argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports
Another question to look upon is that are female sports seen as inferior to male sports because lack of attendance? Now, it is not just in the NBA that professional women athletes get paid an enormous amount lower than men. Gender can be seen as purely biological, or within a cultural context. Perhaps include a few pictures comparing the two, which would definitely help to strengthen your point. I really like the way you look at this topic. In some cases yes, men do bring in bigger audiences than women, but that is changing. In such situation, boys do not positively reinforce the participation of girls. Each quote or statistic directly supports what you are saying and sometimes I find that hard to do, but you do it perfectly! Quite simply, even in this day and age of supposed equality and meritocracy, sport still remains a male domain, especially on the community level. Some of the reasons why women and mens sports should be equal are women work just as hard as men or even harder. Furthermore, the stereotypical representations of the males may lead females to focus on their difference from the ‘norm’ and lose belief in their own abilities and equal rights to sports. Or worse still, ‘boys need to do sports to become manly, but girls do not need to, thus they do not need to do sports’. Gender inequality has always been an issue for women in athletics. In women’s sports women train just as much as men and play the same amount of games as men. Not only does this unequal pay lead to disparity in sports, but it may be an incentive for women to not push themselves, and may cause a decline in future female sport participation. The rest of the essay was good.

During this time, there was an approximately 14 percentage point increase in the proportion of female student athletes in Division I, a 21 percentage point increase for women in Division II, and a 14 percentage point increase for women in Division III. To better aid your audience in visualizing your argument in the second paragraph, I might also suggest supplying an image of one of these “Nike and Under Armor advertisements”. The use of statistics and numbers was also helpful as it gives a more solid evidence point for readers. How do you suggest we change that? Your use of quotes and data just shows the work you put in to find all of it.

I enjoy your first body paragraph discussing how advertisement overly sexualize the sport clothing or equipment. In the United States, since Title IX was passed in 1972, women have had a legal basis to push towards equity in college and high school sports. Title IX was passed in 1972, it is a law requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding. Reinforcing of male as a dominant force in sport reinforces gender as a dominant mode of social classification.

An example of one of these stereotypes is all men who cheerlead are gay and not masculine. Nonetheless, sports are largely seen as a pastime, created and meant for men in the world. Conversely, women are not encouraged to play sports because the above traits are not associated with women (women’s athletics: coping with controversy). Gender inequality is unlawful because of Title IX, a law that was passed in 1972, that banned gender discrimination in sports (Buzuvis and Newhall).

I agree with you stance completely. Your paper shows how much research you have put into this. I also liked the area you included where you talked about how girls who are athletes are paid more in advertisements for their sexuality as opposed to their skill level in their respective sports. The dominant group, in this case male, are seen as the norm for sports. Again, women athletes get paid less than 20% of male athletes. In today's society, particularly in the United States, an individual entering a non-traditional sport for his/her gender takes on many tasks besides playing the sport, the individual also takes on the criticism (good or bad), Gender discrimination in the sports industry has always been a controversial topic. I like how you mention cheerleading as a sport that would shun men because we normally don’t think of that.

If Arefyev could see past his prejudice, he might notice that female biology can be advantageous in his sport. Conversely, women are not encouraged to play sports because the above traits are not associated with women (women’s athletics: coping with controversy). © Copyright 2009-2019. Up till as recent as the 1990s, horses and dogs were accorded more column inches in US sports pages than women. Also, adding to your statement on how sport sexuality has progressed, any time before the 21st century, no football player would have declared themselves gay even if they were for fear of being kicked off a team and football being the manliest sport; now recently we had the first NFL player to declare themselves gay for the public, we are definitely more accepting. To continue, I like your thesis statement because it’s clear and concise and to the point. Gender Differences in Sports If uniforms were used solely for a way to unify a team and a practical way to compete, then there would be no reason for them to be thought of as sexually appealing, thus allowing equality for men in women on the playing field. For example the U.S women’s National soccer team has qualified for every world cup and olympics, winning 3 world cups and 4 gold medals. Just be sure to relist the arguments you’ve posed, a bit of the supporting evidence you’ve provided, and restate your thesis more assertively when you decide to construct your conclusion. At the same time, it would be wrong to argue that female and male motivation for sports, and their physical abilities, is absolutely the same. This stereotype is similar to how all female cheerleaders are thin, pretty and peppy. Your introduction did its job of introducing your subject and going on to describe what you will talk about later in the essay. I’d like to start of by saying that it was great to see how you compared the inequality to men and how men feel when trying to participate in what is mainly a female sport, for example cheerleading or figure skating. I think it is because when men play the same sport they are putting up way better statistics. Hegemonic masculinity can be defined simply as the idea that men are the dominant species over women in society.

It might be a good idea to supply pictures or examples for better support. Many people’s opinions across the world have been that women are too fragile to play in male dominate sports. It is really interesting to see you compare the salaries of men and women in the NBA and WNBA. but when we’re at Hawley practicing, it doesn’t really matter who you fight. Because you are a female and writing about a topic that would appeal to mostly women, it is essential that you touch on the other side as well. This is single handedly due to the fact that professional women athletes get paid a significant amount less than professional male athletes. Medically, people are considered obese …, Continue reading “Sample Literature Review on Obesity”, Contribution of Small Scale Industry in Indian Economy India is an emerging force in the economy. Therefore, female athletes should be able to play any sport they want with male athletes. Some of them can be cites here like feminism and women empowerment that are trying the bridge the gulf of inequality among men and women. While this has been a long standing issue since the inception of sports. The stigma of women not being able to play sports has been around ever since the 1800s. Simply decreasing the prices of seats, or advertising the team’s athletism as a whole could increase ratings without altering any uniforms. When you talk about the two companies Nike and Under Armor, you talk about the differences between men’s and women’s athletic clothing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it all and felt you did a fantastic job with it. If so, then do professional female choose money over being treated equally? It is also important that you realize that women are not the only ones who are discriminated against, when talking about sports. I think a reason why women are not seen as equal is because of athletic ability.


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