m157 rattle on start
In true AMG fashion, each engine is assembled by a single technician with that tech's name engraved on a plaque fastened to the engine. i discovered this on the last engine that needed new chain tensioners at the head, once they were replaced the noise at start up was reduced but still obvious. �TK$Ur0dq0Ρ`p�A`wʧ��y��>>_�S>����|5 Camshaft Adjusters - When the camshaft adjusters no longer hold hydraulic pressure, it will manifest itself first as a noise typically at cold start and progress to noise at any engine RPM cold or at operating temperature. endobj <> In December 2015, Mercedes-Benz issued Service Bulletin LI05.10-P-056435 Version 10 for Mercedes-Benz C216 CL 63 AMG vehicles that had M157 engines with engine numbers up to 1579xx 60 047752. <> As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments below.

Get help answering any questions you have, If you found this article helpful, you can follow the rest of my projects by checking back here or by. According to the Service Bulletin, the driver may hear a rattling noise after start-up – from the engine compartment – that lasts for several seconds. 15 Sep. Posted by: Category: Uncategorized . <>

This engine is no longer produced for use in street cars; however, it is still produced by AMG in the form of the M159 for the AMG GT3 customer racing program. This is a common symptom which is already fairly well documented on the internet. For vehicles with engine number 157 9xx … through engine number 157 9xx … install check valves and revised chain tensioners.

>O��"�s�ʧ�Yr���|� <> when they are bad you will hear a loud pop as you turn the engine. �B##k����|� x�]�ێ�0���)|��X�=6�*R��R.zP�> �&�� "�"o_�7��)�����1���_�}7���44�8����/�uj�9�S�?XgB�̪�ws�LJl�|�]�x���`��p5Ҙ����2O7��9��Ʉخ�L!N]2�v����u��s�g��{��7�}����9�,�yڇ%��oO����߷1���C3�x�&Nu�/�rm����ڮ��[/7l;��k=�����&e? endobj Many of the newer generation Mercedes engines (namely the M157 AMG engine, M276 V6 engine, & the M278 V8 engine) develop an obnoxious rattle sound upon start up. For vehicle with engine number 278 9xx … through engine number 278 9xx … install check valves (revised tensioners are already installed in this production range). 7 0 obj The noise is essentially chain rattle and/or rattle from the camshaft adjuster units; however, the cause can be any combination of the following: poor oil pressure to the secondary chain tensioners upon start up, defective chain tensioners, defective camshaft adjusters, stretched timing chains, and/or damaged timing chain guide rails. This is a common symptom which is already fairly well documented on the internet. For vehicles with engine number up to 276 9xx … install check valves and revised chain tensioners. Chain stretch is something I am starting to see on these engines, along with guide rail breakage. 5 0 obj Almost every new car ships with a model offering AWD and that holds true for German and European manufacturers. Rotating the engine from the crankshaft pulley (of course ensure the timing chain components are all installed) may exhibit a snapping or popping during rotation from the adjuster units. Rd��A�2EDPI�2�(8�p���#��4����2x��{��>7�޵�^��q� ���L8���龎r/!���;�����"�)!�Ä(��N����. For vehicles with engine number 276 9xx … up to engine number 276 9xx … install check valves only (revised tensioners installed in this production range). 5 0 obj Also rattles if you try and drive off too quickly after the start/stop has come back on Re: 1.4 tfsi engine rattle on start up ? m157 rattle on start. For vehicles with engine number 276 8xx … through engine number 276 8xx … install check valves only (revised chain tensioners are already installed in this production range).


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