Logo of 630 CHED}} |Source =[http://www.630ched.com/Other/PDF/custom/SmarterThanPrimeau/SmarterThan02.pdf] |Author =unknown |Date = |Permission ={{PD-textlogo}} {{Trademarked}} |other_ver, {{BotMoveToCommons|en.wikipedia|year={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|month={{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}}|day={{subst:CURRENTDAY}}}} {{Information |Description={{en|630 CHED Logo}} |Source=Transferred from [http://en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia]; transferred to Commons. She is performing an excellent job covering Edmonton and All of Alberta. Thanks for bringing an occasional smile to our faces and being frank and honest. Between him and his former broadcaster wife they’ve got the young lad now; show the boy something good he can look up to. Listeners need not read his resume to know that Roy is a... Ryan Jespersen talks news, politics, and pop culture.

Lada was his class. Was it calling one of Edmonton City Counillor Mike Nickel staff member a chimpanzee the last straw? So given that, a public figure should have a process for Recompense. 5204 - 84th Street 630 CHED Radio official website address is www.630ched.com. because Mike is a friend of Donald Trumps. Sorry to see you go. When the listeners leave the sponsors are next to bail. Just another pompous on air person, NOT a journalist in any sense of the word, who will whore himself off to anyone with some cash. Thank goodness for QR77 and Danielle Smith. A radio host does not insult the listening audience and Jespersen dumped on the advertising public on numerous occasions. Well now maybe we will get some UCP Government Ministers as Box Clever, Volunteer to package toys and books for children in need this Christmas. Santas Depot is currently open by appointment only due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ched’s ratings has taken a nose dive lately and #Oilers radio rights are up for grabs. I’m disappointed that Ryan lowered himself to name-calling, behaving in a way that he would have called someone else out for – but a firing offence? First you let Andrew Grose go, who provided so much entertainment with J’Lyn, and now this. The show was so one sided the complaints grew and the ratings fell. I have been a regular listener of CHED since the early 70’s but the last 3 or 4 years have been nauseatingly bad. Pretty bad when your sister station in Calgary with Danielle Smith got all juicy interviews. Kyle Morris, Newsroom Best wishes to him! We cover the NHL Draft, free agency, and the lead-up to Oilers training camp like no one else can. You may not have liked Ryan—that’s perfectly clear—but name-calling and spitting on him aren’t doing anything to make your argument. But the pinging sonar blew my headphones off when I hear Danielle filling in all the week after that.

I don’t agree with cancel culture, but sometimes the right decision is made because a person pushes their arrogance too far and this seems to be such a case. This is the most disappointing news I’ve heard since Bruce Bowie retired. As the colour commentator for the Edmonton Oilers, Bob Stauffer is sure... Roy Green’s resume is outstanding. The reception listening to her here in Edmonton is much better than trying to tune up 770 CHQR in Calgary to listen to Danielle and putting up with the signal much weaker here in the City. Opiniated personal agenda . I listened to Mr. Jespersen from time to time. Danielle Smith’s show is one of the best on radio, but when she had the bombastic Jesperson fill in for her, it was intolerable. There has been little balance in our media with leftist ideology taking over, maybe some balance may return. Sports, music, news and podcasts. Make it a trifecta!!!! Shane Hewitt is awful at night. All the best Ryan, I know you’ll find a home somewhere in the Alberta public realm, and I look forward to your ever-developing opinions there . Naturally, I muted the sound and/or changed the station when the commercials came on as that idiot Bryan Hall was STILL allowed to shout his stupid commercials with his grating voice and horrible fake accent. I recall RJ referring to segments of his audience as “stupid”. I never heard of the guy but his employer says he was fired for insulting the employees of his guest by calling them chimpanzees. I’m overjoyed this guy is gone. Dave Campbell, Eskimos colour analyst/Inside Sports producer Thank God Jesperson is finally off the airwaves. I guess he is going to have return the Mercedes he was able to drive for endorsing the local dealer. I think most people have heard the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” I don’t think Mr. Jespersen deserves to get fired for that, when he works for a “talk radio show”. I will only listen till 9:00 now. But Danielle Smith is trash as well. Puget Sound Radio received word that mid-morning talk show host Ryan Jesperson and 630 CHED have parted company…, This news has sent shockwaves throughout multiple fronts, broadcast, municipal, provincial and city governments, Jesperson’s profile has been removed from the radio stations website, Jesperson viciously attacked the staff of Mike Nickel’s of Mike’s Checks on air, calling them chimpanzees, Parent company Corus Entertainment confirms rumours of the morning show host’s departure from the Edmonton radio stationAuthor of the by Jeff Labine. Now Danielle Smith has kind of a read of what goes down in the CHED listening area and would often make light of her brief tour of duty often saying “you only have to put up with me for X days and Ryan will be back on Y.“. !And I will be strongly encouraging friends, family, acquaintances to listen NOT to listen to CHED any more too! Jespo was right down the line, didn’t pick sides. Not really cool CHED!!! Broadcasting is just like watching something hemorrhage to death in slow motion. What are your thoughts on the usual call-ins, the hosts, etc etc. Gone the way of that other idiot Mark Sholtz. You don’t have to listen in if you don’t like the format. Comments are interesting, and CHED sounds like local CKNW, the self-proclaimed bastion of The Left. No lose their. Ched and Global have turned to the left and except for a few personalities they are not objective or centrist anymore. Now I can finally start listening to CHED again in the morning. Dont get me started with J’lynn …….like listening to the military vagina monologue since Grose was removed…..do you really care she an honorary member of a helicopter squad?……why do I know this?? Will miss your enthusiasm and points of view. Applications are now open. I knew something was happening at CHED since he hasn’t been on air for 2 weeks. Should I be surprised? Another clueless loudmouth! BEST DAY EVER! Devin Horne, Newsroom I have a theory why 630 Ched let Ryan Jespersen go.


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