bts flower theory
BTS ‘s surprise release of “Singularity” seems to have proven a major fan theory regarding a certain flower! An interesting thing to note in the above screenshot from the BST music video is that Jin stands between two doors. Name of conference changed from “FLOWER 2012” to “Annual Flower Conference.”. RM is the first to approach V. He is also the one who picked up the butterfly card. One door is illuminated, one door is in the shadows. In Italy, he goes to see the smeraldo flowers on his own. Here’s a quick summary of what happens in the video: Notice! I think I’ll talk about the music video for their single, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” then save the rest for a Pt. Another painting of Icarus, “The Lament of Icarus” by Herbert James Draper appears twice in the music video, probably because the first time it’s so unnoticeable. Thank you so much for the feature!!, — ?JEON FENCING MAN? A few months after Pt. Anyways, I’m not going to go into the many possible variations of the lyrics, I hope you get the drift! :smile: :purple_heart: IF IT IS TOO LONG, PLEASE SAVE THIS POST AND CONTINUE READING IT FOR LATER, ᴺᵒʷ ᵖˡᵃʸᶦⁿᵍ; [ Love Yourself 'Tear' Album ], * I've been having theories lately about each member's stories and how they are connected.

The blog was then inactive until July 10, 2020, when the posts were deleted again and the first story was once again reuploaded. The first story reuploaded on July 10, 2020. No matter how much he waited, the girl wouldn’t return to his garden. On the original blog, the first nine “stories” were posted, but they were later deleted and reuploaded in 2018. ?#BTS #방탄소년단 #JIMIN #지민, — JIMIN BASE (@JiminBase) August 10, 2017, i really have no idea what this is but i love it, — smeraldo ♡ (@seokjinshines) August 10, 2017, Anyways setting aside the whole theory. To understand the meaning behind this line, let’s break up its components: “Flower that can’t be bloomed” = Smearldo; Smeraldo = A fictional flower in the BTS Universe used to express you true feelings and love. Supposedly, Ashbless discovered the smeraldo flowers in a rural village near the ruins of a castle. BTS does a lot to connect their discography.

The post thanks everyone for their interest in smeraldo on the 25th and 26th of August (BTS’s Love Yourself Seoul concerts where the Smeraldo Booth was open). The Smeraldo as previously discussed, also symbolically means true feelings.

This article is getting a bit long. These memories, however, that were seen in BTS’s highlight reel, are not memories at all.

Late in 2017, a conspiracy theory was uncovered by observant A.R.M.Ys when a selfie of Jin holding a bunch of flowers was uploaded to social media with the caption “Smeraldo”.

BTS’ Truth Untold is their version of this tale, regarding themselves and their fame. So he decided to wear a mask and go to see her. *As what we have previously discussed in The SEAcret “Whole New” side of Namjoon and Tonight (이 밤).

The flower, which does not exist in reality, was discovered on June 12, 2013, the same day BTS debuted. In addition, the rapid fire of comments directed at his lover, “look at me… you say I’m unfamiliar… you say I’m not myself... No? Fourth, BTS clearly know how to pronounce the word “Love” properly and clearly. Thank you! Basically, “Run” is a seemingly disjointed series of shots that show both the past and present(ish). The “I Need U” music video introduced each member’s unique plot line. The smeraldo flower is really beautiful. Instead, he attended a lecture about playing cards and in doing so learned about the smeraldo flower. I want to share my thoughts with you and I hope that you can agree on it as well. BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS #iVoteBTSBBMAs @BTS_twt, — hopekidoki❣️ (@hopekidoki) May 15, 2018. He found out that the girl sells these flowers because she is very poor and has no other way to provide a living for herself. He is very noticeably asymmetrically placed so that he’s closer to the shadowed door. Oooh! Several nights continued to pass like that, until the man pretended to be fall asleep and watched the girl go. I wanna be a good man, just for youI gave the world, just for youI changed everything, just for youBut I don’t know me, Who are you?The forest just for us, you weren’t thereThe route I took, I forgotI even became quite unsure of who I wasTry babbling into the mirror, who the hell are you?

The forty-seven-second long teaser has provided ample content for the fans’ minds to start creating theories. Why you sad? The first time the BTS universe story started being told was in their “I Need U” music video in 2015, two years after their debut. Ok but are we going to ignore the fact that Jin never writes a caption and today he put Smeraldo like btch I have questions now, — Hxtp&CB? The man started growing many flowers for her and made sure they were of the best quality.

2 came out. What do you mean no?

Then Jin kisses the statue. Okay, another story that could be related to this could be Jin's, his lover that died which he was going to give his love the Smeraldo flower↴, This third flower is called the Calla Lily and it looks similar to the original flower↴, I definitely think it is the Calla Lily because it has the same details like the Spedix in the middle of both flowers and also Jin also had it with him when he was getting ready, but when he saw that the flowers were facing down he left it alone.

So it's like Jin doesn't want to loose the people he loves. This pretence is a lie because the truth is, Namjoon is sad and hurting.

It is just a theory. The last time he travels back in time was in Euphoria. "The bird finds its way out of the egg. V turns around and smiles at the viewer before the song resumes in bursts of colors. Well it goes all the way back to the 2015 Begins Tour. “Magic Shop is psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.”  This quote appears at the beginning of the “Fake Love” teaser. The man was angry and watched his garden to catch the girl.

The BTS Effect is copyright 2018-2020 by Courtney Lazore. Remember the picture when they took a group picture which I think was supposed to be their "last" picture together I guess.... and we saw only Jin in the picture, and when RM took a picture of Suga and Jin, Suga wasn't there too.↴, Also, remember on the WINGS Short Film #7? We’ll have to wait to see if we get any more details on the blog. Additionally, there were slight changes to the 1st, 8th, and 9th stories, as detailed below. She would not love his ugly appearance.

A turn which would be a moment of beauty. What do you mean no?” that Namjoon’s lover sadly no longer loves the person Namjoon has become, and can no longer say “I love you” back. However, though Namjoon tried to change “everything” and give the whole world to his lover, unfortunately this process of “changing everything” causes Namjoon to lose touch with his real self (“but I don’t know me” ), prompting him to ask himself “who are you?”. Mirroring the story of Testesso and the grotesque man from the Smeraldo legend, another meaning of this line is: Namjoon wanted to express his true feelings of pain and sadness* to his lover. In the fifth story, the florist links the smeraldo to playing cards. Abraxas will reappear, too, later on!

Now, let’s try one of the possible interpretations: Love you so bad, love you so badMold a pretty lie for youWhy you’re so mad, why you’re so madTry to erase myself and make me your dollLove you so bad, love you so badMold a pretty lie for youNow you’re so mad, now you’re so madTry to erase myself and make me your dollI’m so sick of this fake love, fake love, fake loveI’m so sorry but it’s fake love, fake love, fake love. Your email address will not be published. He also learns that his flower shop for smeraldos in Korea has been approved.

have you read about the smeraldo theories? Maybe Taehyung got really angry at himself because he didn't approach his love soon enough that caused him to rage and become evil which caused a lot of chaos.

In this picture, it looks like Jin was trying to keep him from doing bad things and had a fist fight with Taehyung and says. 1 I’ve looked at the beginning of the BU and the art references in the Wings era. With a cliffhanger like this, it’s impossible to know where BTS will go from here. It’s possible that the smeraldo flowers are supposed to be symbolic of BTS themselves, as the flower was supposedly discovered on June 12, 2013, when BTS debuted. A butterfly card appears in the “Run” music video…. In other words, the lyrics “the forest just for us, you weren’t there, the [forest] route I took, I forgot, I even became quite unsure of who I was” mean that Namjoon is feeling lost because he has lost his ability to connect at the same spiritual and emotional level with his lover as he used to be able to. White tulips are used to claim worthiness and to send a message of forgiveness.

Other art that appears in the BST music video include Michaelangelo’s “Pieta” and a fresco by Baroque painter Giuaglio Quaglio at St. Nicholas’ Church in Slovenia but I don’t think they add much to the lore so I won’t talk about them here. Difference: Flower shop opening changed from September to August.


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