black butler season 2 explained
It is supposed to take place in a PhantomHive Hotel. I found out next that Ciel was still alive and Ciel and Sebastian were still the main protagonists in the second season.

I agree it was better than Ciel being eaten! I hate myself for giving this series twelve more undeserved half-hours of my time. I just finished season 2 and to be blunt i am completely mind fucked.

When you end something you’ve long been awaiting for and it completely shocks you and you need more answers till you can stop thinking about it? (For those who don't know, Book of Circus is the "third" season of Black Butler and Book of Murder is a two episode OVA). The stupid kid doesn’t even know where he wants to go in the end. All in all, I cannot wait until FUNimation releases the dubbed version (J. Michael Tatum is awesome!) That’s why Sebastian shows that faces at the final episode of season 2. And Ciel is probably satisfy now that he doesn’t have any more burden…Oh come on! i hopw and wish that the season will be made and will answer all the questions roaming, floating and wracking my brain…. S1 had a satisfying end with Ciel’s vengeance upon the Queen/Angel complete; the end of S2 just leaves incomplete plot holes and a bitter taste. What I didn’t like about the second season was that Luca and Alois died.

Ciel seems to be a bit ignorant and cocky since he became a demon.

… and Ciel.. even though he is a demon, he did ask sebastian why he won’t kill him while he has the chance to be free of the contract.. looks like our bocchan still have the heart (even though a little). black butler season 2 explained. I cant believe it , that im having a hard time accepting it. So in the end Ciel turns into an arrogant brat and Sebastian becomes a slave. *sigh*… I’m glad Ciel is alive.. There must be a season 3 for that reason alone. a girl, he just so happens to fall in love with! I didn't think I would like it as much since no one can top Ciel and Sebastian, but I felt that it would be tolerable. XD, Personally I just finished season 2 and i’m completely mind fucked by it to be blunt. I do have to admit, the ending of Season 1 wasn’t as bad as the ending of Season 2. Hopefully, if there IS a Season 3, it will change my mind.

I have so many more questions, and isnt that the worst feeling? But what about Book of Circus and Book of Murder then? As for the saying one thing forever……………thats just wrong! His hatred and entitlement have been fueled by Sebastian for the demon’s own benefit, but in the end it kinda back-fires. Although there are a lot of questions I would like answered, I think a Season 3 would be overkill. poor sebby made such a sad face…and then being cursed to say yes,my lord to the new more arrogant, souless, demonic, ciel!…he’s not even the ciel im sure we all came to love. "Beacon Butler" -- It is known to all but the Young Master that he lost his memory. NO MATTER WHAT!! Yes, I know i’m late to the 2010 party, but I had to say it- Kuroshitsuji season two was nothing like season one because S2 was basically fanservice. Anything from the opening to the ending sequence can make me sob. heres one, good for seasons three and four; sebastian and ciel part ways for a while to get souls. Ciel no longer has human concerns, and can lay his desire for revenge to death if he hasn’t already. Not only is Sebastian starved, and not happy by the idea, Ciel’s seems to be a bit ignorant and cocky now that he’s a demon. Looking back on the season after discovering this fact, I realized that this is the point when I actually started noticing more plot development. BUT IF ITS TURE I AM GOING TO GET A CHAIN SAW AND TELL THE WRITERS TO LET GRELL BE BAK IN BLACK BUTLER Then he dies and become a Shinigami (who wear blue lenses, because I love his blue eyes, and will probably look like a young adult). So then it would continue dragging it out. No. I really wanted Sebastian to get his soul but at the same time, I wanted the dynamic duo to stay together

Sebastian admits he doesn’t like his demise and is seen not smiling once throughout the end proving he was hollow. I wish they were gay xD. I still love Black Butler with my heart and do hope season 3 can erase my confusion and doubt that stands with season 2. I was gratified that the makers decided to leave Ciel ‘alive’. ———————————————————————————————————- Ciel’s also pretty impulsive so I doubt he decides to stuck with the “sever all ties with my human friends” plan. :D :D :D. As for Elizabeth, my heart goes out for her… I wonder if she will take in those three idiots who are now left homeless. Either an interesting success or an interesting disaster, but nevertheless, interesting. Also i would love to see outside charaters’ stories about their life.

1) that they will not ruin it and make it into total mess and 2) the manga will follow its own path and have its own story /plot and ending. A second season did not seem necessary to me. I keep thinking that Tanaka is actually a badger spirit in disguise, but that would be a Tanuki, not a Tanaka. hey, who is saying, there is no plot? I had a “:O”-face, while the story ended. Then I heard about a season 3, and I feel that they should make it.I’m a big fan and I kind of liked the ending in season 2 cause sebastian and ciel are still going to be together.the things I didn’t like about that ending is that he left everyone behind.I cried when he said goodbye to the servants and when he asked lady Elizabeth to dance. I’m actually satisfied with the end of season 2. Sure, as a Ciel fan, it fills me with joy to see him alive… But it’s not him anymore. Ciel, I hope he is reincarnated or becomes human again. I mean, I’m super glad Pluto’s back, but What the bloody hell just happened? Maybe they can finally be free when they admit the love for each other. Is there a manor house on the other side they can occupy and start over again? By the way I’m thinking that maybe the reason they left it like that was to show that Sebastian is somehow…CONFUSE? So I headed to the Internet for answers. Because nobody want to let Ciel died, nor totally punish Seby (his end could have been worse, like being killed by Ash), and because Sebastian would be bored to hell if he actually lose his brat of a master (as he should be by losing the idiots). On the other hand, I felt somewhat content with the ending mainly because Ciel was alive. that season was just a waste and left me with too many questions. "Wench Butler" -- When young brides all over London are being burned alive, The Young Master and Sebastian begin to investigate. Then all of the sudden, season 2 appears, and everything is all fine and dandy? 22->тнιѕ poѕт conтaιnѕ ѕpoιlerѕ ғor Вlacĸ Вυтler ѕeaѕon one<-I'm not sure about other Black Butler fans, but I was incredibly confused at the end of the first season. So I guess in conclusion to all of this, I was very uneasy about the ending. heres twelve more episodes, with an ending even worst than the last one!” (not that THATS possible! The chemistry and love between Ceil and Sabastian is undeniable. And I rather liked the ending, bittersweet and proper. Sebastian has asked of all who know Ciel to act as if everything is the same; although harder for some. he makes a contract. just to be eternally bound with another demon! And Lady Elizabeth?) Also, I thoroughly enjoy Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship. In the first season up until the near end, he almost gives a feel that he actually cares about ciel in a way even though we all know he just wanted his soul but this season showed that. And I had it for years on my computer and just watched it know -.- Whatever, I don’t know if I can sleep tonight, so much confusion (TAT), So I just watched the ending and I am so upset. I am just so confused by that ending. He’s only 13 for christ’s sake! Ciel was willing to give out his soul and that fvcking Aloois just had to ruin their relationship!! ), Season2 was OK but i did not like the fact that sebby didn’t get Ciel’s soul after all that hard work. And Yep SebaCiel side!!!

If there IS going to be a 3rd season…I really hope it’ll be the LAST season and end happily without leaving us to stay up all night thinking about it! I really hope that there is a season 3!!! . I mean, I understood everything just fine, but it still leaves a “?” in my head. The appearance of a new grim reaper leads to various mix-ups, and a string of mysterious eye-gougings plagues London. 5. Hahaha its already 2013 and the ending still bugs me so i came back here to release that frustration First of all this is that brat Alois fault of why sebastian is is suffering from hunger now. Cos they’re together for a really long time!!

A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. I loved his story. On that subject, can they eat real food? stupid producers and writers! ->тнιѕ poѕт conтaιnѕ ѕpoιlerѕ ғor Вlacĸ Вυтler ѕeaѕon one<-.

I honestly couldn’t care less. There has been a leak recently from an anime convention that a season three will be happening. i do hope that Ciel would return to be a human once again. Ines Kahnwald: We first meet Ines in 2019 in the immediate aftermath of her son Michael’s death by suicide. While watching the last episode, I could not stop crying.

Please reply if something I say was kind of WEIRD or CONFUSING or …getting on your nerve…. Ho, and I forgot, Red/Pink eyes DON’T suit you. When are they going to make a third season, and put me at rest? that’s not even fair. ”. Sure, I’m happy that Ciel isn’t nonexistant and devoured and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled that Sebastian doesn’t get his soul.

What the heck? It left no plot holes or mysteries exposed (at least, as far as I'm concerned). And making Sebastian only say one thing forever, thats mean, even for demon-Ciel. I just finished season two and I need to rant. I had looked up some spoilers to stop my hunger for more Kuroshitsuji and I relized I shouldn’t have done that… I’m hoping in the beginning year they could make season two dubbed and they could sezie the huger of the viewers by making a season three. And, well, I totally understand that you want to play a new game involving demon and all. this isn’t to my credit. Its unfair in the utmost. I think that there shouldn’t be a season three, because I feel content with the ending. He has a new world to explore, and he does love a challenge. jumping into the depths of the underworld like the arrogant prick he is was NOT a way to end! I dont know. I would also be extremely happy if they brought Alios back into the season :)

It makes no sense!

Later in the evening, he takes to the water in a butler against butler battle for his young master's soul.


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