how tall is mako legend of korra
Mako attempts some tough brotherly love at this point, telling Bolin that he shouldn't mourn over the inevitability of evolutionary roles: predators eat their prey.

The point is that all the secrets that Mako thought he had to bear alone have also been shared by his grandmother, who has known all along and has loved him from afar all the same. Legend of Korra concluded with two of Mako's ex-girlfriends, Korra and Asami, falling in love with each other. Bolin, meanwhile, doesn’t know at all. And that sense of needing to look out for Bolin is in many ways inextricable from his relationship with his stepfather. The fight dissipates soon enough: both of them apologize to each other and Mako confesses that he might be infatuated with Korra as well as Asami.

Mako was irritated when Bolin brought another one of this "crazy fan girls" in and was not surprised or impressed when he found out that she was the avatar.

Mako and Bolin clearly get away, and the firebenders go back to wherever they live in the Fire Nation. Mako has those weird eyebrows that are long and narrow with an odd spike halfway down like a shark fin, while Bolin’s are wide, thick and short. Joining the police force, Mako dedicated himself to a life maintaining law and order and a valuable member of Team Avatar. It’s astonishing that Bolin hadn’t been working, but it’s part of the brothers’ ongoing pattern. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender – 10 Ways The Fire Nation Attack Changed Everything. It may be that Naoki found that she was in danger from in this marriage, and she decided to escape with Mako. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

It's a surprise she left the building standing.

Where Mako is wracked with doubt, Bolin knows with the full, uncomplicated conviction of his love that they’re brothers of the strongest kind and that any family that loves him must love Mako as well. Say San had Mako with Naoki…then he waits 4 years, has another son… and then takes a picture of his family to send to his parents? But as their loving bond is so strong, what else can you call them but brothers?

If it were coincidence that Mako and Bolin were sorted out different features from two shared parents instead of one, you’d still expect to see some features shared between Mako and a cousin.


Now, if we then understand that Mako is San’s stepson, Naoki’s son from her first marriage, then the single photo of the four of them makes more sense! 03.08.2020 - Explore Alexia Maria's board "Mako legend of korra" on Pinterest. However, the love triangle involving Asami and Mako's unfaithful behavior turned a lot of fans away from the ship. Mako remains so close with his new grandmother and his new extended family for the rest of the series, and he’s the one who leads the charge to rescue them from Ba Sing Se when the Earth Kingdom falls.

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However, Korra got her bending back and Mako witnessed her when she went into the Avatar State for the first time. While a lot fans started to hate Mako as a character, Makorra still had a large following throughout the series.

While I think there’s ample evidence that Mako is Naoki’s child from an earlier marriage to a man from the Fire Nation, I haven’t seen much that could point to any specific backstory.

Mako is tall and reedy (like many Fire Nation folks) while Bolin is shorter and stockier. Type (?) Makorra is the het ship between Mako and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom.

Meanwhile, Bolin trains for pro-bending with Mako, but he seems to have a lot of free time on his hands to train Pabu and stumble over himself pursuing Korra. In the scene when she shows Mako and Bolin the photograph, she never says when San sent it, but if it was any less than four years after he left for Republic City, she would know for certain that Mako, who appears to be four years old in the photo, must have been San’s stepson.

Mako helped fight off the dark spirits while Korra was meditating in the Tree of Time and kissed on the cheek after she defeated Unavaatu and re-merged with Raava. Mako finally finds his calling as the first movie (or mover) star ever, in his role as Nuktuk: Hero of the South, produced by Varrick.

6.1 The Legend of Korra. His suspicions often turn out to be accurate, for instance, when he thinks that Varrick is behind an assassination attempt, or when trying to convince Bolin that Kuvira is a tyrant.

After all, if San and Bolin both loved and accepted Mako without reservation, Mako may have hoped that maybe San’s extended family would accept him in the same way. His bizarre dual breakup with both Korra and Asami at the end of season 2 has made him excruciatingly awkward around both of them. She ended up going out on a date with Bolin instead but Mako later confronted her because he was afraid that she was going to hurt his brother. Mako helped Korra recruit some new airbenders and helped her rescue the airbenders who were being held captive by the Earth Queen. While Korra tried to remain on friendly terms with Mako, he behaved awkwardly around her. Unalaq 4. Remember, the theory I’m presenting is that Mako was born to his mother in a previous marriage, and that San is his step-father, so that while Bolin would be related to San’s extended family in Ba Sing Se by blood, Mako would not.

Makorra is the het ship between Mako and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom. This is one way that Mako feels he is protecting Bolin, by shielding him from the truth that they’re half-brothers.

He had some really important police paperwork to file.’ And she starts to cry those grandma tears and is like, ‘Mako!

It’s something about how absolutely sure Bolin is that San’s family will love Mako that flips something inside him. Mako helped her fight and was determined to protect her but eventually watched in horror as Amon removed her bending. Mako has actually been investigating reports of airbending in the Earth Kingdom for weeks and organizing the itinerary for the voyage.

Bolin even says at this point that he wanted to do one thing to help Mako — one thing?! Makorra was one of the most, if not the most popular shipping within The Legend of Korra during the show's first season. But there’s nothing. Later, Mako finally did admit that he had feelings for Korra but was confused because he was already dating Asami and Korra kissed him. It could have happened like this: Naoki first married a firebender and had Mako, but this man and his family were terrible people.


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