contra arcade sprites

In its second phase, the boss uses wall segments to form an extending and retracting enclosure around the player. Unlike in the SNES original, this version of the cannon must be destroyed before it drops the bomb; otherwise, the player will inevitably lose a life.

In the Jungle stage, the red sniper prior to the first Spread Gun powerup is in a slightly different position. Jet Bike Sniper (Contra III: The Alien Wars) In the area where you meet the final boss, the NES versions feature broken eggs instead of organic matter, which is actually closer to how it appears in the original arcade game. The disks it fires have also been changed from blue to grey. This mini-boss is not present on the Novice difficulty setting during regular play. This fodder object is not present on the Novice difficulty setting during regular play. The creature then crawls along the entire length of the web in the trajectory from which it was created. In addition, its 2 upper arms swing upwards in varying patterns.

The necks are extendable and constitute a tool to its attacks. Here, it swings backwards and teleports out; after a few seconds, it then reappears in front of the player’s position and thrusts its tail forward. You will be ducking but your bullets will appear to go high. This occurs 1-3 times before the entire alien creature rises up a few feet. This game has a hidden sound test.

Also known as: Probotector (EU)Developer: They span all aspects of the game, from sound/music to gameplay and from obvious to highly subtle. Face Hugger Egg (arcade Contra), -Certain enemies jump when killed (arcade Contra), -Bosses and strong enemies blink when damaged (arcade Super Contra), -Bubble Dimer debris that falls from one of the attacks of stage 5’s last mini-boss (arcade Contra), -Side scrolling (horizontal and vertical; arcade Contra), -Simultaneous 2 player mode (arcade Contra), -Ability to take the other player’s lives to return into the game session (NES Contra), -Difficulty settings, which affect starting number of lives (arcade Contra), -Temporary invincibility upon respawning (arcade Contra), -Point-based life gaining system (arcade Contra), -Password system for saving progress (Contra: The Alien Wars), -Powerups lost upon death (arcade Contra), -Arsenal (see here for more information): •Stages

•Road Warriors

On the direct opposite side, a drill occasionally rises upwards and remains for a few seconds before retracting.

The player can get killed by its legs if it corners him to the left/right of the screen. Found in stages: 6, Multiple ring beads collectively form a ring around the player. Barrier (arcade Contra), -Gun powerups blink and disappear after a brief moment if not picked up (arcade Super Contra), -Opposition (see here for more information): Hold Up on Controller 2 while Controller 1 is ducking.

The name of the third stage is Neo Kobe Steel Factory.

Found in stages: 4. In addition, the player fights robots at the end of the stage whose designs are similar to the androids from Snatcher. Eye selection. Alien Ant (arcade Super Contra)

-Breathes a column of fire that it rotates clockwise twice, starting from the 6:00 mark. They extend a short distance, following the player, before retracting. As it does, the Lateral Heads repeatedly fire 3 bullets downwards in a spread formation and the central head spits out an Alien Fetus. Laser Gun (arcade Super Contra, loosely), -Opposition (see here for more information):

Found in stages: 3, The player must stand clear of the doorway to the arena room at the end of Stage 3; otherwise, they get killed when the door closes. On the Hard difficulty setting, these fireballs are indestructible. I will now infiltration.

-Drops several 3-second time bombs in a spread formation around the player’s position (floor/ceiling/walls), closes up the walls and reopens them once the bombs detonate. At the title screen while pressing A + B, press Start to enter a sound test. However, patch codes can be used to access the fifth and sixth stages on Novice mode. In this example, the enemy is made to follow the player by setting their velocities equal to the difference in location. This boss has several components and several attacks. The gun turret actively aims and fires a bullet at the player in an upper semi-circle arc range. to destroy

The weapon pods in the final stage are pink.

ハカイ ニ

Found in stages: 3. That's right. The bullets actively seek enemy targets. The waterfall stage in the NES versions is also animated, but using a simpler method (color palette cycling).

Found in stages: 5, They quickly run across various parts of the stage, even jumping across gaps if needed. 2 player mode is accessed through GBA link up. ( Log Out /  Found in stages: 6. to my next destination,

Found in stages: 6, These alien eggs surround and protect Emperor-Demon Evil Heart Gomera Mosking.

In parentheses are any particularities or if the given element pertains to a specific version of a Contra game.

The effect lasts approximately 30 seconds and the sphere changes colors to indicate its end. The brain is vulnerable from the moment it starts flying. •Overview After beating the game, on the island explosion animation just before the staff roll, press and hold Start + Select on controller 1 and keep holding it. They hover a short distance before flying into the player’s immediate position, where they die off if dodged. Found in stages: 1, They kneel in place, usually from an elevated position, actively aiming and firing bullets at the player’s position. If the Left Suspended Cannon Bot remains, it simply dashes back and forth across the train car roof. A giant alien turtle whose weakness is the pulsing, Ventral Brain that is exposed near its front feet. Rapidly fires smalls blue missiles in short intervals. Rather than being spelled out in katakana as would usually be done, "Contra" is spelled out in ateji, which are kanji chosen for their sound and not necessarily their meaning. I will do my utmost

However, the Famicom version had the advantage of using Konami's own self-produced VRC2 mapper, as unlike in other territories, third-party developers in Japan were allowed to manufacture their own cartridges and mappers for the Famicom instead of using only Nintendo's stock. This enemy is not present on the Novice difficulty setting during regular play. -Specific roulette choice during the brain (mini-)boss battle in Stage 6: The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death. In the Snowfield stage, the grenades thrown from the background are also at a slightly different position. •Promotional Media. Super Contra (スーパー魂斗羅 エイリアンの逆襲, Sūpā Kontora: Eirian no Gyakushū?, lit. In its first phase, it uses 2 mechanical legs to crawl up the wall with the player. Next, it fires dual energy beams that move in a somewhat helical pattern. All such elements are listed below. The true ending can also be viewed, although strangely, the same prompt to play Normal mode is displayed.

They are either absent or extremely rare on the Hard difficulty setting. The second phase depends on which one of them remains. It first fires a series of Arcing Mini-Rockets in a wide arc. Found in stages: 1, Underground pipes that have cracks in them at several spots.


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