does this essay rely more heavily on logos or pathos

Attention Getter: Would you fight for your freedom? Hearing how she went to high school puts her on the same level as the audience and the audience feels more comfortable and more willing to listen to her point of view about valedictorians. You can get help from essay writing.

By providing that experience the audience trusts the author more because he knows what he is talking about, as opposed to a writer that does not tear down that barrier that separates the reader fro the writer. Mr.Gilmer She uses the quote to support her claims rather than appealing to the teens affected by the stress of gaining a valedictorian title. Thalbot is always stressing the importance of the feelings and emotions of the children wishing to be valedictorian. She explains the competition and struggle both the students and Board of Education suffer in order to gain one title, "Valedictorian".

The extracurricular activities listed relate to the article’s topic. Talbot attempts to appeal to students and parents who are involved in academic success. Ђ? She relies on the feelings of all persons involved in lawsuits, issues of becoming valedictorian, and any administrators to show both sides of the argument between the students and faculty.

Let me clarify the above terms for everyone. Be mindful of your tone and word choices—small word choices can have big consequences! It is less likely that the reader will question his integrity and whether or not the information being given is accurate if the author does not add that certain element to their writing3.

Furthermore, India contains 555 million people under the age of 25, all raised with a strong emphasis on education. One University Plaza 4.

Students are pitted against each other to compete academically for a chance to be number one. Talbot states that since her graduation, twenty-two AP classes were added to the school.

Later in college, Jennifer's roommate did not even know nor ask about the valedictorian title and this was when she realized it was just an empty title. This type of exposure Talbot offers her audience to the mindset of these students appeals to those who are in similar situations, or to those who do not know the true struggles that are usually hidden behind the class ranking of number one in class.4. However, this biography gives the reader an understanding why Dr. Hughes is the right person to write about this particular topic.

Talbot relies heavily on interviews with students. Secondly, Mr. Moberg uses a first-hand example, with the story of Stephen Gentry to express his relatable emotions felt by many. Constantly, throughout her article Talbot emphasizes on the emotional impact that naming a valedictorian can have on students. His most recent publication, co-authored with colleagues, focuses on writing center podcasts (Writing Lab Newsletter, 2009). Whether pro or against the issue, it’s easy to see how a basic argument can be shaped using ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade the reader.


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