fannie lou hamer daughters

She received a Doctor of Law from Shaw University,[84] and honorary degrees from Columbia College Chicago in 1970[85] and Howard University in 1972. The Hamers adopted two girls. Fanny Lou left the bus and was arrested as well. Billie’s drug abuse, drinking, and relationships with abusive men caused her health to deteriorate. In 1962, per BlackPast, Fannie Lou Hamer heard a sermon by Reverend James Bevel, an advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr., and was inspired to volunteer, serving as an organizer with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, helping register Black Mississippians to vote. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young. [15] She continued to work on other projects, including grassroots-level Head Start programs and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Poor People's Campaign.

"I tried to register for myself." Left Farm To Lead Struggle for Civil Rights", "H.R. Senator Hubert Humphrey tried to propose a compromise on Johnson's behalf that would give the Freedom Democratic Party two seats. In early 1964, reports PBS, Hamer ran for congress as the MFDP candidate, setting a precedent. The only thing they could do was kill me, and it kinda seemed like they'd been trying to do that a little bit at a time since I could remember. On May 16, 1947, she was arrested for possession of narcotics in her New York apartment and sentenced to Alderson Federal Prison in Virginia. [33][34] Hamer was then taken to a cell where two inmates were ordered, by the state trooper, to beat her using a blackjack. [32] Though the incident had profound physical and psychological effects, including a blood clot over her left eye and permanent damage on one of her kidneys,[38] she returned to Mississippi to organize voter registration drives, including the 1963 Freedom Ballot, a mock election, and the "Freedom Summer" initiative the following year. All of this is on account we want to register, to become first-class citizens, and if the Freedom Democratic Party is not seated now, I question America. [13] Forced sterilization was a common method of population control in Mississippi that targeted poor, African-American women. Townsend was born on October 6, 1917, in Montgomery County, Mississippi, the last of the 20 children of Ella and James Lee Townsend. [29][30] Hamer later paid for and acquired the requisite poll tax receipts. In July 1959, Billie was diagnosed with cirrhosis and was taken to Metropolitan Hospital in New York. In this respect, 'vernacular' echoes the particularity indicated by the regional distinction, as it simultaneously represents the relationship of power and domination that Hamer challenged through her words.


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