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Rangi was furious to have learned of Hei-Ran's plan and angrily stormed off, declaring that she would have nothing to do with Kyoshi after she had used her mother as bait. The two masters let her go,[11] and went on to falsely identify an Earth Kingdom boy named Yun as the Avatar.[2]. [21][52] Despite that hard stance, she generally preferred to not kill anyone and was known to be more forgiving toward less dangerous foes.[3][29]. I stopped him, and the world entered a great era of peace. Kyoshi also had the largest feet of any Avatar, and was the largest known Avatar in terms of physicality; In a chibi comic, Kyoshi was portrayed as a gym teacher. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Before he could reemerge, Kyoshi fled back to the Avatar mansion. ā€œIā€™m sorry for saying you had to live with your pain.ā€ Kyoshi put her palm to his chest in a gesture of comfort. She picked Rangi up by the waist and whirled her around, embarrassing the other woman. She brought her friends to the mansion's standing infirmary, constantly healing Rangi, and managing to give Jinpa some medicine for the pain.

After she finished, Kelsang demanded to know where she had learned the song, but she insisted that she just made it up. [Sokka tries to find some food in a bag. Rangi stepped forward with a ferocious fire attack that startled everyone present. As they went back to the healer's house, the group was ambushed and shot with shirshu-spit darts that rendered them paralyzed.

The elements, war fans [57] The devotion to her memory was strongest in her adopted homeland, as wooden statues of Avatar Kyoshi were erected in every village of Kyoshi Island,[58] and a shrine dedicated to her was erected in Suki's village, displaying the late Avatar's outfit and war fans. Afterward, they began making preparations to go to North Chung-Ling.

Zoryu arrived on the scene, apologizing for the prior night, but explained he was also there for Hei-Ran's ceremony of acknowledging her dishonor. Not wishing to be locked up by Kyoshi, he told her he was not being given much of a choice to fight her or not, and Kyoshi responded that she was not giving him a choice.

Contents. The King demanded that she stop the uprising by whatever means necessary. Allies Kyoshi imparted Aang with the wisdom that all their action have consequences, even if they do not manifest in their own lifetime, and sent him to find her predecessor. AvatarEarthbending instructorServant (formerly)Daofei However, Jianzhu easily got the upper hand and killed the injured Kelsang, which prompted Kyoshi to enter the Avatar State and destroy the small village, but not before Jianzhu hid beneath the ground. [10] Nevertheless, she grew extraordinarily tall, and was already taller than many teenagers at age seven. Pretty sure one of those is from Yangchen, not Kyoshi.

Position [9], Before the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Aang summoned Kyoshi's spirit, seeking advice on how to defeat Phoenix King Ozai without killing him.


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