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As a result, she returns upstairs and turns on the shower to cover her moves. Both were also considered to be released when they reached the age of adulthood despite the brutality of their murders.

She especially excelled in writing, most likely taking after her father, Bruce. Directed by Andy Wolk. By the time the BAU identifies him, Jeremy has made his way back to his home in Iowa and taken his sister hostage.

First Appearance In reviewing the crime scenes, the BAU come to the realization that the unsub was known to the victims and that he is a minor. She also cut off Bruce's medications, allowing his sadistic alternate personality called "Johnny" to slip through, along with his drunken rages; the latter helped her convince Katie to call an abuse hotline several times.

The BAU know that they will kill again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Owen had learning difficulties and frequently suffered mental abu…

During his second family massacre, Jeremy dissected the father's torso out of curiosity and did the same to Reverend Hannum's arms. Finally, on March 19, 2000, when she was fifteen, she managed to stumble into a Tallahassee hospital, showing signs of having been savagely beaten and raped. The autopsies show that the mothers suffered the most pain in their deaths, making the BAU believe that the mothers are the key to the unsub's rage. It seems we wanted the mothers of the families he slaughtered to hate him, perhaps in an effort to 'justify' their murders in Jeremy's mind. Sera Morrison is a psychopathic teenage killer who appears in the Season Eight episode in "All That Remains". Sera holds JJ at gunpoint from a vantage point on the stairs and admits that she hated Judy and Katie, explaining her view of how Katie had stolen her mother's love from the moment she was born. All of these would point to Bruce being the killer, at the same time that would give her several strong alibis. JJ theorizes that was why she chose the box labeled '1999' because it was the year Katie was born. "Safe Haven".

Birth Date Criminal Minds Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He most likely has a criminal record and grew up in a medium socioeconomic status, but his rage against families reveals that he experienced extreme abuse or neglect.

I should've cried for Katie.

She appeared to be a normal girl, but in reality was a psychopath who was viciously jealous of her younger sister Katie and also hated her mother Judy, as she believed she loved Katie more than her; starting from when Katie was born in 1999. After allowing her father to ask for her forgiveness, she starts a confrontation with him, presenting her scars, asking about her mother's whereabouts, and angrily demanding that he confess. Jacksonville student Laura Clemensen is kidnapped, raped and tortured for days before fatal manual strangulation; just as with the previous victim, also a good girl student without problems, a DVD is sent to the family, her father Frank has a fatal heart-attack, the body is dumped in a degrading position, wrapped only in saran-wrap. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Since he was only 13, they felt comfortable enough to let him stay in with them. Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned when Ellie runs away from her foster family and pays him a visit. They would often abuse her in nearby local woods. Name There, Jeremy gives Nancy the Archer family's home number before being distracted by Nancy cutting up chicken with a kitchen knife.

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Morgan tells him to not count on it and vows to attend every one of his parole hearings to prevent that from happening before shoving him in the police car and slamming the door on him. As the BAU determine more about the unsub, including that he is a ward with a criminal record, the unsub is dealing with his next target, the Riverton family, its mother, Nancy Riverton who does her best to temper the inner rage of the unsub. I'll see her in five years anyway.". CRIMINAL Huggo. "You think I'm a bad kid."

Morgan plays along to get Sera to lower the gun.

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Born in 1995, Sera was a high-school senior with a 4.0 GPA; she had even accepted an early admission to Stanford. Jeremy Sayer is a psychopathic teenage spree killer, family annihilator, and one-time abductor who appeared in the Season Six episode "Safe Haven".

Elements of Sera's case are similar to the disappearance of Susan Powell. Ellie thanked Morgan for everything.

Sometime in 2012, a year prior to the events of "All That Remains", she orchestrated a plan to kill Judy and Katie and pin the entire thing on her father, who was suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

While on the road, Jeremy, most likely acting out on his psychopathic tendencies, murders Hannum, causing his car to crash into a ditch, then dissects Hannum's arms.

When she does so, Reid, who had been keeping his gun trained over Sera's head the whole time, arrests her despite her protests.

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Sera, armed with the revolver, follows JJ and watches as the agent discovers something inside one of the boxes. Bold and secure in her own intelligence, she dismisses JJ's attempts to pull out her own weapon, claiming that she can pretend a form of PTSD had kicked in when she attacked JJ; JJ admits to Sera that she has really thought of everything.

High school student

JJ comforts her, admitting that she is a mother, in order to help her talk about what had happened. By witness accounts, a young male/female couple were the shooters. (20 Oct 2010).

As the BAU determine more about the unsub, including that he is a ward with a criminal record, the unsub is dealing with his next target, the Riverton family, its mother, Nancy Riverton who does her best to temper the inner rage of the unsub.

The children are strangled, the mothers killed by blunt force trauma and the fathers stabbed multiple times.

The father in the second set of murders was also eviscerated crudely postmortem, meaning that it was done not as torture but rather out of curiosity. She set up character witnesses like Jeff Godwin to back up her fear, getting Katie to make calls to a hotline, even JJ noticed this trait when Sera planned to use PTSD as an excuse to attack and possibly kill JJ when she held her up at gunpoint. Jeremy Sayer After what happened in Los Angeles, Morgan wanted to do everything he can to help Ellie after her father and aunt were killed by Billy Flynn.

However, JJ deduced that she was a psychopath from her unusually calm attitude and her lack of mourning for her sister. Occupation Portrayed By Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Being thirteen years old at the time of the episode, Jeremy is the youngest rampage killer on the show to date, and also one of the youngest killers in general. She then takes a shotgun that was at the building and vanishes into the surrounding forest. Sophi Bairley Birth Date

When doctors discerned her father and brother were the ones responsible, they convinced Am…

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Also, according to Kendra, he had tried to kill his entire family by placing rat poison in their Thanksgiving turkey and killed their neighbor's dog.

In Nancy's van, Jeremy talks with her and criticizes Zack before eerily stating that Amber will become "hot" when she grows up.

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Sera seems to have been based on at least two unsubs from the show's past. After tying the children's arms behind their backs, all the while telling them it was a game, Jeremy then lured the parents to them somehow and tied the father's arms behind his back and tied the mother's arms to a chair. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Modus Operandi Unnamed fatherKendra Sayer (mother)Carrie Sayer (sister)Unnamed maternal grandmother "I'm thirteen. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

His mother, Hope, a known alcoholic, died in a drunk driving accident in 2002. Sera Morrison When Jeremy was ten years old, his father left the family and moved to Wisconsin. Name However, Sera is unconvinced and her discomfort increases. JJ becomes increasingly suspicious of Sera's unusually calm behavior as the conversation shifted to the cold temperature of the house. The autopsies show that the mothers suffered the most pain in their deaths, making the BAU believe that the mothers are the key to the unsub's rage. Blunt-force trauma - Jeremy"I never said that."

Her hatred of him stemmed from her initial pregnancy with twins, with the other child later being consumed by Jeremy while they were still in the fetal stage.


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