fallout 76 clarksburg post office box 999
Then select “Box 12”; when you’ve done this, you’ll need to head to Otis Pike’s house.

At any rate, the next stop is the Post Office at Clarksburg.

This leads to a KidSecure ID that was made for Freddy Wood. There is a cooking station on rooftop and inside a house near the center of town with protest signs.

After killing them and looting the warrant off their scraps, the player will head to the Eastern Regional Penitentiary and address the warden. You can obtain this quest by heading out to Wavy Willard's and clearing out the ghoul resistance there.

With the players needing to make it to the position of an executive by taking an automated exam in the building. This will also complete the misc. Ultimately, though, you will have ended her now-ghoul fiancé’s life. Enclosed is part of my findings. The case is accessible via a terminal only. Entering the building will bring you into the Post Office. The town of Clarksburg in Toxic Valley, was known for its shooting range (Clarksburg Shooting Club) but other than that, it was a town in array because of the local mining job redundancies, due to the increased use of robots.

You will see a scorched wanderer lying by a tree. The player then finds the corpse of Responder Rocky and loots a key off it to enter the Responder Bravo station. Work together, or not, to survive. You will find the Holotape inside a cabinet. They will then obtain a Holotape from his terminal and head to the Watoga Municipal center.

Grafton is located just northeast of Vault 76, to the direct north of Moundsville Penitentiary.

Security Station

Head to the kitchen and read a note “Notice of Termination”. After accepting the quest by investigating the dead body at the water plant, head to the Riverside Manor. You must now find the Camp Guide Program V3.4.

Here, every surviving human is a real person.

You will find the journal on the front counter of the research center. Follow the instructions further to start this side quest. This quest, like Forging a Legend, is triggered via accessing the terminal during novice of mysteries.

This quest follows a decades old mystery involving Grafton Steel and the missing child of the company's owner, Mr. Woods.Do you have what it takes to help Miss Annie solve the case?

He will be marked on the map. After using the terminal inside the bunker.

This will drop you on top of one the offices below, giving you the lighter and a new holotape game! The third entry in Overseer’s journal can be found in the Morgantown High School, in Morgantown. Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story and as part of Side Quests.

Equip the ‘worn veil’ you found before in the quest, and a hidden entrance will become visible behind the black curtain.

I … quest “Contact Miss Annie”.

Inside a Cabinet directly to the left of an entrance, you will find "WWWP log RIde Entry 10172077 Daily" the second holotape you need. Access the Park Security Terminal and select the option [Holotape Review]. That's It! There's a Post Office that is a part of the mission, There’s a foodstuff and pharmacy that contains a small amount of food and chems, The dilapidated Church to the north of the town has a hidden stash of 2.

In the house, head down to the basement and use Otis’ terminal.

Collect your rewards! You will find Otis’ house next to a bright yellow house.

In this side quest, all you have to do is find the Grafton’s Mayor, talk to him and follow some of the instructions he might be giving.

Clarksburg’s Post Office It’s time to head to Clarksburg.

The clues are located: Each clue can be easily found by walking the cat walk within the Dam, with the most "hidden" one being Arthur wood's Lighter. Letter to the Media

The city has four high schools - Washington Irving, Liberty, Kelly Miller, and Victory; the Waldo Hotel; two mansions - the Edgewood Manor and Waldomore; and the Oak Mounds - a large prehistoric earthwork mound. Investigate the area to complete this quest. I have picked these words with care, for if there is someone as doggedly committed to the truth in Appalachia I do not know her.

The quest is triggered by accessing a terminal during the Novice of mysteries quest. Leaving the mission rewards in its wake. Can be entered through the roof or the fire escape steps. Head upstairs and you will find the journal on the second floor.

The gutsy will direct players to one of two locations to boost a tracking beacon.

The city of Clarksburg, located in the northern region of Appalachia was very much a functional city. Miguel’s terminal is located behind Guide Program.

You must now go investigate Miguel’s campsite.

Overseer’s Journal, Entry 3

The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Do note that investigating the dead body will complete the Misc.

The player is looking for a pair of terminals to download blueprints and plans from. This will be used to download the EMP data onto the blank tape. The first part of the quest leads players to a marked circle where they find an old Mister Gutsy who was accompanying the missing person hunting party before they vanished. The child gets excited asking where his gift is, the holotape then cuts off. This side mission basically follows the mystery of Grafton Steel and the missing child of Graton Steel’s owner, Mr. Woods.

Quest “Search the Body” too.

Inside you will need to find 5 clues leading you to the next location you need to go. Unfortunately, like most of the region, it suffered from the man vs. robot riots and protesting that affected much of the rest of the state. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We are now done with Wavy Willard's and it is time to head to Clarksburg to see whats inside that PO box.

The KidSecure ID band can be found on top of the Slither Slide in the waterpark. Drop down the drainage pipe and you will find five clues leading you to the next location.

Yours sincerely, The city was ultimately ruined after the Great War, when the Toxic Valley was polluted by industrial chemicals. Travel from the Clarksburg Shooting Club and head into Carlsburg to the West. Head into the building with the husk of the car. The quest is triggered by completing Tentative Plans and using the terminal on the second floor of the Morgantown airport location. Grafton Town

Personal Matters is a side quest which involves you basically stalking the late Overseer and the places she has been. It had a grocery store, a Post Office, a hardware store, a gun store, a church, and even a private shooting club. Return Holotape

You will learn about the truth of the situation.


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