constitutional monarchy vs absolute monarchy
The seventeenth century saw the evolution of two new types of government mainly because of the instability that was caused by religious wars.

Absolute monarchy or absolutism is a monarchical form of government in which the monarch has absolute power among his or her people, A form of government in which a king or queen are the head but the rules are made by a parliament. Absolute Monarchy and Constitutional Monarchy may differ drastically in their principles or they could be such government forms, which are derived from one another. In theory I like constitutional monarchies where the monarch is given considerable but limited powers in certain areas, but the problem is that when you look at almost every “constitutional monarchy” today (e.g. For example, when a military group held the Spanish Parliament hostage in 1981, King Juan Carlos I responded by making a TV speech urging people to stand up for their democracy. 1948- 1949: Constitution of Republic of Germany was drafted.

for one Jordan is or have a Absolute monarchs since Britian carved out Jordan from the rigion and gave it to Hussian bin Ali, where his children and grand children inhirited the monarchy until today. Britain is an example of the longest and the most successful constitutional monarchy in the world. System of government in which power is shared by a monarch with a constitutionally organized government.

A system of government in which one person reigns, usually a king or queen.

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Since they usually ruled for life, rulers were able to spend large sums of money for personal gain as shown by Louis XIV with his palace of Versailles. It leads to inequality of wealth. Comparison of Constitutional Monarchy vs Absolute Monarchy proves to be significant when we are studying different types of governments.

HAVEN’T FOUND ESSAY YOU WANT? By the 19th century, the Divine Right was regarded as an obsolete theory in most countries in the Western world, except in Russia where it was still given credence as the official justification for the Tsar's power. Constitutional monarchy was initiated when the monarchs emerged as irresponsible and careless leaders. Power Distribution Similar to the way in which the powers and duties of the President of the United States are described in the U.S. Constitution , the powers of the monarch, as the head of state, are enumerated in the constitution of a constitutional monarchy. Russia became the last European country (excluding Vatican City) to abolish absolutism and the only one to do so as late as the 20th century (the Ottoman Empire drafted its first constitution in 1877). Constitution is Absent in Absolute Monarchy and in Constitutional Monarchy constitution is Present. Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II argues that constitutional monarchy system, if implemented correctly in West Africa, would establish nation building, attract foreign investment, have free and fair elections, economic development, and transparency and improve trade and mineral resources. But with the power of the constitutional monarchy, the people have to power to elect their parliament and PM.

It is with these reasons that Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II argues that constitutional monarchy system is a system that Africa and West Africa need to consider in order for political stability to be restored in Africa. So we must not forget that it is political system.

Things get acted on quicker.The law process is simpler.Generally they have a stronger army. So, what exactly is the difference between Absolute Monarchy and Constitutional Monarchy?

Absolute monarchs were initiated due to holy wars and the decline of the church. It enhances security. When such a type of government is established, the positive attributes of the previous government are retained whereas, the negative attributes are changed.

yes, it's good for tourism, but how it can help for citizens or government? Is the constitutional monarchy also known as the limited monarchy? It has been documented that the most successful and well run governments are those governments run with constitutional monarchy.


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