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[116], As the battle continued, Anya and Bernie got a Packhorse, and along with Sam on her Rat-bike, raced around the Polyps, firing into them. Anya then spotted KR-80 coming in with Marcus, Dom, Bernie, and the farmers body.

Lieutenant Stroud was in the capital city of Ephyra when the Locust Horde first emerged; a day that would come to be known as Emergence Day. They saw a long line of civilians rushing past the battlefield along a road, and as Anya set herself up in the turret, she contacted Mathieson and told him that they needed crowd control to handle the civilians. After Bernie arrived and got in the driver’s seat, Anya took the front passenger seat, and noticed Bernie looking odd as they drove through the base. Anya began driving with Hoffman to Pelruan, but they stopped along the road when Prescott contacted them, and ordered them to keep the incident quiet. She informed them that the pumping stations lift was offline, and that they would need to enter through the mines inside the factory. As they walked to where he was, Anya had a conversation in which she revealed her feelings for him, which he acknowledged. She then has moment with Marcus by telling him to be careful. Stroud operated as Delta Squad's controller during the Operation, helping them deploy the Lightmass Bomb. Anya thought about their relationship, and her confusion as to whether it was on or not, and how conversations with Marcus were difficult, because she never knew what could make him close up. [141] When she eventually went frontline, she was described as becoming a lot like her mother. Jacques ship was destroyed, and Anya joined the rest of the Gears in heading out to the railing to see what was going on. Prescott agreed that that was indeed interesting. However, he was released from the club before his contract expired, and then joined the New England Patriots, but wasn’t good enough for the squad, and after five months at the franchise, he was released. She talked briefly with Sgt.Rory Andresen, who told her that Gears needed to begin training to operate in naval operations. [117] The next day, Anya organized cleanup from the battle in Pelruan. Both Marcus and Dominic Santiago, having developed a friendship with her, comforted Anya during the awards ceremony, and blocked the press from getting to her.

After the battle ended, Anya drove all of Delta back to Port Farrall, and kept looking at Marcus, and he kept glancing at her, almost smiling. [126], The next day, Anya joined a patrol Bernie put together to look for Seb Edlar's missing animals. Commander Alisder Fyne confirmed that the Leviathan was a Lambent one, and used a targeting laser to help Anya and Baird track the creature. She then told him that their reinforcements were going to be Gorasni, and Rossi knew that the tension between them and the Pelruan townspeople would make things difficult. The shocked crowd then began asking questions, with only a few of them supporting the idea completely. [27] After Delta reached the Stranded camp that had a Junker, their leader was willing to let them borrow, Marcus and Dom headed out to get it. As KR-239 landed, Anya was approached by retired Cpl.Frederic Benten, who volunteered the help of himself and the other veteran Gears in the town in fighting the Lambent. They then wondered what had spooked them, and when Mac began barking at a spot on the ground, they realized they had stalks incoming. Stroud was suspended in 2007 for four games without pay for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

After Delta saw KR Five-Four get shot down, they informed Anya.

She had changed out of her normal CIC clothing and high heels into an outfit better suited for the winter weather. This is Anyas house they're at, maybe he moved in when his wife died and then Anya died. She contacted Hoffman and told him, and confirmed that the Pelruan citizens had been informed, since they were always in contact with the trawler fleet. Major Stroud lectured Anya and the other cadet on the virtues of getting out of the CIC, and seeing what Gears on the front line had to go through. When Delta became stuck at the raised Timgad Bridge, Anya directed them to downed powerlines in an attempt to restore power to the bridge.

As they drove by the Gorasni refugee camp, who had joined the COG after Trescu negotiated their entrance.

They fell off towards the mid-season mark, however, and finished the year with a 7-9 record.[4]. Although very beautiful, Anya didn't seem to know she was considered to be such by others, but this wasn't the case as both Carlos Santiago and Marcus Fenix noticed her. After pausing for a moment, Major Stroud told Anya that she was proud of her, and that she was doing a great job. Anya watched the decryption of A2897 and took part in the discussion that followed.[139]. On March 1, 2011 the New England Patriots signed defensive lineman Stroud to a two-year contract. Anya ended her recording by commenting to herself that she guessed they were all Stranded now. She then sent an Armadillo to collect him. Hoffman became angered by Trescu ignoring his authority, and they continued onto the city. As Rossi took Hayman to the town hall so she could treat anyone who had potential health issues, Anya told Hoffman that the delegates would go tell the rest of the town about the decision now.

[93] Two days after this, she met up with Dom while he was on duty a Checkpoint Eight. Gavriel broke up the meeting after they, most of them reluctantly, agreed to let the COG come. The squad was guided by Adam to destroy the Maelstrom device so Cole and Baird could bring in reinforcements. An hour later, Delta and Berenz returned, and informed them that the base was perfect.

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[22] Kim later contacted her and asked if any word had come from Alpha. Anya told her to hold position, and contacted Lt.Donneld Mathieson, and asked for backup. Notable Facts She then left to make sure the registration team was ready to start signing in the Stranded. Anya drew up a watch roster for the Ravens. Marcus asked if Commander Garcia had picked something else up in the CNV Clement, and she told him that he thought there might be something else out there, but it could just be a regular whale. [59], A few days later, Delta-One went on a recon mission to Tollen, where a distress signal had been detected coming from the Stranded, saying that the whole city was flooding. He told her he had no idea, and were mostly looking for something that might tie the stalks in with the biological weapons research that had gone on at VNB. Anya and the others continued fighting, until all of the Polyps were dead. Dom asked her if she could arrange for him to speak with Pad, and Anya told him she would see what she could do. Anya Stroud as First Minister of the re-constituted COG. [130], Three months after Prescotts departure, preparations were being made to leave Vectes.

[68], After the raid in Jacinto, the COG decided to attack the Locust underground, hoping to find and destroy the Locust stronghold. Anya listened in as the various leaders of divisions made reports to Prescott about the evacuation, and was horrified when she learned they were looking at about thirty percent losses in the civilian population. She swiftly removed her Snub Pistol from her backpack and shot the Locust twice in the face, impressing Hoffman and Cole. Anya loved Marcus deeply and was annoyed by his lack of willingness to be open about their relationship, which was partially fear that she would be brought up on charges for being in a relationship with an enlisted man (there were regulations against fraternizing between officers and enlisted) and according to Dom, partially Marcus' upbringing. As the COG began to rebuild after the apparent victory over the Locust, Anya and Marcus grew closer and she began to train to become a front-line Gear, while still serving as a controller. Baird then began mumbling about how he needed to ask Prescott to his face what his big secret was, and Anya asked him what he meant. [2], On March 1, 2008 Stroud was traded to the Buffalo Bills for third- and fifth-round picks in the 2008 NFL Draft. Anya shooting a Locust drone in the face twice. One of the Gears acquired the Hammer of Dawn from the convoy's van, killing a Corpser. Jacinto City, Tyrus [97], Anya and the rest of the Gears and Bernez flew to the Stranded settlement, in order to warn them to stay away from the COG and to fall in line. Dr.Payne, the developer of the Lightmass Bomb, then sent Anya everything she needed to brief Kim. Marcus also kept her armor preserved in the secret family vault within Stroud Estate, along with his armor and the armor JD and Del left behind after they abandoned the Coalition to become Outsiders following the Settlement 2 massacre.

During Operation: Hollow Storm, she again guided Delta through their battles and escaped the Sinking of Jacinto. [21] She ordered them to head to the House of Sovereigns and investigate if Alpha was there. She admitted she found it hard to believe that they could be the last people left to rebuild society, and Marcus was surprised that she had not given up. They played cards as they waited, and were startled when the base alarm went off, thinking that something had gone wrong. 22 B.E. Anya joked that Michaelson would say that nothing would put roses in a girls cheeks like firing a broadside, and was disappointed to see Marcus close down again. Anya then cut the conversation short and told them to concentrate on what they could do, and ordered Rossi to plot the contaminated zones on the map and work out which farms they might need to evacuate first if the dead zones spread. He told her they were close to the powerlines, and she informed him that the train was speeding up to avoid capture, and that Delta needed to hurry up. Bernie told her to take PA-776 and herd the civilians if needed, but Anya stayed on the battlefield for the whole fight, providing covering fire for the rest of the Gears.


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