cards like demonic consultation

Name a card. Magic: The Gathering and its respective properties are copyright Wizards of the Coast.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Because you can break your combo down into two parts 1) make mana, 2) spend mana, you can easily slot in replacements for each part without requiring ehter mana intensive or much clunkier solutions. Exile the top six cards of your library, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card with the chosen name. All Rights Reserved.

by Kalkris, Focused Grixis Nowadays, they are no longer used, thanks to the number of slots they occupy and the dependence on certain circumstances during the game, but the most famous stack was made up of [[Gush]], [[Lion's Eye Diamond]], [[Gitaxian Probe]], [[Yawgmoth's Will]] and [[Laboratory Maniac]]. There is no way to make this card affect your opponent. You don’t name a card until Demonic Consultation resolves. A fun game I played once was a 1 vs 1 game with someone where I kept a 1 land hand and still won on turn five. It's fun for me to always have an answer in hand to whatever my opponents play and the value in replaying spells.

If you are looking for tournaments to play, either IRL or via a online platform, go to the [link]( Realm tournament page). If you like the depletion lands cut some basics for them in the future. Last week I came to you with a new approach, in order to explain how the main strategies of the cEDH work, to introduce new players to the format and to review the decks and staples with the old players. Until next time, my friends! For example, if you're lucky enough to up against a Razakats player, you may be able to steal their Auriok Salvagers and use it to make infinite mana, winning the same way as normal. [image]( I moreover see that you're trying to achieve your win condition by different paths, be it hermit druid or others. Thank you for all the ideas, I appreciate it! 10/1/2008 You don’t name a card until Demonic Consultation resolves.

You don’t lose the game at that point, but will lose the next time you’re instructed to draw a card.

It affects “you”, and “you” means the controller of the spell. On the lands(vivid, Wilds/Expanse) cut em for basics.

Zur is one of the favorites from players outside Brazil and it is no coincidence. Cast [card](Demonic Consultation) and name a card that is not in your library. Thiago. PotatoJed: Spellseeker is a card I really like but I think it's best in decks that are running blink effects to trigger it multiple times or Demonic Consultation combo lines. Contact | You don’t name a card until Demonic Consultation resolves. ☆ 663 COMMENTS |

Their function, however, is not to tutor the cards themselves, but to act as pieces in combos where we want to promote a quick and effective self-mill so that we can end the game with something like [[Jace, Wielder of Mysteries]], or [[Thassa's Oracle]]. It may be the deck that you will be playing, your nickname on MTGO or even be the fact that you still need to pay the entry fee (if the tournament requires). Anjuna on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List] 2 months ago. [image]( I played a tapped land turn 1 and and passed.

- The most used colors.

But either creature works with either enchantment, providing reduncancy. Oracle + Consultation on the other hand iether works with Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries however the former needs an additional card draw and the latter is much more mana intensive. - The most played decks; Demonic Consultation This card takes me back to days of playing in Vintage Tourneys in the late 90's. Oracle Text. The cEDH Archetypes #09 - Birthing Pod Lines. Hello my friends! by oo7x7oo, Time for Time! If this proves impossible for whatever reason, your next best bet will likely be going on the Beatdown, using cards such as Razaketh and Nezahal to pressure people's life totals whilst using the rest of the deck to control the board as you usually would. Obviously this will only be an option some of the time, but it's worth keeping in mind as a possibility should you need it. $12.99. Put that card into your hand and exile all other cards revealed this way. On the page click on "I would like to participate"; you will join the queue and if a tournament host allows you will join the tournament standings. Exile the top six cards of your library, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card with the chosen name. [youtube]( ... Top Oathbreakers + Signature Spells Top Oathbreakers Top Signature Spells High Synergy Cards Top Cards Creatures Instants Sorceries … It has been geared and tuned to play formidably within the most current cEDH meta. +Thassa's Oracle | When Thassa's Oracle enters the battlefield, look at the top X cards of your library, where X is your devotion to blue. My favorite deck is a Kess, Dissident Mage deck that combos off using Demonic Consultation+Thassa's Oracle. Monomanamaniac: I would absolutely agree that Dramatic Scepter is a compact combo (I don't think I said otherwise). I've seen fortunes made and lost on the back of this thing and I feel that it's an outstanding way to win or lose in EDH. Legends of Runeterra and its respective properties are copyright Riot Games. He drew half his deck, but upon attempting to combo off every single card netted the table a draw... eventually another counter war ensued drawing me more than half of my deck, once the player went for his Demonic Consultation with Thassa's Oracle's effect on the stack, I stormed off with an Veil of Summer + Allosaurus Shepherd protecting the most critical pieces of my combo. Demonic Consultation. Legends of Runeterra and its respective properties are copyright Riot Games. All options can be edited afterwards, that is, you can leave the "open decklists" box unchecked before the tournament starts and then check it during the first-round pairings. The cEDH archetypes #02 - Demonic Consultation, 3. It is now possible to create your own tournament, call your friends and have all the control over the tournament details at your disposal.

While that's technically true, the lands are a given under most circumstances as they're already in the deck. What now? Got beaten to the comment. 10/4/2004 There is no way to make this card affect your opponent. We want to thank all those who have been playing tournaments with us along these last weeks. I want to discuss the card and … Discord Server | The idea here is to buy all the cards in our library for some effect which commonly will come in exchange for our life. All cards; API Access; MTGO Library ; Login / Registration; Home; ME2; Demonic Consultation; Demonic Consultation ME2 View Foil. After understanding how the combo works, we got to the point where we thought: but why use something like that? After the last pairing is done, you will see the "End tournament and identify decklists" button.


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