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Definitely worth a watch. I did a knot contest with it a while back and it got to the finals but lost to the uni knot. Either way, the FG knot will definitely be stronger than it because the FG proved to be over 30% stronger than the Albright when I tested those two against one another. Click here to join us in the Insider Club! The Bristol Knot is an excellent knot for braid to mono connections with light tackle. Fish On! I would love to see a knot test for such a setup using the IGFA testing machine which, I’m sure, would be more accurate than my home-made rig which incorporates a spring scale. With the Yucatan knot, it seems most tie it like the suffix video these days, which is not a Yucatan. So if you want to save time while maximizing your line strength, this post is for you. ya, but why do you recommend that? Interesting. Was that attempted since it was way up there in the braided line testing?

Here’s a link to a strength test I did with the Alberto knot: I just watch a video of his knot and it appears to essentially be an albright knot but with the mainline being outside of the wraps. However, it’s a huge pain to tie and there is a lot of room for user error which is why I don’t recommend it. Much appreciated to you and all the staff. ... Incidentally he's also very critical of most approaches to braid testing, and questions the methods used by the IGFA Apr 11, 2016.

Dan New Jersey. Luke: Have you ever tested the Tactical Angler Power Clips vs. the non-slip loop knot? As for the UV knot cure, I have not tried that out so not sure how much it helps. The friction of the Duncan loop over the main line reduces its force over a (relatively) long chunk of line and the extra turn through the eye provides friction that keeps the stability of the knot from collapsing or allowing the line to slip around the eye and stretch at its weakest point. Just incase you wanna change, i’ll try not to notice any others if there is any. Is one way better than another? I don’t know if that makes a difference. Always appreciate SALT STONG’s commitment to teaching & sharing to help us improve this great lifetime sport of fishing!!!!!!!!!! There is a variation to a Uni called Fish-n-Fool knot.

Feel free to use the links below to skip down to the knot connection that you’re most interested in. While chasing topwater yesterday I was telling my friend about the FG knot from your testing.

I’ve read that it is a good snug knot for tying heavy mono or fluorocarbon directly to a hook. Numerous bass in the 3 to 6lb range.

Seems like the figure 8 almost shears the braid under tension. I have not yet tested the various snell knots.

The nail knot splice for line to line (nail knot leader to main line and mainline to leader).

What about line strength? “eye-crosser” with 3 loop Uni instead of two, for mono to swivel or hook.

Do you want the GPS coordinates of every single public artificial reef in Florida? I found your discussion of knots to be quite insufficient, in that you left out the “speed to tie”, “ease to tie”, and “applicable to all situations” factors in evaluating overall desirability. 358 303 63 Location: sw Cornwall. Share: Previous How to tie a spade hook by hand. I am due to retest some things, a good winter afternoon activity, but generally a 15-20# leader to swivel will use 5 turns, 12# more like 6, 8-10# 7 turns, an 6# and under needing 8 turns…YMMV…. We haven’t done detailed tests on it yet because we’re prioritizing knots that don’t require any sort of device to tie…. So after I’d first recommend that you use a lighter mainline relative to your leader (especially if you’re using spinning tackle), then the double uni is a great option. As always I am very appreciative of the info you provide.

If getting by is the goal, then those knots can be a fit.
When fishing with artificial lures, using a loop knot is an advantage because it allows the lure to have more motion in the water which most often leads to more strikes. Anyway, thanks for your web site. Other knots that use different methods on the leader end are Red Phillips, variations on Alberto knot and an FG. Con: Requires a very strong cinch before cutting the tags so that it fully locks into place. I do know this , I have tried this knot thousands of times and it thrills me every time.

But if you do, then I’d be very cautious with the FG knot. I have tried the PR Bobbin knot also and it does not test well with the 80lb braid mainline to 50lb mono top shot arrangement we use–not on the scale nor on the water under real life circumstances.

However, Gman called it different???? Can you test the GT knot.

There’s a ton of misinformation about the GT knot out there, as well as several different ways to tie it. Simple, strong for attaching mono leader to braid. Join our mailing list to receive weekly updates about our latest content! of braid mainline as backup. The only one that I think can beat the FG knot is the one shown in the video I linked above which requires a Bimini Twist to be tied first before making some difficult wraps with the leader line before tightening it all down… but that’s an unfair comparison because they were likely testing the GT with a doubled braid vs. the FG knot tied with a single braid.

I have found the Trilene knot to be my go to knot for mono to terminal tackle. The articles I’ve read about these knots seem to indicate these knots only work when going from lighter braid to heavier mono? What I’ve seen is that the IGFA tested a bunch of knots(50) and gt came out the beat even over various fg style knots. i was using the double uni knot..had very good results. It’s shown on the below link below under the book images (I have nothing to do with the book ..neither did my father..) Works on any material, and super strong and reliable – a consistently v good knot.
And it also has tested to be stronger than the FG knot for the lighter lines that I’ve tested it on (but I haven’t personally tried it on the thicker lines that you referenced). I’m working on my FG knots but do well with the double uni and wondering if that test stronger with a weaker leader than the FG. Yes, the snell version of the uni knot is most likely going to be stronger than the normal one given that it gets some friction help from more expose to the hook shank. Here’s what I found about the GT Knot after doing some research and testing on it: Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish ever trip, Weekly “spot dissection” videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area, Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can’t find anywhere else.

There are a multitude of knots call the “GT knot” floating around the internet, and most of them are not nearly as strong as the FG knot (especially the ones which consist of just a uni on one side and a figure 8 on the other). It’s interesting that you have more knots because most fishermen that I know think there are only 2 good knots for fishing,m One is the old 13 twist knot and the other is known by several different names, the one I know of is the Stren line knot. This adds significant strength as this is a high stress area on the line. Send it directly to me (, and I’ll check it out when I get a chance.

Note: This weak point is almost always at the first hard turn in the top section of the knot coming from the main line, so it most often leaves a clean break which looks like the mainline simply snapped when an angler examines the line after a break-off.

FG and Alberto knots are only for heavier fluoro line as compared to the braid.

It starts as an Albright but it finishes with a locking half hitch which allows it to be tied with only a few wraps. I trust it on weightless worms to pull in any bass. I just saw your pics… looks like a great setup! Below you can find a great video on how to tie the bristol knot put together by the IGFA below. The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) creates the rules for the sport of fishing. Which is a true Yucatan. The power clip will definitely have a stronger hold because you can use a stronger snug knot to connect the line to the clip. I tied two pieces of #6 mono together. So I’ve fished on and off my whole life, but after being in Florida for almost 2 years I’m excited to dive into fishing. And the FG knot was much stronger than them both for connecting braid to a stronger leader. Here are the different tests we did on the Palomar Knot: I’ve won a contest during a marlin tournament against 100 other professional crews with this knot. That’s what it was being called when I first saw it at a boat/fishing show back in the mid 1970s. Something has always bothered me about the Uni Knot. Of the many factors that determine if you land the fish of a lifetime that you hook, the one that we have 100% control over is the quality of the knots that we use. We have a more in depth article on when you might actually want to tie the FG Knot written by Landshark Outdoors. In this article he talks about WHY you should be using this knot as well as an in depth guide on how to tie the actual knot. Tim Howe, Apr 11, 2016 #12. So the only knot that I really care about maximizing the strength of is the line-to-line connection (FG Knot). Thanks Ron! I found a knot once in a fly fishing pamphlet, no idea what it’s called, it uses two simple overhand knots pulling against each other, and I’ve never seen it break. Given their findings, it seems like a good knot for thick lines. But the other night I was fishing a bridge in Miami and had something on the line for a few minutes prior to the lure coming out. Also, I am testing UV knot cure (fly fishing stuff) over the fg, i dont think it will help with strength but maybe keep the tag of the braid a bit more intact when reeling through the guides 100’s of times? I tested against the blood knot I have been using and the J knot won 3 out of 3 for me. Yup I know a splice is not actually a knot and you won’t splice anything easily on a beach/ boat, but it is easy enough to do before a fishing trip and sure beats casting a knot through your guides. I was wondering if you could test the knot that I have used ever since I started using braid. Can’t find it, I use the surgeon knot for dropper rigs. I have used the FG knot for long enough now to find it incredibly easy to tie, and that includes in a decent bit of vile weather and/or at night and so on. Im using as SL mono 0.33, and its connected to main line 0.28. Click here to see the first contest I did with this important connection. GT knot was listed as 100% but the one next down the list was the PR knot with 99.5% rating. GT knot is supposedly stronger than the FG and easier to tie, There are several different knots listed as the “GT Knot” floating around the internet, and the ones that are easy to tie are definitely not stronger than the FG knot.

The GT knot is only good for connecting strong lines (50 lb braid to 80 lb leader). You can also use the Nail Knot to attach line to line.

I don’t think the Improved Clinch is particularly strong, but I believe the San Diego is. Test results will be coming soon. Hi Luke, I’m a big FG fan but some friends are raving about the Bobbin knot strength.


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