best wood for unicorn hair wand

However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists of trying wands on this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. Wands hewn from these most long-lived trees have been found in the possession of heroes quite as often as of villains. Wand-quality aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory and its usually outstanding charmwork. When demand was at its height, wandmaker Arturo Cephalopos claimed that the association between silver lime and clairvoyance was ‘a falsehood circulated by merchants like Gerbold Ollivander (my own grandfather), who have overstocked their workshops with silver lime and hope to shift their surplus’.

Wands hewn from these most long-lived trees have been found in the possession of heroes quite as often as of villains. In the unusual event of such a pairing finding its ideal match, however, nothing and nobody should stand in their way. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. They are often combined with the more exotic cores that simply aren’t compatible with any other types of wand wood. Mary Cattermole Cedric Diggory Neville Longbottom(Second Wand) Remus Lupin Draco Malfoy Quirinus Quirrell Sybill Trelawney Charlie Weasley(First Wand) Ron Weasley(First and Second Wands) Wands Wand Woods Wand Cores Unicorn Tail Hair

Willow wood has been since the old ages, highly praised and highly sacred as they were often used in many religious rituals. Ebony wands have an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to. Holly All in all, it is very capable wood, making it a good all-rounder for all sorts of spells and a very good partner for the popular phoenix tail feather core. It is certainly not a powerful wand and is overwhelmed by powerful cores like dragon heartstrings, phoenix tail feathers, and hippogryff talons. Yet, out of desperation, I searched  The Wood Database.

Next, I shifted my search away from traditional wood resource sites. The wood of hawthorn is highly valued for its medicinal properties.

Others should be very careful handling a hazel wand if its owner has recently lost their temper, or suffered a serious disappointment because the wand will absorb such energy and discharge it unpredictably. The laurel wand seems unable to tolerate laziness in a possessor, and it is in such conditions that it is most easily and willingly won away. Applewood wands are not made in great numbers. The hair from a unicorn can be used to comprise the core of a wand. Various wands of different woods (left to right): Harry Potter's wand is holly; Ron Weasley's wand is willow; Hermione Granger's wand is vine; Sirius Black's wand is unknown; Severus Snape's wand is unknown; and Lord Voldemort's wand is yew, Various types of wood are used in the construction of wands.

Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. The old superstition, ‘wand of elder, never prosper,’ has its basis in this fear of the wand, but in fact, the superstition is baseless, and those foolish wandmakers who refuse to work with elder do so more because they doubt they will be able to sell their products than from fear of working with this wood. The natural oils found in the wood have cleansing properties and thus many wizards, especially older witches, like to use walnut wood to experience a restorative, refreshing feeling when casting spells. It defies Nature. If the witch or wizard is unable or unwilling to be honest with themselves or others, the wand often fails to perform adequately and must be matched with a new owner if it is to regain its former prowess. Mahogany is a very strong wood, so strong that it can allegedly withstand even a lightning strike.

Alder is an unyielding wood. The sycamore makes a questing wand, eager for new experience and losing brilliance if engaged in mundane activities. It is used by some Aurors due to its defensive properties. The sycamore makes a questing wand, eager for new experience and losing brilliance if engaged in mundane activities. It is a quirk of these handsome wands that they may combust if allowed to become ‘bored’, and many witches and wizards, settling down into middle age, are disconcerted to find their trusty wand bursting into flame in their hand as they ask it, one more time, to fetch their slippers. It is known to be used for charm work, and it is rumored that those who wield these wands are destined to be great duelists. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Reliable sources claim that these wands can emit magical effects upon the mere entrance into their room of a suitable owner, and I have twice observed the phenomenon in my own shop. Simply because the wand itself is hard to please, and quite tricky to handle.

When properly matched, the beech wand is capable of a subtlety and artistry rarely seen in any other wood, hence its lustrous reputation. Pine wands always choose an independent, individual master who may be perceived as a loner, intriguing and perhaps mysterious. They are powerful and best suited to an owner of high aims and ideals, as this wood mixes poorly with Dark magic. However, while British Originals provides a list of many options, they do not identify. These wands appear to need to pass through danger or hardship with their owners to become truly bonded.

Hornbeam selects for its life mate the talented witch or wizard with a single, pure passion, which some might call obsession - more kindly - vision, which will almost always be realised. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hornbeam wands adapt more quickly than almost any other to their owner’s style of magic and will become so personalised, so quickly, that other people will find them extremely difficult to use even for the most simple of spells. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Ugh.

Laurel wands are sometimes called fickle, but this is unfair. The life-giving sap of the beautiful maple tree infuses spells that celebrate the sweetness of life.

It is used best with gentler cores such as unicorn hair and fairy wings.


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