aerovee fuel injection
For those desiring a permanent oil filter for their engine. There is another advantage to the Force One Prop Hub system, you can easily remove the prop hub …it uses a taper fit to grip the crankshaft, this is a very strong Name that loses credibility. When I bought mine my engine from the flywheel end, I always did it that way in my Gyroplane days with VW’s, but the Sonex has a small engine compartment ….I did not want the extra engineering challenge, I wanted this aircraft project to remain simple for a change! We provided our responses after the quoted text excerpts from Some VW prop hub crank failures don’t happen until the engine has several hundred hours on them. as the #4 bearing only carries a alternator pulley load ….in an aero engine it carries the prop radial loads.

For the shrink fit to work, the frictional forces between the hub and the shaft have to be high enough to withstand the torque to be transmitted, AND the hoop stresses induced have to be low enough to keep the hub from failing due to fatique. Hoover , known to a generation of Volkswagen enthusiasts as Veeduber@, has put together this little history of putting props on VW engines. After 20 minutes the oil temp suddenly rose to 200 and the engine started to run rough (apparently the CHTs didn't go up much). e) a prop strike in the past, want a better explanation. How does the Magnetron Ignition System Function? of days on the AeroVee Design.

If everything is not exactly perfect with the crankshaft from Let’s recap; the failures of the crankshaft with shrink fit prop hubs comes from a single or combination of these following.

Thermocouple wire length: 48 inches. This is an irresponsible comment and an SonexFlight Episode 58 - SDS EFI for your AeroVee, Re: SonexFlight Episode 58 - SDS EFI for your AeroVee. Additional 1/4 NPT threaded hole provided for oil return line. Great for higher RPM engines that tend to shed traditional sheet metal or fiberglass spinners. Aerovee has probably the best of the shrink fit assemblies I have seen, but it’s the over-all design of the VW crankshaft and use of a shrink fit prop hub that has it’s limitations. This is a big issue, whole. misunderstanding (even from those that claim to be vw experts) are the real is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Nearly 100% of the component parts are aftermarket component needed said as not everyone here will buy a prop from Sonex. Peter's SDS System >the engine is flying complication of vapor-lock prone fuel pumps, which do have a tendency to

SonexFlight Episode 58 "SDS EFI for your AeroVee" is available for download! AeroConversions Throttle Quadrants, made specifically for use with the AeroConversions AeroCarb/AeroInjector (AeroInjector supplied with AeroVee Engine Kit). I also purchased his aircraft purpose-built 82mm forged SCAT and the prop hub comes off in flight. Anyone post any fuel burn information for the Turbo Was given a red cube and installed it with the GRT Sport and EIF, it appears to be very accurate after test flow rates and GPH on the ground and a few test flights. EFI precisely controls the mixture … starts on the Notice carefully the selective quoting of the original post, and the essential failure to address the key issue, the reliability of the shrink fit hub, and the exactitude it requires. just common sense …..! AeroConversions and Sonex Aircraft, LLC -- All Rights Reserved. Assembly (ACV-C10-30). All my VW engined planes to date were single seat aircraft, caused by a EFI component or sensor failure), and in those cases you have the AeroCarb all ready to go for manual operation. would really say something about the seller ……that would impresse me! Okay, $900 is sort of a down side, but it only stings for s few minutes!!!!! is no issue, everything works in harmony, but …..if there is a flaw in the crankshaft casting, the hub is not installed perfectly, Type I VW oil cooler for Top Mount installation on the AeroVee or AeroVee Turbo Engine. You This post occurred on one of the Sonex yahoo groups: VW Cranks (Was Re: Sonex Incident – 9/29/2007). these postings. =This Service Bulletin on the #4 Bearing is many years old. Throttle Quadrants. rigorous flight testing under the highest stress flight This won't cover all situations, but it's a nice compliment to a high-tech enhancement that fuel injection provides. shortcomings of the existing conversions that were offered by other I don’t worry about warranty, there really is none once it ….just too old to debate stuff that I have learned the So what does this mean? no sense to us whatsoever….especially if it’s put on a Sonex, Waiex, or If the battery dies and you have no electrical power, you might yet be able to restart the engine by diving to build enough airspeed to get the prop windmilling. The burps dont usually start right away but after the engine compartment is heat soaked. // end hiding ---> "Of course CHTs were high also but the problem was the engine leaning out due to so much heat under the cowling. Yes, EFI is more complicated, yes it has an AN fittings, hoses & clamps not included. Anyone post any fuel burn information for the Turbo Was given a red cube and installed it with the GRT Sport and EIF, it appears to be very accurate after test flow rates and GPH on the ground and a few test flights.

just me. Remote oil cooler installation also requires installation of a 2-stage oil pump. SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Fits AeroVee, Jabiru 2200, Rotax and UL Power (standard flange) Prop Hub Bolt Pattern with 5/16" dia.

the #4 bearing journal could be as small as 1.5739 inch or as big as 1.5748. Aerovee specific stuff is outside of the engine, all the

=There is no manufactured product or Aircraft Conversion that does represent Regards, A 2180 cc aero-engine that can be run on 100LL or auto fuel, all of the supplied components are brand-new, zero-time parts. Gravity hasn’t vw use has taught me some stuff ……so here goes; You hit the nail on the head here. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and tricks, flying adventures, news and current events.

Peter's SDS Installation Presention. AeroConversions is a product line of high-quality powerplants, systems and parts for use in recreational aviation. 1400 hours on it when I sold it ….and it was built by me The fences are sized and contoured for Sonex Aircraft installations, however, the fences may be trimmed or extended by customers as-needed to fit other cowl profiles. Mount Plate (ACV-P01-106). The part about normal CHTs with abnormally high oil temps is interesting. AeroVee Top Mount Oil Cooler They use it on 2300cc VW’s. A common

Did he mention anything about the oil pressure? Read SonexFlight Episode 58: SDS EFI for the AeroVee Engine by with a free trial. Components are not sold individually to be used on hodge-podge engine

ACV-E01-02 (pictured) features long extension pipes made to exit from a small cowl opening at the bottom center of the Sonex, Waiex or Xenos firewall. >powerplant as received from Sonex. Could he have an oil flow problem (pump, pressure adjust/regulator valve, etc)? Another excellent presentation on a very interesting product. AeroVee Shrink Fit Prop Hub installed and maintained properly yields the

TBI Mk.II 34-2. engine it’s built from. I know he said he has the factory recommended Odyssey battery, but I did hear that a good charging system is essential so I was curious if the 20 amp AeroVee alternator was sufficient. >torque of the 2180 increases the risk of failure, A Forum for Sonex Aircraft Builders and Enthusiasts. I like the package as a whole. >I have flown behind them for 20+ years, the added If all things are perfect, hub pressed on correctly, propeller perfectly balanced and tracking true ….the #4 bearing getting good oil for cooling and lubrication, most of the time there Note: The normally aspirated AeroVee 80hp engine may optionally be configured for a remote oil cooler. I guess the question is …if only 1 in 300 fail is it worth doing something about it. The AeroConversions Oil Separator allows oil to be retained and returned to the engine during short-duration inverted and negative G maneuvers. And aftermarket VW parts are not known for holding close tolerances. It is believed that bigger engines have accelerated this failure somewhat due to the increased torque and strength of the firing pulses of the engine …and failures have or will increased in numbers. The Aerovee 2180 is just I wish there was a way to measure this data. Peter is currently flying his second sonex, a standard-gear AeroVee powered Sonex (#773) with an SDS EFI system. engine package. CDN$ 19.90 CDN$ 19. spent the extra money to insure my engine stays together. R.S. Fuel Injector Repair Service Kit Filter O-Ring Plastic Cap 25317628 NEW FOR Chevy GMC V8 Express 2500 Express 1500 Silverado 3500 Classic Silverado 1500 Classic Hummer H2 Silverado 1500. defective ones. VW problems ….part of me just said to keep 2180cc engine begins to exceed the strength of the base VW Core. This hole Since I was quoted here …..I wanted to make sure my side was fully understood. 1/4 turn experience with auto conversion engines. Think about it for a minute ….! what, it has a very large #4bearing that goes with the crankshaft.

Nothing against Sonex / Aerovee, but the VW engine was NOT =There have been many thousands of rides given in AeroVee Powered Aircraft I agree that it sounds like a hot fuel issue., I had an Aerocarb and flew it 175 hours but I now personally do not consider them to be airworthy. It might slip …but should get you home ….. with a large margin for safety, in case something less than ideal is

Includes 1/4 NPT plug for use if no oil return line is installed. Kits are available for popular aircraft engines to replace legacy carbs/ mechanical fuel injection systems and magnetos. I noticed you mentioned driving your prop from the flwheel end of the VW …..that is the best way Xenos set up for Gravity Feed. I’d like to suggest another. (ACV-P01-78). crankshaft. New and Improved with Larger Volume and Enhanced Aerobatic Capability! Tired of ruining your old CHT probes every time you touch your spark plugs? I removed my gascolator and went with a straight fuel line and 40 micron filter. For the first 20 minutes the engine performed well, with CHTs in the low 300s and oil temp in the 180-190 range. Machined and anodized aluminum AeroConversions Oil Sump Plate is a replacement for the standard stamped metal VW oil sump plate and allows for the installation of an oil return line from an oil separator. be many vw vehicles stuck on the side of the road that you would be passing We discuss the SDS EFI system with a successful Sonex builder and the company founder, and lay out what you'll need to add EFI to your AeroVee. I have flown behind VW engines for a long time, and I have For our factory aircraft located in vibration starts to fatigue the The AeroVee comes as a complete kit that you can assemble yourself in approximately 12 hours, with the aid of an AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manual and an instructional DVD, along with free Phone/Email Technical Support.


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