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Rebekah comments that they do not abandon him, he drives them away. Your loyalty and your counsel, and your love, it's probably the only reason I've survived as long as I have. Klaus admits to Ansel that he would have liked to be his son, but since Ansel knows about Hope, he kills him.

He shows Hayley that he has already taken care for the werewolves and tells her that they are also his clan. He begins attacking the house from the outside, trying to force them to invite him in, but they manage to repel him. The ghosts carry a screaming Klaus away, and his current whereabouts (and state of being) are unknown. [200]Marcel and Klaus Klaus' status as Vampire King of New Orleans is now defunct, as, due to the werewolves' massacre, the vampire kingdom no longer exists. Klaus was unaware that Tyler started a coup d'etat against him by freeing the other hybrids and claiming the title of the Alpha of the Hybrid Pack. Elijah, now at the limit of his patience, order Marcel to give him the serum. After Klaus was "supposedly" killed by Alaric in The Departed, Rebekah was heartbroken over losing her older half-brother whom she loved and never left her. Hayley tells him every good story needs a wicked witch and it will satisfying when they melt her, which makes Klaus smile back. [119]Rebekah and Klaus, In Après Moi, Le Déluge, at the beginning of the episode Klaus is first seen talking with Elijah while Davina is starting to lose control over her power. Cami provokes her and she and Aurora fight, but Aurora quickly gets the upper hand, and pushes Cami into Lucien's uninvited penthouse, causing the young vampire to bleed, and Klaus tells Aurora to stop. as they realize that the only way to stop Davina is to complete the Harvest and is trying to make Marcel agreeing with this. He tried to calm Lucien, and asked him to show restraint and asked if was still mad at him, but Lucien said that he wants Klaus to show him what it means to be like him, and said that he is no longer angry with Klaus, as he has given him a rare gift, and so, the two of them started wreaking havoc together. Klaus finds Davina's friend Timothy and kidnaps him to lure Davina out.

Klaus' current allies are Marcel, Camille, Rebekah, whom he is protective over. They walk around New Orleans as the city comes alive, holding hands and talking. Will asks him how she died, and the hybrid tells him it was an accident. Mikael, Esther, Finn, Ansel, and Elijah are the only ones to call Klaus by his full first name Niklaus. Out of all of the Original Vampires, Klaus can be considered the most dangerous and tempered, as well as the most feared and hated Original Vampire, excluding Mikael as not everyone knows he is an Original Vampire, most believe he is an ancient vampire who hunts other vampires, although they both are tied for their traits and feared as the most dangerous and violent vampires in history. Unbeknownst to any, Klaus was not the son of Mikael, but the son of an alpha werewolf named Ansel, in another village which made Klaus aggressive, violent and angry.

Although Elijah promised he would find her, their relationship never recovered as in 2010, Elijah planned to help the Salvatores and Elena Gilbert kill Klaus. However he is stabbed with the blade by Lucien. ", "Top 10 things about Persia White Vampires Diaries actor Joseph Morgan's Wife", "Joseph Morgan's YouTube video in support of Positive Women", Acting CV and profile at Curtis Brown Talent Agency, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Joseph_Morgan_(actor)&oldid=986877758, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He realizes that others are so afraid of this new threat he decides to find the answers himself. [42]Klaus and Caroline at the dance. When Ray bleeds from his eyes and continues to feel immense pain, Klaus suspects that something has gone wrong. He finally says that he is on his way back to New Orleans. Later, Alaric shows up at the warehouse, catching Damon off guard. Klaus and Finn exchange banter with each other, tells both of them that Kol has been resurrected as well and says that change is inevitable. Before she left New Orleans, thus separating, they had never left each other's side and stood by one another no matter what happened. Elijah tells him that if he will not do anything, Elijah will do it in stead. In the novels, the character of Klaus was partially based on Rutger Hauer's character (John Ryder) in the 1986 movie The Hitcher. Klaus smiles and says "Hello, love.". After that Klaus get a phone call from Elijah who tells him that Rebekah is missing. Despite his temper, Klaus is shown to be very keen as he was able to figure out that Hope would be sacrificed at the cemetery because it was where the Harvest and the Reaping took place as well as the location of the ancestral witches' burial place. Elijah asks his brother if he wants to bring their father upon them; but Klaus tells Elijah to relax. Likewise, Klaus ended up having to pretend to get revenge to win against Dahlia, which led to Elijah and Rebekah turning their backs on him in a not so unjustified manner, as though Elijah did dagger Klaus, Klaus brought it on himself and his revenge of killing Gia was unjustified as she had nothing to do with this. Damon knew what this was about: Klaus is afraid Caroline won't forgive him for killing Carol Lockwood. In the beginning Klaus wasn't happy with the arrival of his baby, then with time he started to change his mind and began to worry about her safety. Rebekah went to Elijah with the Governor's son and asked if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it wouldn't be a wise move to turn the Governor's son into a vampire. After leaving Hope with Camille, he goes to his half-brother, who has a lot to say about burning Gia alive and turning Hayley into a wolf 24/7. Klaus is a Beatles fan, claiming that they made the 60's bearable in, He was originally supposed to be killed at the. Klaus and Hayley are friends and they work together in order to keep their child safe. and they all fall silent. Caroline didn't want him to distract her when Matt's life was in danger, but Klaus assured her that he'd heard Matt's call for help and that Matt would be happy with his rescuer. Camille volunteers, much to Klaus's dislike, but he allows her to save him. He confronts her again and she tells him the truth. She succeeds and disappears, only to come back in Bring It On, where Klaus saves her from a vampire sent by Katherine to kill her. Klaus and Elijah are both wearing fancy suits as they get ready for dinner with their mother. She tells him the first borns in their bloodline are very powerful and they lose control of their magic. Klaus and Elijah arrive at Lucien's apartment carrying Kol between them. He then offered his condolences to her for the loss of her mother, and she seemed touched by this. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. Sophie swears that she did not have anything to do with it and it was a faction of extremists that were behind it because of a vision Sabine had about the baby. He goes back into her mind as she cries.

At the ball, they danced and talked together and she soon discovered a soft side to Klaus.

In 1720, Klaus and Elijah helped the Governor in building the New Orleans' first levees. Elijah is Klaus' maternal older half-brother. He later admitted to Esther that he forgives her for turning them and prefers them as vampires. [124]  Klaus smiles at him and tells him that if they wants to die, let them come.

Klaus makes his way to Marcel's place where he breaks his neck, hangs him upside down and drains the vervain out of his system. He didn't answer, at first. At some point in this century, Klaus came across Rayna Cruz after she returned to New Orleans. At the same time Klaus and Aurora's affair continued, until she saw him, Rebekah, and Lucien feed together, and she ran screaming. In 1492, Klaus had all the elements to break the curse of the sun and the moon, but Katherine managed to escape with the moonstone.

When the two of them arrive there, it's a trap set by Aya, and they get kidnapped by the Strix and their witches. Klaus was an Original vampire and a werewolf, making him the Original Hybrid.

Stefan said he was at Elena's place. After Stefan tries to fight the compulsion, Klaus yet again compels him, this time much more emphatically, to turn his humanity off, and finally succeeds. Klaus replies that he's bluffing, but Damon informs him that they found Mikael's tomb. The brothers later return home and Elijah gets the family to tell them that the reason that they were lured back to New Orleans was not because of the war between witches and vampire, it is because of Davina. Klaus then asks her to what end will learning what happened to her brother. [41]Klaus in Bringing Out The Dead Klaus tells Hayley he knows something about her family after noticing a special birthmark on her shoulder. Instead he tells Klaus that he had no choice, as they protect the family no matter the cost. Just as Klaus was about to burn Lucien's body, he rose back, waking up in transition. She eventually chose to be with Elijah. Klaus talks to Tristan who reveals that he has only half of Rebekah's location. He tells her the only way for her to find peace is for her to move on and forget. It was stated by Rebekah that Klaus fancies Camille and Klaus indeed trusts Camille more than his siblings, as he let her knew it wasn't he who killed Aiden. He breaks free of his chains and begins to attack and slaughter the vampires around him. Klaus take him outside and tells Elijah not to kill them because they need them on their side. Damon asks if he has a back-up vampire and Klaus says he has got it covered, before darkness falls on Damon. Klaus then tells Stefan he has a gift for him, and beckons to a human girl. It is possible that being in his former home, with his family, has caused his humanity to show more. He pointed out that Connor had werewolf venom, and since he was halfway around the world, he couldn't cure anyone since they had no access to his blood. When his younger half-brother Kol attacked him and when Klaus defended himself from him, the latter refused to kill Kol, saying that he was his brother.


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