how did syndrome die in the incredibles
When Mr. The mock-ups are shown in the credits. Incredible caused him to snap out of his morality, turn on his former idol, and eventually get his revenge. Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. Incredible and hates him for his actions, even tearing off the huge poster he had of him on his wall in a fit of rage and began to descend into psychopathy and villainy. I do want to give a shout-out to his NSA interview—it only reveals how he came up with his name, but it’s really funny. Technological genius and high intelligenceImmense wealth and resourcesVarious hi-tech weapons and gadgets such as:Control of the omnidroidsRocket bootsTelekinesis and lasers (via zero-point energy gloves)Tracking deviceBombs He was a classical sociopath, caring not at all for the rules of society; and seeing it as his mission to make himself the world's ultimate hero through trickery and technology, and when he grew tired of that, to make superheroes entirely obsolete by selling his weapons to the highest bidder. Gabby Gabby | It was written and directed by Brad Bird and was produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The Omnirdroid succeeded in defeating and killing every superhero lured to island and those who managed to defeat the Omnidriod would be lured a second time to island and killed by an improved model of the robot. Mr. Still determined to impress his hero, Buddy left to get the police to arrest Bomb Voyage, but then Bomb Voyage placed a bomb on Buddy's cape, forcing Mr.

For instance, he remarks that Mr. Cars Villains | Voice He had stopped idolizing Mr. But if you’re living in this world, you had about 15 years of no monsters or evil geninuses so why would you want them back? Incredible after fleeing Syndrome and had scrawled the password “KRONOS” into the cave wall with his laser vision. Even with guns it was appropriate. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party.

Incredible attempted to grab him, but instead grabbed Mirage (after she intervened) and angrily demanded that he be released or else he would kill her by snapping her back. "You sly dog!

Among the other “freelancers” included an alcoholic, a woman who used her powers to steal boyfriends, and a potential supervillain who said supers were the “superior race.” Yikes. Serial murderMass destructionKidnappingTortureTerrorismArms dealingUnlawful imprisonmentAttempted cultural genocideChild abuseConspiracyStalkingFraud

It follows the guide lines of Disney, his head is still attached. Incredible is facing Bomb Voyage, Buddy shows up with a pair of rocket boots to help him. Arming himself with some of his best inventions, Buddy created his new identity of "Syndrome" and wore his own superhero costume. Incredible still told Buddy to leave, telling him that he works alone.


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