bl3 splash damage weapons list
Always shock. Shoots small fireballs in a downward arc that bounce off surfaces. Fixed magazine size of 1. 0 shield capacity.

Fires an energy beam and chains lightning to nearby enemies after sustained fire. Splits into multiple bouncy balls that explode after several seconds. The only way you can control people is to lie to them. The Lob is a legendary shotgun that comes from Torque.

Mother of Grogans located in The Anvil on Eden-6. 7: Fire seven projectiles in the shape of a 7. Grenades bounce 3 times producing an explosion on each bounce and the final landing gives a health Transfusion effect.

Every 7th shot is amped. RELATED: Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Weapons Added In DLC. It has an increased chance to drop from Kritchy in Cursehaven but can drop from any loot source. Slams launch a barrage of homing rockets.

Either after reloading or a sufficient time period, the gyrojets will detonate, dealing incendiary damage and can proc the burn status effect. Reloading the weapon reloads all of the character's other equipped weapons. That overshield regenerates, so focusing fire on one target is usually the play. Always spawns with the, Obtained via Twitch Prime Rewards (thru 14. It has two fire modes that players can take advantage of. Furthermore, it lists the best locations for finding weapons that are world drops.

Reduced projectile damage and magazine size. Has anyone checked the VIP program only "Vault Hero" Maliwan legendary with a level cap of 12? Alternate fire launches four arcing mortar shells towards a red light on the ground, which each detonate into one primary fire projectile, each of which then rises into the air and detonates into three of the smaller projectiles, which then blanket the ground again in twelve total smaller explosions. Does not consume ammo. Fires cheeseburgers that split into four shortly after impact. Projectiles burst into pixels on hit but do not deal splash damage.

Zane gains increased weapon damage and movement speed. Hellshock is a legendary pistol that’s manufactured by Maliwan. Mushroom cloud: All shots in the magazine fire explosive rounds with a blast radius. Of course, Hellwalker is a reference to the Super Shotgun in Doom, and whenever you fire it, you’ll hear a guitar note from Doom‘s BFG Division. Always breaks after one shot. When depleted, melee hits spawn a shooting star projectile that deals damage to the target. Always shock. Always corrosive. Additionally, his Kill Skills gain a bonus +25% effect bonus.

Reduced base damage. Always incendiary. Alternative Fire mode toggles the zoom magnification. Wild, untamable DPS!

Has a chance to reflect projectiles when charged. © Effect cannot be triggered more than once every 20 seconds. Consumes 2 ammo per shot. Fires a slow, large, spherical projectile which upon colliding with an enemy or terrain, begins to slowly float upward. No alternative fire mode.

It is capable of destroying bosses and ripping through groups of enemies with its bullet spread. Always incendiary. 25% chance to deal double damage as incendiary. Reward for It's Alive in Desolation's Edge on Nekrotafeyo. World drop, Handsome Jackie located in Skywell-27 on Promethea.

Fires two horizontal lines of three projectiles and one in the center. Lays down several mines which explode when an enemy comes close, or after a set amount of time. Deals incendiary damage to nearby enemies and releases a nova when depleted. Sends out a ring of 13 orbs that deal incendiary damage.

Critical hits return 2 bullets to the magazine and ricochets 2 bullets at the nearest enemy. Bullets: The weapon is fired in an automatic mode with an increased fire rate. Reflux is another legendary shotgun, though it’s manufactured by Hyperion. Extremely high damage. If you can make God bleed, people will cease to believe in them. When Amara activates her action skill, she applies her action skill element to herself. This allows it to tear through bosses and large groups of enemies. A charging sniper rifle with a trick up its sleeve.

Each bounce releases an explosion. Spawns a small drone that fires at enemies.

Instead of charging before firing, the weapon's fire rate increases the longer the trigger is held, up to a very high fire rate. Thrown weapon spawns a stationary shielded turret. You’ll likely need to defeat him a few times before Jakobs’ legendary shotgun is yours. Bounces back toward the spot it was thrown from three times, launching two extra grenades perpendicular to its travel direction with each bounce. These shots can also pass through enemies and after a while will explode dealing decent damage. Amara gains damage reduction. User is healed a percentage of the damage dealt with the weapon. Whenever Amara kills an enemy with a melee attack, her Action Skill Augment is triggered. Reduced pellet count. Crazy Earl on the Sanctuary III by Loot-O-Gram trading. Has a weapon charge up time. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls. Effect: Increased move speed, fire rate, and health regeneration, Side Effect: Decreased damage, accuracy, and handling, Effect: Increased damage, damage reduction, and reload speed. The Sand Hawk is another weapon that was added with the Mayhem 2.0 update and drops from Katagawa Jr. on Promethea.

Fixed melee accessory. Obtained from the mission The Great Escape (Borderlands 3). Mission ''Life of the Party'' located in Devil's Razor on Pandora. It’s a random world drop, though the best strategy for obtaining it is farming Graveward. Touch of death requires mastery of combo strikes.

Bonus elemental damage for melee attacks with the element type changing every 5 seconds. Are you sure about the heliophage (alien barrel?)? Gear. Projectiles explode and deal damage shortly after impact with a target or surface. Increased magazine size and elemental damage. Max Rush stacks: +5. Shots fired will rise into the air for roughly a second before detonating, releasing three smaller projectiles that rain down before exploding. Those projectiles take the shape of a bird, with the wings slowly expanding as they travel through the battlefield.

Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. When you fire the gun, the projectile will start with one elemental type and bounce off the target once. a damaging cloud of her Action Skill Element at that location. Fires explosive rounds. Obtained from the mission Homeopathological. Anyway, that about does it for the top 5 best guns for Moze in Borderlands 3. Our list included the weapons we found to be the best when playing Borderlands 3, but you should understand that the list may be completely different for you. Obtained from the mission Childhood's End. Reduced projectile count and projectile speed. An incredible weapon for crowd control. +2% max health per second when the shield is active; this effect doubles when the shield is depleted. When the projectiles converge, an explosion is created. Throughout Pandora, unique pieces of equipment can be found. Reduces all incoming damage. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This effect stacks. In recent years he received his bachelor's degree in creative writing from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Increased accuracy when airborne. Bosses are now treated as humans, beasts, and robotics for FL4K's Hunt Skills. Increased movement speed. Converts NOGs to fight on your side for 12 seconds.


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