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no doubt please. Eugene delves into his past, and finally gives Ae-sin his answer. SQ2 Aug 22 2018 7:49 pm But when there’s a man in front of you whose heart has been ripped out, you shouldn’t say you’re hurt.”. This is the most romantic drama without even any single kiss . kim soo hyun or jo in sung or parkyoochun, Waex samchun Jun 10 2017 11:44 pm

He is so flawed, yet I am rooting for him to find fulfillment. If you haven't watched, go and watch now!!!!! Cant wait for the 12th eps, Dez Aug 12 2018 2:14 am Anonymdaebak Jul 08 2018 1:02 pm Choi Moo Sung as Jang Seung Goo

The best of the best. His character had been speaking Korean only until he came to America, likely didn't have many friends to talk to because of discrimination, and had to help the guy he was living with learn the language more while he himself probably only learned English in small ounces because I doubt he went to school. Hope this drama will be a masterpiece❤❤. dawo Jul 27 2017 8:34 am

“Each memorable verse lingers and fills me with amazement how one can write so well.” Here he is a man and super sexy! I would put this at the same tier as DOTS Big and beautiful. I cried. This is no hate towards the new girl taking Sarang's place, but when you compare the 2 actresses, it just seems like such a waste that we lost Kim Sarang. The only actor I can think of, off the top of my head right now, that could honestly pull off a believable and not cringy version of an American accent is Taecyeon because he was raised in the states. kimsoohynfan Jun 26 2018 9:07 am Glory Jul 05 2020 2:15 am I sometimes wish he could stay w Ae-Shin and at times have really dislike her for being so cold to him when all he's done is shown her how much he cares for her. I'm surprised by the on screen chemistry of Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae ri but i am more surprised by the "bromance" of Yu-jin / Dong mae / Hee-sung... Oh i love every scene that they are together... i would say " you three again"... i really enjoyed those scenes... I cried, I sobbed throughout the last 2 episodes, despite knowing beforehand that 4/5 main characters would die (it would have been even more sad if I hadn't known). He's my Mr. Sunshine. Can't wait for the next episode. This is the 1st full Korean drama I have ever watched & it’s one of the best dramas I have ever seen in any nationality!! for me, mr sunshine is hands down the best among these three and probably all other kdramas. And fantasised the two of them together in New York. Joni Jun 18 2017 7:20 pm

My heart beats so fast everytime I saw Eugene showed his affection to Ae Shin, the way he looks at Ae Shin and the way he protects Ae Shin.

Day by day to the end, the story become more attractive and very good. it would have been folded and given to the next of kin before lowering the coffin. @the watcher - even after the attack on the Go family Mori went to the court to complain about Gunner Jang.

At the same time, he discovers a plot by foreign forces to colonize Korea. chatrineevania Jul 28 2018 9:34 am I agree with kokonoright!!!

I was pleasantly surprised, I hope to see more like this in upcoming k-dramas. *sorry for my broken english hehe*. But in ep 1, i'm totally amaze

But actually i was so disappointed that I watched the drama as soon as it was published, someone should have tell me that this drama is so good.. so i don’t need to wait for every episode, it always makes me so frustated to wait for the next episode -_-, Asha Jul 22 2018 10:29 am Hee-Na - Love her, a great actress, will live to sustain the "emerging women power", Hee-Sung - I think he is handsome....but someone must die to be a tearjerker, Eun San - He will die as a hero in Korean history, Haman-Daek - What a kind, witty & loyal lady maid. A. Director/screenwriter/production team- 11/10 dropdown.onchange = onCatChange;

There are age gap everywhere.

At the end of episode 24 I knew the people of Korea had another 25 horrific years to endure before freedom was finally possible. . How about Kim Minjong-Yoon Jinyi? Best Series. Mikaru Mikaru Jun 24 2017 3:09 am Episode 8 . Yoo Yeon Seok and Byun Yo Han are no joke you know. ahh the feelings?

Eugene went back to Joseon 1902.. you broke me into pieces. He was really trying to understand Eugene’s anger, but was careful not to prod too much.

Ummm . Go Ae Sin, you cruel woman. Btw, did Dongmae badly hurt for next episode? For the main lead please cast Cha Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye....HAHA, hwee lip Jun 04 2017 12:02 am Wei Jun 05 2017 9:15 am Me ann Jun 11 2017 7:33 am i i was hesitated since last year to watch this drama and i just decided to watch t 4 days ago and im regretting for not started it earlier. Watching it again today! I have reviewed some segments of the last episode several times and are still amazed and cherished by this drama. Texan Tina Sep 21 2018 1:53 pm Excellent acting, directing, scenery, and costumes. Come here for Yoo Yeon Seok. @Giuna — I agree that the actors I picked can't speak fluent English to meet the demands of the character. queen Jun 24 2017 3:35 am

the history and people of Korea. Such a rare period to be focusing on that it is refreshing to me.

Lee Shi Ah as Yoo Jin’s mother (ep.1) Dong Mae's gang represents those historical thugs, but the drama had made him appealing to the audience who sees that Dong Mae's drew his blade on those who had violated an ethic or were cruel to others—the women who had mistreated his mother; two men who dared to impugn Ae-Shin's honor. @CARMEN — In so far as Goo Dong-Mae is one of three male characters that have ostensibly developed a bond between one another, despite the apparent animus in their banter, yes, I believe I am rooting for Goo Do-Mae. She found her mother only she had passed. but i warn people with soft heart to think before they watch it, because it may seems funny and romantic at start but this is such a cruel drama that will make you cry for days, M Jul 13 2020 11:31 pm 손 육공 Jul 28 2018 10:53 pm Who gave me my looks and my ability to shoot so accurately? Fumi May 31 2017 9:31 am

The main characters do leave you crying many times and your heart aches for them. A cruel and beautiful story. Fathima Shafeeya Mansoor Oct 29 2018 4:24 am Mail (required but will not be published). The drama is very unique and beautiful in many aspects. !...I just can't wait to watch this drama...i got high hopes...Lee Byung oppa...fighting!!! GG Aug 23 2020 9:47 am So far 6th eps set the highest rating *frm 7 epsd Suspicions run deep as U.S. troops lose a gun on a train. The subtitles say Ae Shin used the tab in your name, when her servant is speaking to her, which makes no sense and makes it extra confusing. Great story!!! Thank you.... Dian puspitasari Sep 16 2018 6:18 pm

Even Ae-sin pointing a gun at him is so shameless because all that guy has done is protect her. But now he needs something from him and Dong-Mae and he ask them for help. Gonna miss the way kyle call eugene name. I LOVED this show! per wikipedia, paper straws were invented in 1888. as to the english subs, i remember period s.k. Excellent drama, Kpop Jan 13 2020 1:49 am jerry Jun 11 2017 4:37 am Love a lot how it made us laugh then cry in every moments. Now that we have a mega top star as male lead, why don't we have a mega top star, too, as female lead. Acting, WOW LEE BYUNG HUN. 4.the character of the male lead goes to america, park yoochun in real life live in her childhood and teenage years there so he can speak fluent english-addition ,see miss ripley. One of best drama.i fall in love with Goo dong mae ( yoo yeon seok)


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