metformin diarrhea prevention
I have added a second probiotic and the problem hasn't gone away but seems less often an issue. How long after stopping Metformin will the diarrhea stop? No wonder we can't get a handle on diabetes. My doctor switched me to the extended release which did seem to help a little but not completely. Your body has to adjust to ur mets. Yes it will stop, in one to two weeks after taking them. You're welcome. Co worker brought banana bread to work and I just had to try a slice. Reduce your dose, with the approval of a health-care professional.

The most common side-effects of Metformin are feeling sick, diarrhea and abdominal pain. I will try the cereal.

That’s an idea because it’s horrible I drive a bus and this not helping as I type this from the toilet, I have run an A1C between 5-8 for several years and I have taken metformin on and off over the years. I take one generic Imodium every 2nd day.

It changed the consistency of the stool but did not stop the diarrhea. While Imodium can't enter the brain (in any significant concentration) on its own, combined with certain drugs like P-glycoprotein inhibitors (some heart medications, antiretrovirals, and antifungals), the drug can cross the blood brain barrier and have similar psychological effects as morphine. Please at least try a probiotic... you may need to try a few different ones but Pearls High Potency worked wonders for me with Metformin. It is better to take metformin alongside your meals.

If I go out to eat I always take my medicine with me and make sure to take it during the meal. I was worried about ling term affects of loperamide, but everything I've heard and read has nothing negative on it. Last week my doctor prescribed metformin to me.

Works for me. I have gone to two specialist with no good results!

Interesting studies going on about Metformin actually may increase life span. I took Metformin for 5 years. I wonder if it is its way of getting rid of more sugars. I don't know why it works - fiber, protein, ?? It can increase diarrhea. But there is a marked decrease in side effects after the first month of taking metformin. I just bought a new brand (new to me), literally one of several choices at Costco (Nature's Bounty, Probiotic 10, 20 billion live cultures). I had the same problem and my doctor gave me a new med. It's a drug; in fact, it's an opioid-receptor agonist (same as, for example, morphine). Your doctor may need to reduce your dose to allow your body to adjust and then adjust dose up gradually.Your doctor could also consider switching to a slow-release medication which may reduce diarrhea because smaller amounts are absorbed over the day rather than hitting your system all at once. On the days that it actually works to lessen the diarrhea (not stop, but lessen), it leaves my lower intestines in such cramping pain that it is difficult to take a deep breath or stand fully upright, and it makes me feel so bloated that I would wake up and swear that I ate a 10lb boulder for dinner the night before. No! He said to give it the whole month before we move on to other things.

Please let's not be judgemental. I watch closely what I eat since diagnosed. Reduce your dose, with the approval of a health-care professional.

She received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.She currently practices as a Community Pharmacist where she also conducts diabetes education, blood pressure screenings and administration of immunizations.


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