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Add Recommendations. Won 4 of the 5 contests, with 3 in a row, once as a Head Chef, promoted to regular chef, replacing Liu Kaile. 9 in season 4. Actor. Time limit remains at 15 minutes. 2 permanent chefs will partner with a guest chef, or 3 permanent chefs will form a team, as well as Jackson and the other guest acting as respective team captains and support people, where they will pick the head chef for each team, who will wear a scarf, and the team will make the dish of his/her idea. It is already confirmed in the first episode of season 5 that Jackson and He Jiong will become head chefs and must be in charge of making a dish within 15 minutes. The rights were bought from South Korean television series Please Take Care of My Refrigerator. Was forced to swim naked if he suffers 6 consecutive losses, but the losing streak was snapped. Born in September 1994, making Jackson the second-youngest member for the first time ever. Recent Discussions. From Beijing, Worked in Japan, fluent in Japanese, mostly made Japanese, Chinese French and Italian Cuisine. First ever returnee to the show.

Named as Head Chef, but each chef will make their own dishes, with Giovanni as the Co-ordinator. In each episode, two guests bring their refrigerators to the filming studio and sit down to talk with the hosts and other chefs. Jackson finished with under 50% win rate. He is a restaurateur and bartender from Shanghai. In the end, the guest choose the winning team by deciding which team's dishes are more to their taste. There have been no recommendations submitted. Begin Again Episode 9 With English Sub Online Video. Daughter of Li Xiang from her second marriage. Substitute Host for when Jackson was a guest. The prize for the head chef would be a chef's hat badge made from gold and small diamonds. At the end of Season 5, both He Jiong and Jackson both predicted their first guests on postcards sealed in a wax-sealed envelopes. Be the first and write one. Phoenix 2020 (2020) Ep 5 Eng Sub. 5 & 6) Guest. Hates spicy food. If they are picked to cook and win two head-to-head battles, they may be promoted as regular chefs, as with the case with Jeffrey Chen. The seating arrangements for the dining area has also changed. Stars in the Chinese version of Let Go of My Babies with Jackson Wang, and also competing in King of Cross-Field Singers, a singing competition for singers who originally debuted as other non-musical professions in the entertainment industry. Go Fridge (simplified Chinese: ... On episode 3 of season 5, Chi Zi violated the rules of stuffing the fridge with new items on the day of the fridge being moved, so the new items on the fridge are isolated. Loves different kinds of sweet and spicy sauces, strong, pungent preserved pastes and. Likes East-Western fusion and, A third-generation owner of a family-owned restaurant and preserved foods business. The reveal was delayed. TV Host, News critic, Media studies professor. Loves seafood and bodybuilding protein shakes, has no tolerance to spicy foods. Loura Lou (Episode 7-8) Guest. Was Jackson's substitute host when Jackson was a guest in season 1. In terms of sponsors, all alcoholic sponsors are banned until episode 7. It is revealed on the May 30 episode, on Zhang Xinyi's wedding anniversary, that she is a single parent. Wei Daxun returns as stand-in host for the first 6 episodes. He is in the same agency as, Was a contestant in Super Idol 3 and Idol Producer season 2 (31st place). Singer-actress from Sichuan.

If they are picked to cook and win two head-to-head battles, they may be promoted as regular chefs, as was the case with Jeffrey Chen. He is also the celebrity spokesperson for Mei Yi Tian Milk range, the new naming sponsor for the show on season 6. Please Take Care of My Refrigerator Season 5. Write Review. The head chef is determined by the ingredients bought. The set had a more Lego-like and pixelized feel, and guests enter from the side door. Go Fridge (simplified Chinese: 拜托了冰箱; traditional Chinese: 拜託了冰箱; pinyin: Bàituōle bīngxiāng) is a Chinese cooking show produced by Tencent Video. The filming area has expanded, there are 4 distinct areas, talk-show area, 2 menu-planning rooms, cooking and dining area that is behind the talk show area, while Gemice ice cream remains the naming rights sponsor. Chris Lee (Ep. The teams are fixed for 2 episodes, but the head chefs would change each episode. Be the first to create a discussion for Go Fridge: Season 3. He decided to stay in a dorm because during he lived alone during his trainings as a nurse, and has developed a fear of being alone. Be the first and add one. Gemini from Shanghai, but also has American citizenship. Singer-songwriter, a former nurse. Worked in a hotel as a seafood chef.

Therefore, all guests throughout the season and regular chefs had sent him gifts to fill up his hotel fridge. Was Zhou Dongyu's supervisor her final Bachelor's. (instead of having to incorporate a random ingredient into their dish as done in the first two seasons).

New Topic. The chefs splits into 2 teams and make dishes based on what the guest have in their refrigerator.

Written and performed the theme song for the second season, can speak basic Korean, An Xianmin's culinary student. The rules have changed to become a team competition, partly in response to season 3, where Liu Kaile and Anaud (X-Factor Chef) were not picked to cook all of season 3. In the end, the guest choose the winning team by deciding which team's dishes are more to their taste. The cooking guests and Wei Daxun also have an apron of their own.

Actress from Liaoning, lives in Changsha. Singer from Sichuan, husband of Xie Na. He gave Jackson his second consecutive win because Jeffrey's menu is more nutritious. Author, Screenwriter, Director, Actor and Lyricst. Known for his massive appetite, rapid yet healthy weight loss and premature hair loss. Edit Translation. Gained famed for her unisex look and a low-range mezzo-soprano, a rarity amongst Chinese singers. The episode was up slightly from the previous season finale, but less than Fringe ' s fourth-season premiere rating of 1.5. Add Recommendations. The match ended in a draw. In season 3, due to a sponsorship from JD.com, chefs can now order an ingredient or cooking utensil not available in the fridge or the kitchen (instead of having to incorporate a random ingredient into their dish as done in the first two seasons). Man in a Veil Episode 37 English Sub. If they are unsuccessful, they must wear a costume of the partner's choosing. On episode 3 of season 5, Chi Zi violated the rules of stuffing the fridge with new items on the day of the fridge being moved, so the new items on the fridge are isolated. 1 & 2) Guest. The menu-planning rooms are no longer in use, they serve as the chefs' green rooms. Actor, best known as a main antagonist in many films. Liu Kaile earned his first win in team competition format, and ended the longest drought (1057 days, or 151 weeks). Each episode features a specific guest's refrigerator. Endless charms, endless possibilities", "Stuck in South Korea, Jackson Wang Will Not Be Returning for "Go Fridge" Season 6", "Taeyeon and Jung Yong Hwa Are Welcomed to "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" in New Photos", "Gary and Song Ji Hyo to appear together on Chinese version of 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, "《拜托了冰箱》第三季完整版:[第1期]谢娜曝张杰再上《歌手》内幕,"何尔萌"遇谢娜出现危机?", World Pasta Championship in Romania in 2017, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Go_Fridge&oldid=974601897, Chinese television series based on South Korean television series, Articles needing additional references from December 2017, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Head Chef, restaurant owner, Sake connoisseur, Rapper, Singer-songwriter, Former lobster barbeque shop owner, Special feature: Zheng Shuang's Idealistic Fridge, Special feature:Johnny Huang's Idealistic Fridge, This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 22:32. He shares the exact same name and characters as his wife. Wife was pregnant with a child at the time. With her second win as Head Chef, she tied with An Xianmin, Li Yang and Vinny as Best Head Chef in Season 4 with 2 wins each. Have very high tolerance to sweetness, sourness and spiciness. The Story of Happiness Episode 38 English Sub . As such, he separated his personal fridge and one for his family. The show delayed filming due to timing and location constraints, and the Korean version has not resumed filming for the new season. [2] An Xianmin and Vinny Huang also missed filming on Episodes 63-64 due to self isolation from travelling cross-provinces to save their respective restaurants. Gabrielle Guan (Ep. 4 or 5 of the regular chefs would return every 2 episodes on a rotating basis, with 1 or 2 guest members. A decent cook himself. Actress, Jackson's idol. As Xie Na was still lactating at the time, all spicy foods were removed from the fridge. He also has extremely high heat tolerance, often picking up hot foods with bare hands. Lipton became their primary beverage sponsor. As a sous chef, he has no finer knife skills (i.e. Also: To better learn about the chefs outside of work, they will only wear the show's own aprons when chosen to cook, and hands are sanitized with sanitizers before food is served. He Jiong knows of her smallest cosmetics fridge in. Started as a model-actress trainee, with strict monthly evaluations akin to Korean trainee systems. Actor and reality star from Nanjing, resides in Beijing. If the guest only has one fridge, a 'magnifying glass' will show a part of the ingredients without opening the fridge to guess the general idea of the fridge.

Team captains will gather ingredients for the head chef, then become support person for doing basic prep work, but are not involved in the actual cooking.


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