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The diner had its share of regular customers through the years, such as Tommy's basketball coach Earl Hicks (Dave Madden), local trucker Chuck (Duane R. Campbell), and Henry Beesmeyer (Marvin Kaplan), a telephone repairman who always joked about Mel's cooking. in many situations when Mel just won't listen, to a time when Mel sells the diner and wants it back, and the owner won't give it back to Mel, and he fires the girls. Alice ran out of money, and took the job at Mel and Ruby's temporarily to earn enough money to get them the rest of the way to Monterey.

The spinoff series `Flo,' with Polly Holliday, ran from 1980-81.

Her car breaks down in Phoenix (from a presumed engine fire, as seen in the opening credits), and we meet her soon after she has taken a job as a waitress at Mel's Diner, in Phoenix. in many situations when Mel just won't listen, to a time when Mel sells the diner and wants it back, and the owner won't give it back to Mel, and he fires the girls. Alice's relationship with Donald is never described, but she kept a photo of him displayed on the wall of her apartment for years after his death.
A greasy-spoon diner in Phoenix, Arizona is the setting for this long-running series. Created by Robert Getchell. Beth Howland, who starred on the CBS sitcom Alice, has died at the age of 74.

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The Hollywood Reporter The misadventures and trials of an aspiring singer and her co-workers at a greasy-spoon diner. played Alice's witty son, Tommy. Phoenix, Arizona has some of the highest mean temperatures in the United States.

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", enjoyed widespread popularity at the time the character appeared on Alice.

However, Mel's chili con carne was popular and became a plot point of several episodes.

Henry's oft-mentioned wife Chloe was seen in one episode, played by Ruth Buzzi. The latter years of the show focused on some character development, such as the hasty courtship and marriage of Vera and lovable cop Elliot (Charles Levin). I really think Flo was the most interesting character. Vera and Elliot, in the last episode, decide to depend on Elliot's income when they discover that Vera's expecting a new addition to the Novack family. She has the wit that Mel needs around his diner whether he knows it or not. The misadventures and trials of an aspiring singer and her co-workers at a greasy-spoon diner.

Diane Ladd, who received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Flo in the film version[3] joined the cast in 1980 as Isabelle "Belle" Dupree, a hard-edged but kind-hearted woman. Alice Springs, known as The Alice; is the third largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia. She had a daughter to support and flirted with and accepted passes from her male customers, but never dated any of them. Mel also had a strict rule against moonlighting, often leading to one or more waitresses getting fired, but he always rehired them before the end of each episode. The men's and ladies' restrooms were confined to one room in the pilot and during the first season. The misadventures and trials of an aspiring singer and her co-workers at a greasy-spoon diner. For the third season, the walls had wallpaper with orange leaves on it. From 1978 to 1985, the phone was a touch tone and was located at a section that was a few steps away from the entrance to the diner. Since then, I've rarely seen it in re-runs, even though my cable system has over a hundred channels. The popularity of Mel's Chili also led to an appearance on Dinah Shore's talk show, which led to some bickering among the waitresses because Mel could take only one person along, but everyone ended up going.

Big Sky is centred on the adventures of the pilots of a small aviation company in Australia called "Big Sky Aviation" and the battles of the owner to keep the company running. The misadventures of two women and one man living in one apartment and their neighbors. Anyway, "Alice" was a nice, enjoyable little show that lost a lot of steam after Polly Holiday (Flo) left to pursue her own sitcom.
Celebrities playing either themselves or other characters (including Martha Raye, George Burns, Robert Goulet, Art Carney, Desi Arnaz, and Jerry Reed) were a hallmark of the show. (1976–1985). He often referred to his marriage in negative terms, though clearly they were still in love after many years together. When Tommy was twelve, Don passed away in a motor vehicle accident.

20 of 24 people found this review helpful. Over the course of time, gets into many situations. The last thing we see is Mel putting up the "Closed" sign and locking up. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Theatre actress Celia Weston then joined the cast as the good-natured, boisterous truck driver Jolene Hunnicutt, who came from Myrtle Point, South Carolina. He was 82. The pilot episode was taped at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California. Alice is an American sitcom television series that ran from August 31, 1976 to March 19, … According to Polly Holliday, the line was originally written as, "Kiss my honeydew! In another, a group of men literally hoisted up the entire front of the store with their bare hands. Vera had a low, quiet voice; she was taken to and from work by her father; she was shy and somewhat awkward, but was not dumb. Her apartment was the hub for her friend's many gatherings.

If someone now hears this, they still think about "Alice," or maybe the short-lived spin-off "Flo". The Mel's Diner set made changes over the years; in the pilot the diner contained a blue refrigerator, but in the series the refrigerator was a dirty stainless steel, then later was changed to clean and shiny stainless steel in 1979–81 and much later the set featured an even shinier stainless steel refrigerator and better appliances. Jolene's "Granny Gums" dies and leaves her enough money to open her own beauty parlor in her hometown. He was a very consistent figure through the years and was considered part of the Diner "family."

", Notable guest stars include: Eve Arden, Desi Arnaz, Brice Beckham, Fred Berry, Sorrell Booke (as Boss Hogg), George Burns (as himself), Ruth Buzzi (as Chloe Beesmeyer, Henry's wife), Art Carney (as himself), Corey Feldman, Robert Goulet, Joel Grey (as himself), Florence Halop, Eileen Heckart (as Rose Hyatt, Alice's interfering mother in-law), Florence Henderson, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, George Wendt, Nancy McKeon (Philip's sister, appearing twice, in different roles), Frank Nelson, Donald O'Connor (as himself), Janis Paige, Kelly Parsons, Jerry Reed (as himself), Debbie Reynolds, Kim Richards, Telly Savalas (as himself), Sonny Shroyer (as Enos Strate), and Jerry Stiller.Jim Varney as (Milo Skinner).

In one episode Sorrell Booke guest stars in this role, along with fellow Dukes character Enos (Sonny Shroyer). In one episode, a wrecking ball destroyed the front of the diner because someone could not read Mel's handwriting. A lot of mishaps in the Diner are as a result of Vera and her clumsiness. The beneficiary of her late husband's will pays a visit to Alice.

The series' regular customers, including Henry, Chuck, and Earl, say their emotional farewells, followed by Elliot, and finally the principal characters Tommy, Jolene, Vera, and Alice.

Another of Flo's catchphrases was, "When donkeys fly!" Alice was shown on the Ten Network in Australia from 1977. Flo decides to buy and run a failing roadhouse bar there, which she renames Flo's Yellow Rose.

Finally, while cleaning out her locker, Alice finds the "Waitress Wanted" sign that first drew her to the diner. Vic Tayback made one guest appearance on Flo.

One of which was her knack for forgetting she was the only waitress of any of them without a drivers license until realizing she was in a predicament regarding a motorized vehicle. Belle is a native of Mississippi.

TV-PG In the finale, she buys a beauty shop and leaves Mel's, as does everyone else. Alice


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