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This will not make sense if you have not read that. would ozai have approved zhao's plan to kill the moon spirit? He also lost his sword in that final battle. She discovers that being different isn't such a bad thing. These ficlets take place from 189 through 234 ASC. Who knew that eight words would be your undoing. As an engineer in Zaofu, Baatar Jr. worked closely with his father. This accomplishment is honestly unrivalled when you think that up to his time people relied almost exclusively on bending for transportation, ships unaccounted for. Varrick was one of the people helping with harnessing the spirit vines. Part of it had to do with her charisma and other virtues that allowed her to manipulate people, but out of every one of the villains in any era we've seen, I recall she's the only one who could not be outsmarted. It's generally assumed that Toph's parents and Ursa are nonbenders. Speaking of Mai, like Suki there is no mention of Ty Lee nor Mai in The Legend of Korra. @chloros: Honestly, I kind of can get on board with your analyzes, besides the bending one. So now we needed two dads. Lin is pale like her mother, while Suyin has a nice tan going that greatly resembles that of the water tribe, that of Sokka. Juliana Failde is a writer for CBR, Screen Rant, and the Sartorial Geek.

Going to make more scenes that follow up after this once, so it won't be left hanging. Maybe Toph or Ming for non combat. 30 years later, Su remembers a lost girl. While she would beat Unalock, I would only put him here over her because he learned to spirit bend while she didn't learn it. She was a member of Team Avatar and fought with them until the very end. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and Sumer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine. Fans got to learn a little more about it in The Legend of Korra, but the process of becoming a member of the White Lotus is still a mystery. I think it's thanks to her personality that she is actually seen as not really that intelligent. They will always be married in my mind! This peace would be interrupted, however, when, at the beginning of the new year, Korra finds that she is no longer the only Avatar in the physical world. The only thing he really lack is bending, and that would honestly be hard for him to do, considering that he isn't a bender. In the comics, fans know that she became part of an elite guard that protected Zuko. Many fans interpreted this as, Many fans are under the impression that Korra is much shorter than she actually is.

We all deserved KyaLin! Plus I don't even know if Mai could actually reconcile with Kei-Lo after her breakup with him. Like I said, I vouch for the Mechanist, whom Chloros already mentioned. I don't think Katara is really the most versatile bender while fighting.

Azula is the forefront tactical master from the major players we've seen in history. Similar to the above example, the idea that Kuvira is either a lesbian or bisexual has really spiked in popularity since the start of the fourth season. Over time, however, he grew tired of living in his shadow, which led him to join Kuvira on her campaign to restore order in the war-torn Earth Kingdom, leaving Zaofu against his mother's wishes. But she is tech savvy, a great public speaker, she can use deception and sabotage like when she was able to fool Kuvira when she was working on weaponizing the spirit vines. Lin is six years older than Suyin, so in between that time, Toph found another man. She thought it was strange, nobody visited her. It does seem likely, as Sokka's ponytail is properly called a "warrior's wolf tail." I feel Korra is fairly underrated here. For example, Hama literally invented bloodbending, she learned how to draw water from plant's and she also learned to take water out of the air. Pema being either Ty Lee's late-in-life daughter or her niece via one of her. It turns out Aunt Lin is good at protecting more than just people. She is a top contender for sure, but not really the most versatile. Strategical mind - Azula or Unalock and Verrick in third place. An uncontested piece of fanon based on something that is all but stated in canon is that, Many fans were speculating that Kyoshi was either lesbian or bisexual long before she was, Zuko gets mocked by Azula telling him he was "lucky to be born." Mai would have confirmed the theories as to whether or not she was Izumi's mother, and Ty Lee would have been a great involvement for the Amon arc of the series. Unalock isn't bad by any means, but he only managed to do what he did because of his connection to the Avatar. RELATED: Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Non-Benders That Don't Get Enough Credit.

But I would honestly think that some of the engineers would be here as well, and Jinora. This left fans a bit upset, the show ended up leaving them with just more unanswered questions. @tektonic: In terms of engineering, where would you put Asami? Engineering - Varrick or Asami for obvious reasons.

It may seen like Aang is the leader of the group because he is the Avatar but it's really Sokka,he has ideas quick on his feet and leads in battle against the fire nation, Katara is too emotional to be leader,Aang is too inmature with his bending,Toph is blind,and Sokka is a jokester but he has the straight vision to not waste time and go nonstop until destiny is reached. Like his potential father Baatar Sr. was an architect for Zaofu which means he might have the genius of his father as an inventor and creative genius. Kuvira was in her cell when she was informed that she had two visitors. If Sokka and Suki's relationship lasts for them to be married then I think Baatar Sr. could be their child because Baatar might have the looks of Sokka being his father like the dark skin and the same facial look which probably means that he could have the same genes as Sokka. Fans know he reformed his ways and became the best character in the series, but what pushed it over for the organization to consider and trust him with their secrets? In-series, it's never clarified either way if they're nonbenders or if they're benders who just aren't depicting bending on-screen. No one knew for the longest time who Lin's father was, but then fans learned that Toph had a second daughter from a different father again.

Will go in more later as I am fairly busy atm. I mean, sure, he isn't a contender for the best engineer or scientist, but he I would say that most people definitely isn't underrating him or overlook him, it's just that he doesn't really compare to the absolute top. Alternatively:The one where Lin and Tenzin had to go through adversity like Lin's dangerous job, a near-death experience, temporary separation and memory loss, unplanned pregnancy and Tenzin's responsibilities before they end up with a family.

Who was your favorite villain of the original trilogy? Again, this is unofficial.

However if she was a refugee from an already established colony like Yu Dao then the only Fire Nation parent likely to be her father is Zhao. She wasn't more powerful, necessarily, but more wild and uncontrollable. In the series itself, this custom seems to be exclusive to Northerners. Sukka shippers think the two are related through Su's husband, Baatar Sr., despite the fact that Su implies that she and Baatar didn't meet until they were adults. If there was anyone who missed Toph as much as her and Lin did it was this woman. There really isn't that much people do in sciences in the Avatar verse other than engineering, so it's really hard to tell. Kuvira's and Suyin's relationship is vague. I feel like after comparing the looks of Long Feng and Kuvira, I believe that Kuvira could be a descendant of Long Feng. Some escaped but ended up living as Fire Nation or Earth Nation civilians.

If Ming Hua had achieved everything she did before or during Aang's era, I would actually give her the most credit, but chronologically, she further advanced a technique invented and used by many long before her time. The idea that Baatar Jr. is Sokka's grandson seems to be accepted by most of the fandom, due to their uncanny resemblance. So there is a very big possibility that the pairing got back together and had Izumi.

I wouldn't necessarily consider Ty Lee overlooked - her and Mai defy physics through their knowledge in martial arts. There are a lot of theories about Suyin's father and most of them revolve around Sokka. Bending (not talking about how powerful one is but how they are using the bending to their advantage in their everyday life. Katara isn't really creative when it comes to bending, she is just a good bender and manage to perform tasks better than other people, but she only copies them, she never come up with tecniques of her own. (I will specify what I change in each chapter).

Toph I would agree should be here because she literally came up with a form of bending noone had ever seen before. Some fans used this to. This leads into the next question, whatever happened to Suki? She and Jinora become best friends, but an evil is arising. 3) You have to give Fire Nation characters something to say when they feel like swearing. This idea isn't unfounded. Frequently, she's even had ex-girlfriends. Evidence used to support this is that Su has much darker skin than either her mother or sister, and in general, bears more of a resemblance to Kya than Lin or Toph. This was later clarified. In the statue, he is holding a boomerang, so maybe it really did come back to him. And not any weapon either, he pretty much opened path for nuclear weapons. Plus Mai had a boyfriend whom she broke up with once before. This scene takes place during Season 3, Episode 6, right after Korra learns to metal bend and Lin passes out in Zaofu. One day she will show her parents being different isn't so bad. The earth kingdom clothing and familiarity could be due to the fact that Baatar grew up here because Suki wouldn't have wanted to live down in the southern water tribe. On the other hand, the scene in which this is revealed makes it clear that the word "ponytail" does exist in their world. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (40), These won't make any sense if you haven't read the rest of my work, The Abdication of Hou-Ting LIV or: How Wu Learned to Stop Being Foolish and Love the Detective, The Restoration of the Northern Air Temple or: How Ikki Became the Leader She Was Always Meant to Be, A Precarious Family Legacy or: How the Beifongs Got Their Groove Back, I Think I Dreamed About Her / KyaLin Romance, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, The Fight of Your Life (Against the Demons That Define You) - An Unofficial Story Based on Roll with the Punches, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types, bruh this is pretty toxic for most of the fic, Kuvira (Avatar)/Original Female Character(s), This was originally meant to be a one shot, sorry about the title idk how to name things hehe, There are some references to my other fics but you don’t need to read them to understand this, please please please comment it actually helps me so much y’all don’t even know, I hope this hurts to read as much as it hurt to write, Suyin finally fucking apologizes for something.


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