criminal intent nicole wallace

Eugene Hoff | (CI: "Pas de Deux"), The marriage ended after Nicole said that she was unable to bear children and "didn't see the point" of seeing a doctor about it. Occupation

With Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Jamey Sheridan, Courtney B. Vance. She is then arrested for murder. Beim Verhör stellt sich heraus, dass Nicole sich intensiv mit Gorens Leben befasst hat und von seiner kranken Mutter weiß. Zu diesem Zweck brachte sie Connie Matson und Croyden um.

Tammy Mills |, Law & Order: LA However, the medical examiner confirms that the heart is in fact Nicole's.

Edgar Noone | She was portrayed by Olivia d'Abo. Emily McCooper | Goren kann Nicole dazu bringen, eine Anthrax-Impfung zuzugeben, die ihre wahre Identität preisgibt.

She told people her child was lost at sea, but police still investigated her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Eames and Goren discover that, in the lawsuit that Gwen's parents had filed against her mother's OB/GYN, the original amount awarded to Gwen was $3 million.

Nicole then persuades Connie to get some anthrax vaccine boosters so she could buy them from her, setting in motion the events of "Person of Interest". Dale Stuckey |

Can she be the puppet-master of all this mystery?

Billy Tripley | Christine Hartwell | As he is leaving the courthouse after his arraignment, an unidentified woman stabbed him with a syringe, killing him instantly.

As an adult, she married Rohan Bartlett, and the two had a daughter together in 1997. Paula Foster | She then left a voicemail for Goren admitting that he was right and cursing him for taking away her last chance at happiness.

Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace, also known as Elizabeth Haynes (nee Hitchens), is a major antagonist in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Dena Carter | Danielle McCaskin | Stephanie Harker, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

It is implied that her father molested her as a child. Nicole Wallace was a serial killer and criminal mastermind whose crimes were often investigated by Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames. Kenneth Cleary | For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

Alexa Pearson |

As a murder suspect, Nicole could be deported back to Australia because she lacks American citizenship. As best as can be determined, she was born somewhere in Queensland, Australia.

In 2005, Bernard Fremont is arrested for the murder of Russ Corbett.   |  Nicole Wallace trat mehrfach in der Serie Criminal Intent auf.

Robert Morten | Though he would never be able to prove it, Goren believed Nicole to be the assailant., Eight Male Tourists: Killed By Bernard Fremont, Franklin Winthrop: Bludgeoned By Mark Bayley.

Literature professor (formerly)Spree killer (formerly)LibrarianCon-artistSerial killerCriminal mastermind

Things were apparently normal up until the daughter turned three.

Lauren Cooper | Fremont saw great potential in her and trained her as his apprentice-in-crime. This time the viewer is finally surprised, even if you figure it out slightly before the very end. Nicole has vehemently denied this is true, but once said in private that \"sometimes daddies love too much.\"Nicole later surf…

She then leaves the vaccines and vial of anthrax on a train to Montreal to prove Croydon's innocence and ruin Goren's reputation. As a young woman, she visited Thailand and met a con artist named Bernard Fremont. Julia Veloso |

Beauty, brains, and a complete psycho.

While it's never revealed who Bobby was, it's possible she means Goren since his first name is Robert (CI: "Frame"). She meets a wealthy man named Gavin Haynes while on the run, and seduces and marries him.

(CI: "Slither").

When Goren's brother Frank is murdered via a drug overdose, Goren immediately suspects Nicole.

Planning crimes.Manipulating people.Killing people. By the time Goren and Eames gather enough to arrest her again, however, she has fled the country without a trace. They are usually the same as the regular perps you see in all episodes, except that they have the ability to keep escaping - which is the case of Nicole.The upside is that sometimes you can have a villain that has been built up enough for the viewer to ask: is he/she capable of doing all this?

Goren confronts Nicole and tells her that she will always pose a threat to anyone who gets close to her, and implores her to help him protect Gwen. With Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian, Olivia d'Abo. Nicole Wallace's (Olivia d'Abo) 'fake' ID used in the US crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Pam Adler | Gäste: Olivia d’Abo: 26 4 Eine Leiche im Keller / Bei Anruf Mord: Best Defense: 20. As best as can be determined, she was born somewhere in Queensland, Australia. Sometime after, Nicole took a new lover, Ella Miyazaki, and began training her to be her accomplice, just as Fremont had trained her. She still resents Goren, however, and decides to discredit and ruin him. Johnny D. | Joseph Serumaga | Sheldon Kerrick | While in prison, she learned to speak Thai, though only low-class, likely picking up the language from her fellow prisoners.


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