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Wakfu: The Animated SeriesSeason 1Season 2Special EpisodesSeason 3, Amalia Sheran Sharm (or Amalia for short) is one of the main characters of the Wakfu: The Animated Series. The fight begins but before it can go further Amalia take the counts side in order to save her kingdom this act get her friends captured. You failed the anti-robot verification. Yugo and his gang of friends form the “The Brotherhood of the Tofu”. Yugo was inexperienced and unable to control the power when he first used it. She is also adventurous and free-spirited just like her mother.

Indeed Amalia often shows the most concern for Yugo whenever he dives into a dangerous situation and is the most relieved when he comes back.

Despite the sacrifice, the battle ended up one-sided as Nox was able to reach and drain the Tree of its Wakfu, turning Amalia and the Sadida race into trees in the process. She is the princess of the Sadida Kingdom, but isn't terribly fond of her royal duties and would much rather go out adventuring, often dragging a bemused Evangelyne in tow. He goes on to say that his childish body wasn't the main problem. Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Princess of the Sadida Kingdom and a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

Her brother, Prince Armand, and his wife are trying to find her a husband. As the princess of the Sadida, she loves her people very much and will go to any lengths to save them. By the finale Amalia gives Yugo the dofus to fight Ogest. As the group finally reached Oma Isle and learned something more of Yugo's ancestry (as well as meeting his dragon brother Adamai), they were attacked again by Nox, who had remained in hot pursuit during their travels. They have been together since childhood however their relationship at first was a bit rocky since Eva spoke her mind most of the time but later became close after Amalia was sick and Eva stayed by her side the entire time. His plan was to unearth the the inland of the Sadida and frigfrost and put them in them high in the sky. When she was reunited with her, she explained to him the current situation. To link this account, please deactivate Ankama Shield in your Ankama Account Management center. Behind the scenes Amalia is a beautiful girl with long green hair like any Sadida, a strapless top and a mini-skirt made of leaves and a daisy on top of her head. Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled. In the end she voids the agreement after learning the Count planned to use the Sadida forests as a fuel source for his kingdom.

Yugo opted to allow Nox to retreat, instead choosing to stay behind and mourn the death of Percedal, who had been killed in the battle with Razortime. After being reunited with her father and trying to create a battle plan with her brother, Amalia was told the truth about the night that she left the kingdom her brother had supported her and told her father that this would help develop and overcome her mother's death. The try to activate it, but doing so hatched Grougal and Chibi from them dofus and free Qilby from his prison. His also ask for Yugo's help, but when he disagrees and ordered the dofus back the count said no. After her brother battled Percedal, Eva's bow was destroyed and both her and Evangelyne were confined to her room. At one time, Amalia talks about how Sadida told her through a vision that trouble is coming in the future and she must look for a certain place to go. She has recently left her home kingdom after a dispute with her brother, claiming a prophetic dream from Sadida had called her to distant lands. When she summoned the Brotherhood to Rubilaxia, where Percedal's soul had been imprisoned in his own sword. However, the total Wakfu only sent them back twenty minutes, resurrecting Yugo and the Sadidas, ultimately depriving Nox of all the Wakfu he'd worked to acquire. Grougraloragran is defeated in the battle, and his wakfu was retreating to his Dofus elsewhere. Amalia joins Yugo and the others to travel to the forest in order to find out why. Her softer side shows during times involving nature such as when she sympathized and healed Soft Oak. Count Harebourg an enemy of Joris and one of the people who took the dofus ask for Amalia's hand in marriage in exchange for the dofus. In private, Yugo discusses his issues with Sipho (who is disguised as Ruel) while Amalia overhears. Aliases

But Evangelyne cames in and saves the team and she gets Dally back into his body.

Login not allowed: your IP address is hidden. Leaving the rest world to deal with Ogest Chaos. Or how he treated everyone, who almost died trying to save her hippie kingdom. Much of Amalia's past is unknown, it is revealed that during her childhood her mother the previous Queen had died and that she was very close to her mother. During the invasion, Amalia and Eva where able to reunite with Yugo and Percedal. In the special 3-part episodes. She was shortly after turned back.

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This may be because you're logging in on a public network and/or you're using a proxy/VPN. Armand and Amalia argue a lot although they do seem to care for each other. In the beginning, they show signs of affection to one another.

Anthony "Tot" Roux

But disaster struck as Ogest has another weeping crisis and floods the kingdom. Her male form is tall and muscular, and like all male Sadida, her/his face was covered in green hair and worn in a high ponytail, and had some green chest hair. Amalia is very spoiled and snooty and often doesn't like to get involved in fights unless her friends are hurt or her kingdom is at stake. The wedding was stopped last second by Yugo when Amalia found out he planned to use her tree's to heat the ice kingdom, And Amalia fought him with Yugo and didn't even bother talking to him again. King Oakheart Sheran Sharm (father)Armand Sheran Sharm (brother)Queen Sheran Sharm (deceased mother)Aurora (sister-in-law)Yugo (romantic interest) They didn't date even at the series end, leaving the couple for the fans and any future Wakfu media to decide if they ever get together. The same goes for her friends.

Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled. That is until she see's Harebourg and falls for him. Leafy Green Overall, I just found Season 3 … These cookies are only placed if you allow it. Season 3 is the only season I watched in its entirety without skimming through stuff, it's just that much better (imo). She began to act formally and considered Eva's claims of Percedal's survival as delusional ramblings. Evangelyne is Amalia's best friend and bodyguard. After battle with Nox, the remaining members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu remained in the Sadida Kingdom for several months, Amalia had fully immersed herself in her role as Princess of the Sadida. Krosmoz Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. She also wears a white tank top and a skirt made out of large leafs, and often doesn't wear shoes. Yugo and Amalia will perhaps develop the already deep bond that they have. A short meeting after driving the polters off revealed that Yugo was currently trying to find a way to reverse a curse placed on his father by the polters when they attacked his village. By the finale Amalia and Yugo have shown a strong desire to be with each other, in spite of the difficulties caused by the difference in their races. He was sent along with Poo and Toxine to retrieve Sadlygrove's kids by the Brotherhood of the forgotten. Season 1/2 Evangelyne, Nicknamed by Amalia and a handful of others, "Eva", is Amalia's bodyguard. Your IP address has been blocked. 968 Female

In the Season 2 episdoe "Kriss Krass", Amalia took a potion to disguise herself as a male in order to play Brakmarian Gobbowl (as Brakmar forbids females playing Gobbowl).

Ruel offers to show them the way for 5 kamas but she refuses. 13 (Season 1)14 (Season 2)15 (Manga)20 (Special Episodes)22 (Season 3) She also has a very strict sense of duty as she was willing to put herself aside for the sake of her kingdom. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nox's next target was sure to be the Tree of Life, the largest single source of Wakfu on the planet and the source of her people's life and magic. In Season 1-2 Amalia is the average height of a 14 year old and has long lime hair, with a headband connected to a open white flower which wilts or curls up when sick. Nox's invasion began in the Sadida Kingdom moments later. Evangelyne cared a great deal about her when she was bitten by a poisoned rose and tearfully threatened to shove statues that Ruel stole down his throat which was the cause of her getting bitten in the first place. Occupation(s) While she met with her brother, she found he had an audience with Master Joris, an emissary of Bonta. Brotherhood of The TofuSadida Kingdom She is usually barefoot. The old dragon explained how Yugo was actually the last living Eliatrope in the World of Twelve, the others killed or sealed away during the Mechasme invasion. The king's of the world decide to use the Eliatrope dofus to fight Ogest and stop the kingdom of Sadida from being destroyed. Learn more and set cookie preferences{"target":".ak-modal-privacy-cookies"} The show involves various games in a fantasy-filled plant. Harebourg tells the brotherhood his plans to use the dofus instead of returning them. Height Yugo kisses Amalia during their fight with Black Bump, however, Yugo abruptly stops the kiss. Yugo and Adamai then decided to stay in the Sadida Kingdom and study the Eliacube. She is very over dramatic too, although, like stated previously, can be very kind and cares deeply for her kingdom and family. This was Yugo, companion to Ruel and Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. She lost her headband and now ties her hair into a short fluffy ponytail, which i… However, she quickly realizes the mistake she had made on trusting Oropo and rejects him. King Oakheart is Amalia's father and she looks up to him when she thinks of being the future queen. Her bodyguard Evangelyne clearly seeing that this was a rather fortuitous vision, as it provided her an excuse to be away from her sibling. From enjoying a rough and tumble Gobbowl match in Bonta, to sailing the open seas, Amalia was finally being given the opportunity to enjoy a life of adventure and freedom that she only knew from stories passed around at court. Brown It was implied they liked each other although Season 3 of the Animated Series confirmed it. However Amalia and Ruel ended as Rubilax's minions after he stole both of their souls and turned them into ghouls. Appears in

These features use cookies that notably allow these sites to track your navigation. Amalia often annoys him and he does to her as well, although despite this they save each others lives multiple times and always make up as friends.


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