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Madison Gate Records and Legacy Recordings will release American Hustle - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  on Black Friday, Nov. 28, 2014. Plays again while Irving and Sydney are sitting by the vinyl stack. More than a few of these tracks are by Electric Light Orchestra as well as Jeff Lynne on his own, and the whimsical yet driving sound of "10538 Overture," "Long Black Road," and "Stream of Stars" lends a tongue-in-cheek tone supported by Tom Jones' "Delilah" and Chris Stills' "Live to Live." This Is What We Know, The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year, Here’s Why TWICE’s ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ Isn’t Topping Korean Charts According To Netizens, EXO Lay Gets Bashed After Winning Dance Competition + #RespectLay Trends Online, Korean Netizens Express Disappointment With Aespa's Video Teaser, Survey Determines The Top 20 Most Popular Idols for October, Korean Netizens Have Divided Opinions Over G-Dragon's Comeback News, 6 Tips for Setting Better Fitness Goals and the Gear You Need, Netizens Are Divided Over IZ*ONE's New Vogue Pictorial, BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Never Forced a Specific Vocal Tone, BLACKPINK Jennie Poses As Chanel’s Muse for W Korea, EXO Sehun Chosen As The New Face of Dior Men. Tension builds as rosaline and Sydney get ready to square off at the party. David O. Russell's tale of con men, Feds, and the mob has a lighter touch than either of those two movies, however, and this is reflected in the soundtrack's song choices. It's a montage of the different people getting conned in the room while being recorded in the next room. Toggle navigation. American Hustle - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 4. Jeep's Blues. American Hustle won three Golden Globes including Best Picture, three BAFTA wins including Best Original Screenplay, was named 'Best Film Of The Year' by The New Yorker magazine, and several critics' awards including the New York Film Critics Circle award for Best Picture and a SAG Ensemble nomination. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road | Elton John, 4. Check out the American Hustle Soundtrack List here. Sydney smokes a joint until Richie calls her to invite her out on a night cap. Opening titles of Irving, Sydney, and Richie walking down the hallway of the hotel to do the deal with carmine.

Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) kiss in the bathroom stall. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

The Coffee Song (They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil) | Frank Sinatra *.

All Rights Reserved. Montage of Irving and Sydney having an affair in luxurious New York. Name. 1 Comments. A nuanced and playful soundtrack, American Hustle works well as a companion piece to the movie that spawned it and on its own. The American Hustle - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was originally released on CD in December 2013 and sold over 85,000 copies in the U.S. 20 December 2013; 31 songs; Follow. The American Hustle - Original Motion Picture will also include ELO's "Long Black Road.".

10 May 2019; 32 songs; Follow.

", Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra and the supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, will release "Stream Of Stars," an ultra-rare song that was previously available only on the Japanese release of Zoom, ELO's final studio album.

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