false water cobra enclosure
A substrate with strong absorption properties is recommended. This means that prey need to be chewed on in order to be injected with Duvernoy’s gland secretions.

If they have the right angle, they actually can acquire enough velocity for this to sting just a bit. It can also flatten further down its body, which is not possible for a true cobra. Males should be introduced to female enclosures and watched, especially if the male is smaller than the female. Adult FWC behaviors are somewhat different than that of juveniles and neonates, though.

*, The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Urates and other wastes are rendered inert by the fungi and bacteria, effectively controlling the odor and waste potential of the snakes. These animals constrict, body slam, pin and, if the prey item is small enough, simply engulf their prey. You can use reptile hygrometers to measure the humidity of your captive habitat. It should be large enough and deep enough for the snake to be fully submereged. Many sources compare the potency of the false water cobra’s secretions to the venom of the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). Other enclosures such as glass terrariums are far too efficient at releasing heat. The false water cobra should be provided quite a large water bowl on the cool end of the enclosure. Neonates can be housed in 10 to 15-gallon terrarium with a secure lid with accessories and/or front doors. Females are heavier than males, which when in good health and not obese appear leaner than adult females. In my experience, though, most adult false water cobras are easily handled, though this should not be done without at least a hook, given the possibility of a bite is always there, as well as the chance you might react to said bite. Cypress mulch, orchid bark and other substrates that can handle high moisture rates are suitable for false water cobra enclosures. This gives the snake the appearance of a cobra. - YouTube The snakes vivarium can be decorated with artificial plants for a more natural look. The reality, however, is that timber rattlesnake venom is far more dangerous than the Duvernoy’s secretions of the false water cobra. Within these environs FWCs feed pretty much on anything they can overpower, though a preference for amphibians, fish and other small vertebrates has been documented. This can be measured with reptile thermometers and controllers like the Zilla Habitat Heat Controller. Males also can reach these lengths in extreme cases. I experienced this with one of my females. Found throughout South America, notably Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Be sure to feed your snakes a sufficient amount of food. We use moss to keep the box moist and humid. Females will begin to swell, and when fully gravid look enormous! Currently these animals are rare in North America, though they are available in Europe. As babies and juveniles, they display a unique sexual dimorphism in the coloration of the ventral surface of their tails. Naturally, the first step in any breeding project is to ensure you have a male and female snake. If you are using an under-tank heater or radiant heat panels be sure these instruments are connected to a thermostat. This temperature can remain constant day and night. All my lighting is connected to reptile timers to maintain a 12-hour-on, 12-hour-off daily light schedule. Female FWCs that weigh in excess of 10 pounds are not uncommon. In large specimens, the hood can be 4 to 8 inches wide and a bit intimidating, though the hood of a false water cobra can never equate the impressive display of a true cobra.

Falsies are ecological generalists, and though they don’t require water, are most frequently encountered in wetlands and along streams. When they were growing juveniles I had enclosure dividers in place that effectively reduced the length of each enclosure to 36 inches. A variety of snake habitat products are available in pet shops and online. These radiate heat but produce no light. The western hognose (Heterodon nasicus), giant Madagascar hognose (Leioheterodon madagascariensis), mussurana (Clelia spp.) Temperatures should be monitored daily using a�thermometer. Interestingly, the most violent reactions to false water cobra bites have occurred in people who had the snakes as long-term captives and acquired hypersensitivity to the snake’s Duvernoy’s gland secretions through persistent exposure via their captives. Males often will bite the necks of their mates, which is normal. Zachary J. Loughman, Ph.D., has kept reptiles and amphibians as a hobbyist and professional for more than 20 years. I incubate eggs between 80 and 85 degrees, trying to keep my incubators at 83 degrees for the two to two-and-a-half-month incubation period. This is one of the author’s false water cobra setups. The false water cobra makes a unique and engaging pet. When given the choice, all of my animals choose cooler over warmer temperatures. Most breeders do not cycle these snakes prior to mating attempts, while others do. This species can also flatten other areas of its body, while a true cobra cannot. False water cobras, as their name may indicate, are also infamous for soaking in water basins. False water cobras differ markedly in the way they deliver biological compounds into their prey compared to elapids, vipers and burrowing asps. Arguably both the most attractive and aquatic member of the genus is H. bicinctus, also known as Hermann’s water snake or the double-banded false water cobra. This is because wood is an excellent insulator of heat and so a wooden vivarium will make it easier to control the crucial temperatures required inside the habitat. He is an associate professor of biology at West Liberty University, and coordinator of the University’s Zoo Science and Applied Conservation, which prepares students to work in zoos and aquariums or as conservation professionals. The name is an allusion to its ability to flatten its neck, similar to that of a true Cobra. Locks last anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours. The false water cobra is named for its ability to flatten its neck to appear larger. These are false water cobras—but they’re not actually cobras.”. Enter your email to be notified when this item is back in stock.

No. Hermann’s water snakes are rarely found outside of water; what little is known of their biology indicates that they are amphibian and fish specialists that have a more northerly distribution than the previous two species. Most FWCs readily except large pinkies or even fuzzy mice as their first meals. Males tend to have all black to black-dominated subcaudal scales, while females display brindled or mottled brown, yellow and black subcaudal scales.

Falsies are often underfed, which can lead to stunting. Two other Hydrodynastes species occur in South America in addition to the false water cobra. All in all, it’s the snake’s engaging intelligence, impressive size and need for a large, display vivarium that, in my opinion, places the false water cobra among the most rewarding and engaging snakes a person can own. Once a FWC reaches 20 inches in length it can begin feeding on weaned rats, and rats should remain the staple of the snake’s diet from that point on.

Most false water cobras exhibit some hue of yellow, brown or black, with black bands and squares running the length of their bodies. When they are small, FWCs bite more frequently. Female falsies should not be bred until they are at least 3 years old, if not older, and breeding attempts should not occur with a female less than 6 feet in length, to ensure she has the correct body condition to maintain developing eggs.


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