75 grain 223 bullets
75 gr ELD coal length 2405 which in my Remington action with 22” barrel is 35k off the lands. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Copyright © 2020 US Reloading Supply. Most of our competitors are adding $7 to $12+ for shipping, plus insurance …

Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. 1 choice for law enforcement. LEWISTON, Idaho –– Speer Gold Dot Handgun ammunition’s reliability has made it the No. Clear All Filter & Sort. option offers reduced penetration for less risk to bystanders -Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers -Extremely uniform jacket maximizes accuracy -Gold Dot technology virtually eliminates core-jacket separation -Nickel-plated brass -Reliable, sensitive primers, For more information on Gold Dot Rifle ammunition, please visit speer.com. I have had decent results on steel out to 400 yards however the groups are not quite what I am expecting. Currently using RL-15 with fire formed Lapua brass and Fed GMM Primers. Product Description: All Hornady Match bullets feature revolutionary AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet … This combination creates a single devastating wound channel, thus increases the chances of neutralizing a threat. Start at 24 grains and work up.

The Speer Gold Dot Rifle ammunition line offers loads for three of the most popular personal defensive long-gun calibers: .223 Rem., .300 Blackout and .308 Win. I've been shooting the 75 gr … New Gold Dot Rifle ammunition is engineered to provide industry-leading performance in FBI protocol testing through barrels less than 16 inches long. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Out Of Stock Product Number: 2279B. 223 Caliber Bullets 088 grain ELDM Hornady Free Shipping over $25 w/insurance, tracking and no tax added! As to cost, a box of 20 runs between $25.99 and $30.99, depending on caliber and bullet weight.

Has anyone found a good power for the 75gr ELD-Ms yet? Elwood Shelton is an online content developer for Gun Digest.

Now, the ammo-maker is taking the line in a new direction, one might say it’s going big with Gold Dot. I'm shooting 3017 with 24.6g Varget in Lapua brass in a 26" 223rem. Calipers, Powder Measures, Scales & Tools, 22 Caliber Bullets 040 grain SP Speer Factory 100Pk, 22 Caliber Bullets 069 grain HPBT MK Speer Factory 100Pk, 22 Caliber Bullets 077 grain HPBT MK Speer Factory 50pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 045 grain SP Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 050 grain V-MAX Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 grain BTHP Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 grain ELDM Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 075 grain ELD Match Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 080 grain ELD Match Hornady Factory Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 088 grain ELD Match Hornady Pk 100, 223 Caliber Bullets 055 grain FMJ Berry 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 055 grain FMJ Hornady 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 055 grain SP Hornady 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 062 grain FMJ Hornady 100pk, 223 Bullets 069 gr Sierra MatchKing 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 050 gr Sierra BlitzKing 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 gr Sierra MatchKing 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 075 grain BTHP Hornady 100pk, 223 Caliber Bullets 075 grain HP Hornady 100pk, 223 Bullets 077 gr Sierra MatchKing 100pk.

There has been an error with your Email Subscription. The jacket is bonded to the core one atom at a time, virtually eliminating core-jacket separation and creating a projectile that’s accurate, tough and consistent through all common barriers. Awsome groups .5 … At the same time, it has an excellent expansion profile, consistently and massively mushrooming. recommended for 1-in-9-inch barrel twist or faster -55-grain 223 Rem. Get the latest news and reviews from Gundigest.com. Speer’s tried-and-true defensive ammunition has been the choice of numerous law enforcement agencies and armed citizens for years, offering consistent and devastating performance. Learn how your comment data is processed. $21.74. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers. 75 gr ELD coal length 2405 which in my Remington action with 22” barrel is 35k off the lands.

(.224") 75 Gr. Availability In Stock at Springfield,MO Change Store Facet Value. Hornady 22 Cal. I shoot the 80gr Amax (have some ELDs but haven't broken into them yet) and XBR gives me 50ish FPS more than Varget. You must log in or register to reply here. -75-grain 223 Rem. The bullet’s bonded core process—what Speer calls “Uni-Core”—is what makes this stuff dynamite. Boat Tail Hollow Point Match Bullet (Bulk Box of 100) Permanent Link to Product Page. And like the company’s handgun options, each is tuned for the utmost accuracy and terminal performance. JavaScript is disabled. Thank you!

Now Speer is offering the same performance for self-defense rifle applications. Comparing Prices? .223 Ammo Sale - Shop All Filter By Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. 22 Caliber Bullets 069 grain HPBT MK Speer, 22 Caliber Bullets 077 grain HPBT MK Speer, 223 Caliber Bullets 05 grain VMAX Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 grain BTHP Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 grain ELDM Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 075 grain ELDM Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 080 grain ELDM Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 088 grain ELDM Hornady, 223 Caliber Bullets 055 SP Hornady Varmint, 223 Caliber Bullets 050 gr Sierra BlitzKing, 223 Caliber Bullets 052 gr Sierra MatchKing, 223 Caliber Bullets 075 BTHP Hornady with Cannelure. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. … Filter & Sort.

I am getting 2,900 with an 18" barrel with 8208 XBR. HN2279B. No big surprise. Common to the Gold Dot family, the more lustrous metal generally is considered smoother feeding and makes it easier to check the status of a gun.

He is a gun owner and avid reloader from Colorado. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. What barrel length? Loading out to the lands at around 2.45", I bet I will get around 3050-3100 with the added room for powder. In all, there are five Speer Gold Dot Rifle loads: The other notable, Speer has opted for a nickel-coated case for Gold Dot Rifle. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. First Look: Speer Gold Dot Rifle Ammunition. Product Manufacturer: Hornady. Studied or practiced concealed carry for any amount of time chances are you’ve heard of Gold Dot. 22” , sweet spot for the 223ai, especially if you run a can, barrels are funny, broughton, bartlein, proof and carbon six have all had velocities from 2990-3065, same reamer, goes to show how many different variables are involved from barrel to barrel, i do know that 25.5-.8 has always been the sweet spot for me, even with 80 bergers. 26-27 grains of Varget...24.5-26.0 grains 8208XBR, Varget and H4895 with 75 ELDM shoot lights out. Please try again. Despite a new twist to the line, Speer achieves this by employing much of the same engineering that went into Gold Dot handgun ammo, particularly bullet design. Hornady. What mv are you running with those loads? With a standard 24" 223 barrel I got 2950 with 24gr of 8208 in lapua cases at 2.3" OAL. The bullets loaded in the new Gold Dot Rifle ammunition line are built using Speer’s exclusive Uni-Cor method. nodes were straight across the board from 23.4gr Imr 8208 to 24 grs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I've seen some people running around 25.5gr in a standard LC 223 case, but the brass is basically toast after one or two firings. .224 Bullets, usually used in the 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO calibers. Features & Benefits -New self-defense rifle loads optimized for peak FBI protocol performance through barrels shorter than 16 inches -75-grain 223 Rem. All rights reserved. The stability factor for the 75 gr ELD will be low from a 1:8, especially on a cold day, so you would be better off using the the 75 gr BTHP Match; it's also better suited to loading to mag length. option offers reduced penetration for less risk to bystanders-Consistent penetration and expansion … It comes down to weight retention, with the soft-point’s alloy lead core chemically bonded to its copper jacket ensuring it doesn’t break up once it reaches its target.

75 eldm @ 25.8gr 8208 , ive had 4 so far and every one of them ran between 25-26.2 gr 8208, u want to stomp on brass and primers run 4895 and make sure its not raining. When not at his press or the range he can be found chasing mule deer around the Rocky Mountains. I should also note that the rifle is a 26" Hawk Hill Custom Barrel. Buffalo Bore Ammo: Strictly Big Bore, Strictly Business, Reloading: The Art of Seating Primers by Hand, First Look: Leupold Freedom RDS Black Ring, First Look: .50-Caliber Remington R2Mi Bolt-Action Rifle, 7 Gun Sales Worth Catching: AR Build Special (Oct. 29, 2020), 9mm Luger Winchester 115gr 20 rounds $24.99, 9mm Luger Winchester 115gr FMJ 200 rounds $73.99, 7.62x39 TulAmmo 122gr 1000 rounds $0.34/round shipped, 6 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2020), 9 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2020), 8 Budget AR-15 Options: More Bang For The Buck (2020), Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2020), 55-grain .223 Remington: Muzzle Velocity 3,600 fps, BC .251, 62-grain .223 Remington: Muzzle Velocity 2,750 fps, BC .310, 75-grain .223 Remington: Muzzle Velocity 2,775 fps, BC .400, 150-grain .300 Blackout: Muzzle Velocity 1,900 fps, BC .330, 150-grain .308 Winchester: Muzzle Velocity 2,820 fps, BC .414.


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