byron hall fatal

Poor genetic material, I would guess. The meme. Here's the real notoriety for FATAL, the point when the game ceases to be simply stupid and offensive and vicious and brutal and stupid and juvenile.

As such, it is possible that females encountered in the game will be subjected to many forms of inequality and abuse. Anyone who says anything else is the worst RPG ever will...well, I'll inject kerosene into my bladder, piss on them, and then set them on fire. Instances abound of both male and female degradation.

Then there's the charts - pages and pages and pages of charts.

The acceleration formula was done correctly (at least for meters; Hall used 3 instead of the more accurate 3.28 when converting to feet), and the figure given for human terminal velocity (114.95 feet per second) is perilously close to the most commonly accepted figure (120 feet per second). This game generated the false rumor that TSR had tried to trademark 'Nazi'. In 80% of cases, the neighbors do not intervene. Jewy Jewbacca, of: Whosoever dons this armor will acquire a nose twice the size and a manhood half the size.

(On the upside, at least everyone of the same race gets the same treatment, SP-wise. I'm not holding my breath. Really. If the wearer is male, then those around him are 80% likely to believe that his manhood has increased, though it has not. FATAL is difficult only in the sense that peeling your face off a strip at a time is difficult; detailed only in the respects that give the creators an erection; realistic - Jesus, I can't even go into it - historically/mythically accurate only in the sense that its creators occupy the same physical world that these myths originated upon, and about as accurate as banging your ass on the keyboard to write the Gettysburg Address. Following the model for pissing, the total "inhalations per hour" versus the "time since last euphoria" are considered to give you a Euphoria Factor. Most importantly, the Manhood or Cup Size is reduced to 50%. Good forward planning on the part of the authors, there. The entire thing is way too random to really be considered sane. He's just doing this because he needs more attention. It is the opinion of the author that mysogyny is a misapplication of over-generalizations that result from mindlessness or an absence of critical reasoning. Their view of females in history is missing huge swathes of information, and there's not a single page that passes where a woman or the female sex appears and isn't referred to by a derogatory slur.

), although I doubt a phobia of rape is really called "virginitiphobia", (retch) and naturally, there are three different phobias for an erect penis (although, to be fair, only Ithyphallophobia adds having one to a general phobia of them). Spells are predetermined magical effects. Seriously, if Byron Hall and McCracken got into a RPG design fight, McCracken would reduce Hall to sucking his wang so fast every streetwalker in Las Vegas would be taking notes. Godfuckingdammit. We should keep it around for seven years, just in case! It was nice of the FATALites to point out that when you play games from other companies, your dice may lie to you. The skin of the wearer becomes cursed and dark as night. Which, as it turns out, is a book on southern the time period spanning the 1400s. The races: Don't particularly care about them; all of the mythology that they're shitting on has already been done, and done better, by D&D. Except that even SenZar Demonians were never this lame. Further, the wearer will become extremely greedy and fight to the death for one silver piece. 'Cause it's the Necronomicon of role-playing games. Sartin: Needless to say, there aren't any editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, or non-retards in FATAL's credits. "Play a difficult game and get massive headaches because it's needlessly complicated and PC-killing-because-I-accidentally-dropped-my-rusty-dagger-and-impaled-my-favorite-intestinal-tract" versus "Go with something that won't make me roll five times on the Random Shit Discoloration Table every time I cast Light My Finger and thus spend more time actually doing things"? Sartin: It's truly hard to decide, but my favorite would be the "Household Items, Seeds". (Condoms can be made out of animal bladders and intestines- you've probably seen lambskin condoms at the drugstore - but everything else, probably not so much. Or the Common Sense sub-ability, with a "likely to" column to explain what low Common Sense characters are likely to get caught doing. If you don't want to play dirty by personally attacking the FATALites, just consider this: "Okay, they don't condone rape, misogyny, and five hundred foot nutsacks...they're just really proud that the overwhelming focus FATAL puts on rape, misogyny, and five hundred foot nutsacks makes it SO much more 'realistic' and 'historically/mythically accurate' than every other RPG available!". in the most intensely sarcastic voice I can muster. Even better, being a male with low Strength or a female with high Strength (or low Cup Size) will bend your modifier towards the gay end of the scale.

Seriously, if you were like "Sorry, but rape isn't an appropriate subject for my game", By comparison, what would be left if you took the rape out of. FATAL is a peerless, gargantuan, self-published, self-distributed beast written by obsessive savant Byron Hall.

Come on. Current Armor is insanely low unless the target's armor's got serious nuts - two unarmored, evenly-matched 1st level humans will hit each other 90% of the time in this game (more, if they're using an actual Weapon Skill). And his whorebooks. While we're on the topic, I should point out that the wound tables are marked by the same painfully creepy obsession with sexual organs and defecation as the majority of FATAL. Sartin: Yeah, thanks. Combat. We're talking about why we're not reviewing FATAL. I'd bet nothing but nothing will jinx your dice faster than leaving someone's semen on them. If there's one, I'd be delighted if somebody could come up with it. So if you have even one allergy, congratulations: you're a. Zack: Like one of those unwanted baby drop-off points? As I take my next strike, I'm gonna shout "This is for my brother! Nice to be a member of a race that's guaranteed to suck, huh?

Zack: It's not happening. I spent some time trying to scream, but nothing came out but blood. And yes, there is then a further roll to determine how voluminous the gentleman's load is, along with how far he spunks. I can target someone's needle if it's "non-living and immobile"!

Then there's a spell called Seal Orifice which superglues one's anus shut. But then, those games weren't designed by misogynistic human accidents who would lose a battle of wits with an plus-sized assplug dressed up as a crack pipe. If you don't like that, just be a druid.


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