cloudflare dns vs google dns
Windows File Manager is now available on all Windows 10 PCs. The data will be shared between Google Partners’ – which essentially means AdWords & DoubleClick (advertising platforms). Cloudflare is another major company whom many of you might not be heard of. Unfortunately, this can not be realistically controlled for and still receive enough data for statistical analysis. There are a host of secure protocols for DNS’s that ensure secure web browsing. Currently, Windows and Mac both require third party software to take advantage of those protocols, and even then, support is rather poor. Cloudflare just came and upturned this entire convention. We used mostly VPS providers + some broadband locations to try to query their DNS from as many places as we could.

Locations chosen: Update: there is this tool that you can run from your own location to compare the performance of these providers.

Cloudflare, why? Cloudflare claims that their DNS service will speed up your internet, but let’s put that claim to the test. Google …


As well, users typically do not only have a single DNS server listed, so DDOS’s on one would not matter too much. However, when we broke the data down further, looking only at the interval from 0ms to 40ms, we see a very different story. Google DNS is fast. Pi-hole is meant to block ads, trackers, malware, etc. Read more about the Cloudbleed Bug. As well, each probe may be hooked to a different type of network (data center vs. residential, cable vs. fiber, etc…).

RIPE Atlas simple has more probes in more densely populated areas, and therefore, a random sample within the United States will reflect that. France, Paris #1 CloudFlare 5.14 ms #2 Comodo_DNS 10.00 ms #3 Google_DNS 10.14 ms #4 Quad9 12.71 ms #5 OpenDNS 13.57 ms #7 CleanBrowsing 14.85 ms #6 Norton_DNS 23.85 ms #8 Yandex_DNS 38.14 ms Cloudlfare was the first among the lot to introduce DNS over TLS & it persuaded many providers to jump onto the bandwagon. Each of these probes returned a RTT (round-trip-time) for the DNS request, essentially the amount of time a typical DNS request would take. Until Cloudflare DNS offered DNS resolution over TLS feature, Google DNS did not have such a feature. Sadly, just like Google DNS it doesn’t support DNSCrypt, but Cloudflare does include DNSSEC which acts similarly to DNSCrypt but still is not so secure.

Previously, was owned by APNIC (and still is, actually). Here you'll find all collections you've created before.

Same applies with Google DNS.

Specifically, we will focus on the lower end of the distribution, with RTT’s less than 40ms, as that appears to be the bulk of our data. On March 31st, 2018, Cloudflare pulled the ultimate April Fool’s prank. How fast does each of these perform – and what makes it perform faster than the rest of DNS providers?

Google’s centralised datacentres aid in content being served fastest to users.

If you trust Google less than your ISP, you can also use CloudFlare’s DNS, which claims to be the fastest and takes a privacy-first stance. While the technical standard is there and set in stone, the effective and widely-believed standard is that the address is unusuable. Cloudflare has almost 1000+ DNS servers in the world in each continent – in each country. However, for insight, we ran the opposite test, that Google was faster than Cloudflare, $\mu_{cf} > \mu_{g}$, against the same null. Google DNS also supports DNS over HTTPS. While descriptive statistics may be fun, the real value from this data set comes from inferential statistics. Estd. Always. A DNS (domain name server) is basically a database server that maps the webpage URLs to their respective Host IP address of their origin server. Get the best tech stories straight into your inbox! We know we can't compare these providers 1 to 1, as they all have special features that can add some latency (Quad9 and Comodo blocks access to malicious domains, for example). Cloudflare, in its true nature is a reverse proxy which – as mentioned masks IP addresses of users. Note that the number of observations for Cloudflare is 781, where for Google, it is 821.

Only thing is, this wasn’t an April Fool’s prank. Looking at the initial 1,000 samples, there does not appear to be a clear difference between Google and Cloudflare, as their overall performance is roughly the same.

Cloudflare could have chosen any other IP it wanted, but they opted to choose the one which would cause the most headache. Off we go!

However, most, if not all, implementations of either of the two standards offered is poor or nonexistant on the popular operating systems. Its interesting to know that instead of centralised cache, CF uses Edge cache system. Now we have an even more interesting playing field: Google's, Quad9’s and CloudFlare's , in addittion to OpenDNS's and a few other niche providers as options for us to use.


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