garuda flight 421 death
The rescue team arrived about two hours later and all remaining passengers and crew were taken safely to a hospital. On January 16, 2002, at approximately 09:24 UTC, Garuda Indonesia flight GA421 , a Boeing 737-300, PK-GWA, ditched into the waters of the Bengawan Solo River, Central Java during a forced landing, following loss of power on both engines as the aircraft was descending through 19,000 ft. There should be always enough surplus strength/fuel/reserves/energy/power etc for the worst historic past problem plus 50% owing to uncertain detrimental conditions (of faulty products, faulty installations, faulty use, etc..)..and here we have a LESS than 10% battery start reserve incident and the whole system died out completely….Forget the engine reset in a storm (yes, shit happens), forget the twice trying to reset engines (yes, shit happens)..that battery SHOULD be designed to supply nominally 30 Volts at start. Air BC – British Aerospace Bae146-200 (C-FBAB) flight ABL597, Northwest Airlines – Boeing B727-200 (N278US) flight NWA434, Biman Bangladesh Airlines – Bombardier Dash8 Q400 (S2-AGQ) flight BG060, Spicejet – Boeing B737-800 (VT-SGK) flight SG622, All Nippon Airways – Boeing B767-300 (JA8674) flight NH883, The Flight Data Recorder, Cockpit Voice Recorder, and engines examination confirmed that. As far as the actual emergency ditching goes, it was performed very well. !our promise : we will keep email down to a minumum. (During the later investigation, the NiCd battery was found to have been in poor condition due to inadequate maintenance procedures.) Jan 16 2017. However, the battery on the stricken aircraft was found to have been faulty, holding only 22 volts before the flameout occurred when a fully charged battery should have 24 volts. Garuda Indonesia no longer operates this route in 2005.

The procedure is designed on the assumption that a relight is successful. Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 departed Selaparang Airport at around 15:00 and climbed to the cruising altitude of 31,000 ft. During the initial descent, the crew decided to deviate from the planned route because of thunderstorms along their planned route. Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 54. Uninjured passengers and their personal belongings were temporarily sheltered in a nearby empty house, while injured passengers were transported by an available vehicle to the nearest clinic. It is this writers view that loss of all engines followed by forced landing should be part of scheduled simulator training. As the airplane descended below an overcast cloud layer at about 8,000 ft, the crew observed the Bengawan Solo River and decided to attempt to ditch the airplane into the river with flaps and landing gear retracted. Aircraft damage: Damaged beyond repair. First officer Gunawan attempted to transmit a Mayday call, but was unable to. Only two doors were available for evacuation. Despite all the evidence that a super cell with incredible rain caused the double flame-out, there has been no indications in the training world of airlines that operators accept multiple engine flame-outs can lead to a forced landing without power. When they started APU, the battery simply went dead and the crew lost all electronics on board. Subscribe our Newsletter ! The aircraft landed successfully between two iron bridges in the upstream direction, and came to a stop with its nose pointing to the right of the landing path. About 90 seconds later, as the aircraft was descending through 19,000 ft (5,800 m), both CFM International CFM56 engines experienced a flameout, which resulted in the loss of all generated electrical power. The aircraft, a Boeing 737-3Q8, registration PK-GWA, was manufactured in 1988 and delivered in 1989. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The aircraft ditched in a shallow river, impacting the riverbed. The aircraft settled down on its belly, with the wings and control surfaces largely intact, and was partially submerged. The aircraft was written off as a total loss, making the accident the 11th hull loss and eighth fatal accident involving the Boeing 737-300. Twelve passengers suffered injuries, while the flight crew and other two flight attendants were injured. Location: 22,5 km (14.1 mls) W of Yokyakarta ( Indonesia) Phase: The crew tried unsuccessfully to restart the engines two or three times. As far as I know that very rarely ever happens.

Reports I read indicated not only did the aircraft penetrate a super cell with likely tops above 50,000 feet but the noise of the rain recorded by the CVR indicated it was the heaviest rain ever recorded and beyond engine certification levels. They became VMC with the ground in sight just in time before they lost the standby ADI still in IMC. Boeing 787 Dreamliner metal model aircraft, U.S. Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, Building bricks blue 4 engines jet plane with vehicles and characters, I LOVE MAN Manchester Airport Premium Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, I LOVE LGW London Gatwick Airport Premium Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, A woman died of coronavirus on a Spirit flight but fellow passengers were never notified.

It was due to inadequacy in the battery maintenance procedures. [3], The final report of the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) notes that pilot training in the interpretation of weather radar images was not formal, being given only during flight training. is supported by a team of aviation enthusiasts.

The dual engine flame out occurred shortly after the aircraft entered severe cumulonimbus cloud formations with turbulence and heavy rain and ice. The level of electrolyte in the one of the cells (i.e. 15 years ago today, Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 (PK-GWA) was a scheduled domestic flight from Selaparang Airport, Ampenan, Indonesia to Adisucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. There was severe damage to the submerged aircraft belly, especially near the tail, leading to the inference that it landed nose high with tail impacting the shallow river bed, which ripped away the cabin floor together with the two flight attendants seated there.

The report concludes that the hail/water density exceeded the engine tolerance at flight idle, resulting in flameout.[2].

It was found that the thermostat sensor mounting (at the linkage between cells no 11 to 12) was severely corroded and the sensor was missing. Can someone give me the exact google map location (the 2 bridges) on the river Bangawan Solo ? The crew announced to the flight attendant to prepare emergency landing procedure. While in the precipitation, the flight crew of Garuda Indonesia flight GA421 attempted at least two engine relights, and one attempt of APU start. The corrosion happened sometimes before the accident, and was not caused by the submersion in the river.

TACA Flight 110 Bengawan Solo River (Boeing 737-3T0) suffered double engine flameout while descending in heavy precipitation with engines at flight idle. At 16:19 the flight encountered an area of severe turbulence and thunderstorm activity with extremely heavy precipitation and hail. Furthermore, repeating a comment in the NTSC report, the letter notes Boeing's advice that, in moderate to severe rain, starting main engines can take up to three minutes to spool up to idle, whereas the pilots allowed only one minute before initiating another retry. Similar occurrence happened on 24 May 1988. The flight crew’s reported actions to restart the engines and APU. The fact that the battery was faulty before the flameout meant the pilots’ futile attempts to restart the engines all but drained the remaining power from an already damaged battery, resulting in there being no power to start the auxiliary power unit, which explains the total loss of electrical power, even after the plane left the storm.


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