grenfell tower inside
"You fear being shouted at." "You seemed to know that heaven was waiting for you," they said. Buildings aren’t supposed to burn the way London’s Grenfell Tower did.

I had nothing left to offer.' Commander Cundy added: "Today, police teams continue their support to families, and make enquiries to cross check the number of those missing. "You knew that if you could get in quickly, isolate that fire, isolate that floor, it was all quite easy to control," he said. When we look up, though, look out from a tower such as Grenfell, all the cranes, all the tarp-shrouded scaffolding, the half-built shopping-mall expansions and condos being poured into place—they suggest that despite a general national lassitude there is at least one industry enjoying a gaudy and conspicuous boom.

One of them noticed that Talabi had been tying together bedsheets and he asked Talabi why.

("PlayStation saved your life," he would later say.) Conversations stopped. By now, on these upper stories, the smoke was so concentrated that responders had to put their masks right up against the doors to read the apartment numbers. The Grenfell fire, at its peak, burned at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. As they felt their way, blind, Talabi would have cause to be thankful for his nighttime cigarettes, because once inside the stairwell he could find the handrail without being able to see. "You could tell that some of the deceased were still in those homes because of the patterns under the rubble. He'd collected together 14 bedsheets. "I couldn't work it out," the veteran said. When a little later he learned that 20 more engines had been dispatched, his experience came up blank. The pictures largely speak for themselves. On June 16, after dark, there was a vigil beside the tower. They were stumbling over bodies, he later realized. Two inquiries (one political, one criminal) have been launched to determine causes and contributing factors; they will continue into next year. He found out a name—Jessica—and borrowed the keys to the apartment. Investigators now believe that the number of people missing and feared dead has risen beyond Saturday's estimate of 58. After leading his own wife and daughter to safety, a resident from the 15th floor couldn't shake a feeling he'd left something important behind.

Talabi was already thinking about the neighbors he'd last seen in the apartment, weighing as he would for some time what more he could or couldn't have done, that miserable accounting that so many who survived Grenfell would go through. Relatives of the mother of three on the 22nd floor would later say her final words to them were about forgiveness. Footage has been released which shows the "indescribable" damage caused by the Grenfell Tower blaze. It also had no sprinklers.

This is the untold story of what it felt like to fight that fire and to flee it—a story of a thousand impossible decisions and the people who dared that night to make them. What would have seemed inside to be a manageable appliance fire was catastrophizing, outside, into the gravest threat to residential Londoners in 75 years: since the city's bombing at war. Once they'd gummed wet towels around the edges of the front door, Talabi gathered all the bedsheets he could. Then he climbed into the elevator, pressing for the 20th floor. (The law in England requiring sprinklers in buildings taller than 100 feet applies only to new buildings.) All residents who lost their lives lived in the 10th floor and above, The report is the latest in a series of investigations looking into the Grenfell Tower blaze, Grenfell Tower fire videos filmed by public show block went up in flames in 30 mins as people scream 'get out', Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). He said that police had advised there was a risk of violent disturbance; and it was for this reason, Palmer insisted, he was filmed by news cameras mouthing "Don't let them in" as the descending group tried for the chamber. 'Indescribable' damage inside Grenfell Tower revealed Images show charred objects like baths, washing machines and an exercise bike in one of the few flats as … A moment of silence (broadcast live); a charity single by pop stars; incautious pronouncements in the op-eds; incautious scapegoat-hunting in the tabloids: The country went through its clumsy protocols after a shock.


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