alto sax alternate finger chart
Continue Clicking on the time stamps for these notes will take you straight to the fingerings on the video on YouTube (in a separate tab). Don’t worry though. This is very wonderful. With the thumb in place, you’ll notice three main key pearls in a line on the bottom portion of the saxophone. 0000001848 00000 n

Well, I've saved you a lot of hard work by sifting through hundreds of fingerings from videos, websites and books to bring you the top six for every altissimo note up to double F. I also demonstrate every fingering just so that you know they all work (although it's pretty pretty challenging listening!).

Played with the index finger. Your left hand will always play the keys on the upper part of the saxophone.

appropriate in some passages.

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Well, Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” for one. D D/E E F F/G G G/A A A/B B C/D C High D High High E D/E D High F E F D E D E D E E B G All fingerings on this page use the octave key ( thumb key)left hand. 2. In addition, you’ll see an extra one or two keys, depending on your saxophone, beneath this bar.

Fingering. Just above the thumb rest there’s a button that can easily be controlled by your thumb.

D D/E E F F/G G G/A A A/B B C/D C High D High High E D/E D High F E F D E D E D E E B G All fingerings on this page use the octave key ( thumb key)left hand. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. ALTO SAXOPHONE ALTISSIMO FINGER CHART PDF - Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone.

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As always, thank you so much for watching and supporting the channel. By the way, don’t panic if you play tenor sax, next week will be YOUR time to shine. T D —23 Bb Use in combination with G 6 or the range D 5 —Bb 5.

I’m 55, just about to retire and am now pursuing a passion I have put off my whole life. This is the fingering for low C. You’ll want to keep in mind everything you learned about, You may have noticed we didn’t cover any accidentals — sharps or flats — in this fingering guide.


My name is Promise, I’m a month old on the saxophone, I have problem controlling my breath and i want to be able to memorize the sax note arrangement. And your third finger, the ring finger, goes on the final large key in the grouping. If you don’t, you’ll probably just get a few low notes that sound like a cow giving birth, and you won’t understand why.

T Eb 1—— ———.

The best way to test this, perhaps, to try and work out other major scales just using your ears. We’ll get to those fingerings soon, but with these first notes we’ve just gone over, anyone can play a pentatonic scale, which can be used to play countless melodies and improvise solos.

Get familiar with these basic notes on your horn so you can start rocking out your pentatonic scales and you’ll be ready to add more fingerings soon. Main fingering. Click here to check out my other book, Songwriting Success.

Here’s how. Other charts show the notes in a horizontal form. So that’s it for this week. From here, you’ll want to go back to those two keys near your pinky, and press down the one farthest away from you, the bottom pinky key.


A good chart will tell you just when you will need each of the different fingerings.

What do all these other keys do? To sound a low A, use the fingering for low C and then press the low A key situated below the thumb of the left hand.

However, my Altissimo video will explain it all in great detail, so make sure you check it out first.

You’re gonna get no less than SIX different fingerings for every note up to double F, and they all work! 0000015045 00000 n So many regrets not having started sooner. Good for alto and tenor. When a note can be made by several alternate fingerings, they should be depicted as well as the standard fingering. This 6 part video course gets delivered via email over a week. For the record, I used a Jody Jazz HR 8M mouthpiece with a Vandoren Java Red Box 3.5 reed.

Fingering diagrams make learning any instrument easier, and are essential for learning an instrument like the alto sax because of the numerous buttons and keys.

Saxophone Fingering Chart PDF – Better Sax, Saxophone Mouthpiece Play-Tests & Mini Reviews. T f——— Bb —2— C. In tune, easy response, and saxophond in fast passages.

0:26 - free PDF and free one hour Masterclass. I hope I can begin to play professionally within one month in concerts confidently.

Thank you so much.

Of course, because the saxophone is a transposing instrument, the same fingering chart applies whether you play soprano, alto, baritone or tenor saxophone.

Near your pinky finger, you’ll also notice with a little stretching you can reach a series of four keys arranged as a table. Like the thumb rest for your left hand, you’ll place your thumb inside this hook, which helps position your right hand and hold the horn steady. 0000005381 00000 n If you press the octave key with your thumb and add it to any of these three fingerings, you can play B, A and G an octave higher as well. If you do a web search for an interactive chart, you can find one that will illustrate any note you wish to play. I’m 63yrs old and I have always wanted to learn to play the Sax but never knew how to get started!

0000011529 00000 n For example, many pro-level baritone saxophones include a low A key, which extends the range of the horn lower.

Your email address will not be published. Have being trying to get used to my saxophone but it not working I really need a saxophone teacher that will teach me everything about how to runs scale like blues scale,pentatonic scale, major and minor scales and so oh please I need help here. Please use the main contact form if you have any messages or queries. Title \.psfhomeDocumentsMyDocs copyGraphic Filessax_fingering_chart.cdr Author: ward Created Date: If you are just learning to play the alto sax, this might seem confusing, but you can soon learn to read either type with a little practice. There are timestamps in the description so you can quickly go to any note you want.

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Let us know how you do in the comments, and don’t forget to chime in with any saxophone fingering questions you may have. Beginner-Advanced, eBook with 60+ pentatonic patterns and 12 backing tracks in all keys.Intermediate-Advanced.


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