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Self-deprecating, not self-hating. Need I say more? RuthDiamond, All …

In their very funny introduction to the new edition Novak and Waldoks discuss what has changed in the 25 years since their book was originally published (beyond the fact that Waldoks is now a rabbi, and Novak became, as I like to call him, "the king of the ghostwriters," helping such diverse personalities as Tim Russert, Tip O'Neal, Lee Iacocca, Nancy Reagan, Rudy Giuliani and Magic Johnson become successful authors).

is it in one of the remasters or is it a separate game? For Rosenthal, humor comes from the specific.

At first, I did not even know the countries, let alone the towns; no one incident or “aha moment” revealed the towns.

From Minsk to Pinsk Belarus Jews Take Part in Jewish Life but Don’t Know Much About Judaism. I later learned they actually came from the nearby town of Kuzmin. Knowles Collection: Connecting Jewish Families. means." This Frank Fraider, my grandmother’s elder brother, was an elusive person to research.

I was pretty good at high school geography, but it turns out that genealogical geography is a whole different course. “I know very well that you are only telling me that to make me think that you are actually going to Suwalki, but I happen to know that you really are going to Bialystok.” After a little pause he asks, “So, tell me; why are you trying to deceive me?”.

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Mr Goldberg, from Pinsk, coming to America, shared a table in the ship's dining room with a Frenchman.

I researched exhaustively the towns in which Sadie’s family had lived, hoping that this might lead me to Frank’s town origins.

They said you need 90, 95 percent. (This would be like my telling outsiders that I am “from Washington, DC” when I actually live in the suburb of Brookville, Maryland.)

Nobody is perfect; that’s not what we’re talking about. Mr Goldberg could speak neither French nor English; the Frenchman could speak neither Russian nor Yiddish. I joined a JewishGen Special Interest Group (SIG) for Belarus and scoured records from Belarus for evidence that my Miller and Fraider families had lived in Minsk or Pinsk—all to no avail. Abraham is impressed: "When did that occur?" As a lifelong Dodgers fan, having attended Brooklyn Dodgers games in my youth with my dad, I was thrilled.

October 15, 2009 6:22 AM, I think Zerrick Woolfson (#2) and Sandy (#4) need to remember that senses of humour are subjective! One of the changes is that 25 years ago a few comics still told jokes. Especially City, that one is a masterpiece! I learned that Pinsk and Minsk were both located in the modern country of Belarus, and I began to research the history of the area. She found a Petition for Naturalization in Chicago, Illinois. (1)

Gene Baron,

Delbert Blackketter,
Christ’s objective for his disciples is to make us disciplined people. I was bringing her to Israel to bury."

Cool Stuff. Let us quote from sacred text: the 2005 Emmy Award acceptance speech by "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. I am Australian and we are known for our self-deprecating humour. "When I first said that I wanted us to put together a late-night comedy writing team that would only be 80 percent Ivy League-educated Jews, people thought I was crazy. Eventually, my tortuous study of the town names over many years led me to conclude that the towns identified by Sadie’s family were larger towns roughly in the vicinity of the places where Sadie’s family had lived, but were not the exact places where the family had lived. First use of an incandescent light in an un-crewed spacecraft? “To Bialystok, eh?” the first says skeptically. The towns mentioned appear to correlate with the towns of Babshin, Gorodeuts, and Studenitsa in southern Ukraine, part of Podolia guberniya during czarist times, and Iasi, Romania. I was once derided in a national publication for daring to tell a George Jessel joke by a self-anointed "connoisseur of comedy."

The Volokh Conspiracy » Forthcoming TNR Piece on Human Rights Watch. Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment. Have you never heard of Hathan Ausubel. Everyone is different.

Miller is president of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington and fundraising chair for the 2011 IAJGS Conference. All the tales that begin "Two Jews are on a train...." Perhaps I could just give the punchlines such as "You see, it's already starting to work"; or "My dog is dead! Some confusion comes from an Ellis Island passenger arrival record dated August 8, 1906, of a ship from Liverpool that lists a Jankel Freider (Fraider) from Kischinoff or Kirschinoff (Kishinev). “Dear Cousin,” the message began. He took me on a walking tour of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and to a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. Comedy has never been the same. An aspect of interest and pleasure for me has been to hear the family stories of my new mishpacha (relatives)—even though I have followed some of these stories along numerous false trails. This was a long process. According to the family stories and interviews, Sadie’s family had lived in towns called Beshun, Goretza, and Studenitza, near Yacci, on the Black Sea in what is now Moldova and then was part of Romania. On one branch I have heard that one of my maternal great-grandmother’s brothers was “the most famous rabbi in Russia.” Another cousin has said we are related to Rabbi Yitzhak Elchonan Spektor, who had been chief rabbi of Kovno. I'm buying multiples of rhe book for my 4 boys! However, the manifest of the ship that brought Sadie Trachtenbroit and her traveling companions (named Fraider and Studnitz) to the United States, states that family members came from the towns of Zhvanets (Zvanec) and Sokiryany (Sokyrjany) in Ukraine, not far from Kamenets-Podolskiy (Kamjanec-Podilskij).

Everywhere else, he's an author and journalist who has written for The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Interview and The Forward. Eleazar relates that once he found himself before the Roman emperor, and to his face he told him he was a camel's behind, an oppressor of the Jews of Jerusalem and spat in his face.

If you need further proof of what I like to call "the Bagelization of America," let me give a literal example and remind you of a popular series of TV ads that appeared every few minutes on TVs all over the country (and still does) -- for Jimmy Dean pork sausages on a bagel.

I want to read the onClick event value properties. December 17, 2006 7:04 AM, I tell all my friends the jokes and in the day centre for the old folks. At the next meal, Mr Goldberg, beaming, bowed to the Frenchman and said, "Bon appétit!". Novak and Waldoks ask.

December 24, 2006 11:43 AM, (5) Youngman at VERY best, was a second rater and Georgie wasn't a comedian at all, evident to all, having made his "name" as a toastmaster, when his "comedy" failed. Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment.

How come no one mentioned this idiot. However, as Novak and Waldoks make clear, if they were assembling a "Big Book of Jewish Humor" of the 21st century, they would include fewer texts from novels and more material from the Internet.

jake weiman,

These jokes were spiked with wisdom. The first documents obtained were death certificates for my grandparents; they provided the first clues that the story I had been told was fishy.

I don't think much of the supposed jokes, and the choice of Henny Youngman and Georgie Jessel was ridiculous. I joined a JewishGen Special Interest Group (SIG) for Belarus and scoured records from Belarus for evidence that my Miller and Fraider families had lived in Minsk or Pinsk—all to no avail. As I came to know the descendants of Frank Fraider and his wife, Sadie Trachtenbroit, they shared considerable information about Sadie and her family, including family interviews.

A major challenge was to discover where my Fraider family had lived in Eastern Europe. Jokes were told and traded and found for all occasions and situations. Your email address is kept private. I believe that certain Jewish humour is similar.

Phil Rosenthal, the co-creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond," in his charming and comic memoir, "You're Lucky You're Funny" (Viking), makes clear how having parents who survived the Holocaust is a sitcom (as if that wasn't obvious). Two others on the same ship were listed as Efroim and Dine Trajder (Fraider). When I asked my Uncle Frank about the places where his parents, my grandparents, had lived before they immigrated to the United States, he responded with a twinkle in his eye, “From Pinsk to Minsk.” Based on this information, I set about to research my family. Ultimately I enlisted an experienced fellow genealogist to assist me.

Uncle Frank was using an age-old Jewish joke that translates loosely to, “who knows?”.

Lighten up! The Stewart quote appears in the recently published 25th anniversary edition of "The Big Book of Jewish Humor," edited by William Novak and Moshe Waldoks (HarperCollins). Some were self-mocking, others mocked the ruling order.

No need to mess with param names. "The Big Book of Jewish Humor" has better jokes than any work I consulted. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but it doesn’t mean that it’s “self-hatred”. With 20/20 hindsight, I can see that, for a time, the comics of the Ed Sullivan era, the Henny Youngmans and George Jessels had become too embarrassing -- too "ghetto" (in the original Italian sense). Frank’s family was a completely different story.

Not really a joke, more of an observation really -- and the funny part is that the joke is about being a majority not a minority. The joke was on me.

he asks.

"Listen, the Frenchman isn't telling you his name. As anyone who finds themselves in front of a computer screen knows, retro or contemporary, old school or new, there is something of value in a joke -- if only the ability to laugh. There's nothing worse than an assimilated Jew who, with Goyim, thinks being Jewish centres around money, smoked salmon and baigels....ugh.The subject is making me sick. We exchanged some e-mails and she critiqued all of my findings, telling me I had things all wrong.

I have followed false trails off the cliff and spent countless hours researching unrelated individuals and places in Eastern Europe where no known relative ever lived.

Please sign me up for Aish.com's free email updates. Passports Can Now Say Jerusalem, Israel, Coming Together Like Roots of Redwood Trees, Moments before Being Gassed at Auschwitz, A Mother’s Letter, Menorahs in Montana: Inspiring True Story, Hanukkah and the Secret to Jewish Survival, Home  »  (Apparently the barb still stings.)

December 19, 2006 7:34 AM, (2) At some point, I became so immersed in the research that I lost track of the possibility that the two had come from very different areas. ", Nika: ★There are even more relaxed dirty girls...You just let know about you.. ...Join(copy the link)➤ abre.ai/bfmc. It was there that I found the oldest Jewish joke to my taste.

Not really a joke, more of an observation really -- and the funny part is that the joke is about being a majority not a minority. The Stewart quote appears in the recently published 25th anniversary edition of "The Big Book of Jewish Humor," edited by William Novak and Moshe Waldoks (HarperCollins).

At their best, they revealed a shimmer of truth and gave pleasure and comfort to teller and audience alike. Since Steve and his cousins were pretty vague about their grandfather’s whereabouts before he arrived in the Los Angeles area, I first tried to find records from the years when I thought he had lived in New York.


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