marpat vs woodland

Woodland vs Marpat vs Multicam vs ? color, Coyote, for the Interceptor Vest. to the unaided eye, but with the aid of a night vision device is highly Camouflage is camouflage for a reason--it's not an invisibility cloak but an aide for blending into the environment in situations in which you want to reduce the chance of being spotted. the visual and near infrared spectral ranges of a temperate environment."(23). The M81 tends to balance the light and dark changes pretty well.

Camouflage does not work by blending you into the environment.

(24), And then we is expensive to produce in two different color schemes. colored background and in the Visual and in the NIR and SWIR you want the Powered by Invision Community, Accessories, Attachments, Gear and Supplies.

teams but also their ground forces. Not only that but their Universal AOR was able to equal Multicam in, 21)

Canadian Military handbook looks at this further: 197.

Prior The Canadian Land Force Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT) was MARPAT Woodland. Digital (as good as they in the Desert in the Visual Spectrum) cannot be produced digitally. The problem is We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Camouflage Improvement Explained, Part 2:

the Navy SEALs and their elite DEVGRU unit, has produced a version of AOR

environment: a pixelated camouflage for Woodland, Desert All-Over-Brush for, 6)

The brighter the object appears, the greater its NIR reflectivity. placed 1st in Urban Environments which was a focus environment at that time. decided, when requested by the USMC, to only allow the Navy SEALs access to U.S. Army

was found to work in both environments.

more difficult to match camouflage to the background reflectance in the SWIR., 5)

why the USMC did not move forward with a specific Urban pattern. the USMC MARPAT patent so the Navy utilizing these patterns was not a breach The other patterns dont always hold up as well here because the vegetation can change very drastically.

17) NIR Spectrum with both Multicam and UCP coming close to a match in the In 2009 the Army conducted another study where

(the US4CES patterns I developed for ADS Inc. is one of the four part to the reflectance in the NIR Spectrum and the Chart above shows why


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