monster rancher 2 phoenix combinations 80098884 03E7 Max Ski.

More monsters and less plot this week. No name or description is listed.3E = Cigarettes. Rare monsters have different levels of Rarity. No matching stats, or the monsters are an identical breed/subtype, or the fusion can only have one result (for items) or two results (for incompatible monsters, i.e. That being said, the Monster Rancher Cartoon is only …

Acquisition is a simple affair you can “buy” them from the market which sells the regulars and one seasonal monster with average stats. Each monster is a combination of a species and a sub-type.

80098C1A 03E7 Max Def.

Raise your monster's stats as high as possible before Jan. 1.

Monster fusion is actually deceptively simple: you need two frozen monsters in the lab and the 500 gold to combine them. Max "TC's" in a stat along with only training with only training with the neighbor bonus, and your looking at around 25-30 stat bonus for only one week of life cost to your monster. Seems like no matter how much you build them up, you loose so much in combinations. At the end of their lifespan, instead of passing away on the ranch like other monsters, the Phoenix simply flies away into the sky. It’s competition was Final Fantasy VIII (PS1), Silent Hill (PS1), and Pokemon Snap (N64). In addition to the effect listed here, Disc Chips can impart Battle Specials, and they also tilt your chances in favor of getting the same-species of Disc Chip (but can't add a species out of whole cloth to the combination). Now the world is a Pokemon level of nonsense world where monsters duke it out for human entertainment. Note that Special Techs can never be inherited, so you'll need to go on the Kawrea Errantry to learn them.

(See "Breeder Code" section)01 8009923C 00xx 80099240 00xx80099244 00xx80099248 00xx8009924C 00xx80099250 00xx80099254 00xx80099258 00xx8009925C 00xx80099260 00xx80099264 00xx12 80099268 00xx8009926C 00xx80099270 00xx80099274 00xx80099278 00xx8009927C 00xx80099280 00xx80099284 00xx20 80099288 00xx00 Potatoes01 Fish02 Meat03 MilkJelly Cup 200405 Tablets06 Statues07 Gemeni's Pot08 Lump Ice09 Fire StonePure Gold 0APure Gold 0B0C Pure Silver0D Pure Platinum0E Mango0F Candy10 Smoked Snake11 Apple Cake12 Mint Leaves13 Powder14 Sweet Jelly15 Sour Jelly16 Crab Claw17 Peanut Oil18 Peanut Oil19 Stars Crop1A Golden Peach1B Silver Peach1C Magic Banana1D Magic Banana1E Magic Banana1F Half Nuts edible20 Irritator21 Griever22 Teromeann23 Manseitan24 Larox25 Kasseitan26 Troron27 Nageel28?29 Paradoxina2A Tiger disk.2B Hopper disk.2C Hare disk.Kato 2D disk.2E Suezo's disk.2F Dragon's disk.30 Gaboo's disk.31 Jell's disk.32 Niton's disk.Factory 33 disc.34 Mew's disk.35 Mocchi's disk.36 Zuum's disk.Arrow Head 37's disc.38 Ape's disk.39 Monol's disk.3A Bay Shrimp3B Incense3C Shoes3D Rice Cracker3E?3F Olive Oil40 Kaleidoscope41 Torles Water42?43 Perfume44 Stick45 Bone46 Perfume Oil47 Wood Ball48 Cedar Logs49 Pile of Meat4A Land4B Rock Candy4C Dummy4D Ice from Papas4E GreaseDNA 4F Capsule (Red)50 DNA Capsule (Yellow)DNA 51 Capsules (Pink)DNA 52 Capsules (Gray)DNA 53 Capsules (White)DNA 54 Capsules (Green)DNA 55 Capsule (Black)56 God Slate57 Hero Badge58 Heel Badge59 Quack Doll (fruit)5A Dragon TuskOld sheath 5B5C double-edged5D Magic Pot5E Mask5F Big Footstep60 Big Boots61 Fire Feather62 Taurus' Horn63 Dino's Tail64 Zilla Beard65 Fun Can66 Strong Glue67 Quack Doll (built - see 59))68 Mystic Seeds69 Parepare Tea6A Match6B Toothpicks6C Playmate6D Whetstone6E Poland6F Silk Cloth70 Disc Dish71 gramophone72 Shiny Stone73 Meteorites74 Steamed Bun75 Razor Blade76 Ice Candy77 Bone Fish78 Solar Lights79 Silk Hat7A Half Cake7B shaved ice7C Sweet Potatoes7D Medals7E Gold Medal7F Silver Medal80 Music Box81 Medals82 No Desire83 Tourney84 Rest85 PlayMirror 8687 Colart Tea88 Galoe Nut89 Stick Ice8A Ocean StoneSeaweed 8B8C Clay Doll # 18D Clay Doll # 28e Clay Doll # 38F Mock NutColt 90's Cake91 Flowers92 Pixie's disk.93 Dragon's disk.94 Centaur's disk.95 ColorPandora's disk.96 Beaclon's disk.97 Henger's disk.98 Wracky's disk.99 Golem's disk.9A Durahan's disk.9b Baku's disk.9C Dug's disk.9D Zilla's disk.9E Bajarl's disk.9f Pheonix's disk.A0 Ghost disk.A1 disk Metalner's.A2 Jill disk.A3 Joker's disk.A4 Undine's disk.A5 Mock's disk.A6 Ducken's disk.A7 Worm's disk.A8 Gali MaskCrystal A9AA Undine SlateAB Reward # 1AC Reward # 2Stick ADAE Jelly CupAF SpearB0 Wracky DollB1 Quack Doll (with instructions)(See 67 & 59)NOTE:Items listed as "???"

800984E8 03E7 Max Life Max Pow. Used Likes / Dislikes.83 = Tourney / Battle.

ALL Codes game shark code for Monster Rancher 2. The results, however, can tend to be quite complicated. *This move can be inherited by other Hoppers after being learned by a Hopper/Pixie.

Create a free website or blog at I don’t know what this thing is but it’s absurd and badass all at once.

When its stats and loyalty are high enough it’s time to send it to a tournament.

Used Likes / Dislikes.84 = Rest.

80097DC0 03E7 Max Int. Monster Rancher 2: Do parents matter when using items like the fire feather?

We know that normal combinations retain more stat points, allowing you to eventually combine into higher levels. I don’t know how you’re gonna get a hold of this one but if you can find a copy at your local pawn shop or flea market then I suggest you get it.

Seems like no matter how much you build them up, you loose so much in combinations. TC's - Training confidence - the higher the confidence the higher the boost you get from training - represented by stars in the training window and Bars on the second page of "info" for a monster. The whole thing was like a great Pro-Wrestling story-line and totally emergent. Remember to come back to check for more great content for Monster Rancher 2. 8009888A 03E7Slot 8 Type 80098A44 00?

CourageD00938AE jjjj801FFCFC 00FFMax StrengthD00938AE jjjj801FFCDC 03E7Opponent Guts DrainD00938AE jjjj801FFC7C 0000Opponent Life DrainD00938AE jjjj801FFC5C 0000Jjjj = Joker Command Modifier0001 L20002 R20004 L10008 R10010 TriangleCircle 00200040 X0080 Square0100 SelectStart 08001000 Up2000 Right4000 Down8000 LeftIe.

The monster designs are simply cool.

Used Likes / Dislikes.85 = Play. You can give it orders yourself or let it command the fight on its own. It’ll pay for you to be vigilant and keep your monster in top form whenever possible.


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