mx5 turbo kit

Fortunately, it ended at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, where hundreds of Miatas of every generation and level of modification had convened for a long weekend of track-centric fun. This revised KraftWerks supercharger system is compatible with all 2.0-liter 2006-13 NC Mazda MX-5’s. When I picked it up, the boost controller used for tuning was still set for the high altitude of Flyin' Miata's home base in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The heart of the kit is a custom casting that incorporates an intake manifold, an air/water intercooler, and the popular Eaton MP62 supercharger.

Below the manifold sits your choice of turbos. With a select range of effective products, you can be assured that what you see offered has met our expectations of quality and performance. Track Dog Racing offers a Rotrex-based kit as well, which might be the best Miata supercharger for the 1999-05 NB Miata. No trimming is needed. Our turbo kit is back in production! Please contact us if timing is an issue.

Turbo Size Piping Color - Please enter and we will approximate.

Manifold. It’s engineered exclusively for the ND Miata’s 2.0-liter SkyActiv-G I4 engine. Fitment: NB (1998-2005) I am about to buy a 93 Miata with a Magnuson supercharger, It doesn’t come on until 5000 rpm. Engine Compatibility: 2.0-Liter Engine Compatibility: 2.0-Liter Default is sliver. Manufacturer: KraftWerks We have also streamlined the option process to get you the best bang for the buck, despite the initially higher starting price. I picked up the car in Lancaster, California, not far from Willow Springs Raceway, but my destination was about five hours north by northwest: the annual Miatas at Mazda Raceway event held at historic Laguna Seca.

High and Low Boost Switch on Dash - connected to electronic boost solenoid. As you dance from canyon apexes to city on-ramps to the arrow of a modern interstate, the freedom of speed and the clarity of a mind not focused but emptied make you yearn for it never to end. Do know that we take our recommendations seriously and want to see you with the right products for your car.

Output: 225 HP. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. + $100.00. This is for the DIY builder.

We outline your different options and will point you in the right direction for the best MX5 supercharger kit to suit your needs. 1 x Turbo manifold and outlet with Inconel hardware (NA6) + $0.00. Intercooler kit, - all turbo lines and watercooling lines. It features ultra-high efficiency, silent operation, low operating temperatures, a self-contained lubrication and cooling system, and high reliability. Four hundred miles strung over a full day of driving can be hard on the body in any vehicle, especially in a small sports car, and all the more so for my long-legged, 6-foot-2-inch frame. It is more expensive than Kraftwerks’ system, but will also give your car more power: over 300 HP. This is clearly a car that's meant to be driven every day, not some trailer-queen track toy. From JDM classics to modern supercars, Cory is a fan of just about anything with 4 wheels. Currently, the twincharged kit is still in its construction stage. The price reflects this. Our Mazda MX-5 turbo kits are specially designed to make maximum power without compromise. - Excellent fit and finish, not requiring additional hours of labor to work correctly. Simply pick the most appropriate turbo for your power level. This is the current MZR MX5 Record Holder at 454 WHP on pump gas and a stock 2.5!

They are compatible with all 2.0-liter ND Miata engines. Andy had another $8,000 worth of parts bolted on in addition to most of the $11,000 worth also affixed to Rufus.

It comes with a 3-year, 36,000-mile defect warranty on the Magnuson Supercharger. It’s offered both for 1990-97 1.6- to 1.8-liter NA Miatas, and for 1998-05 1.8-liter NB Miatas.

Engine Compatibility: 2.0-Liter As much or as little turbo kit as you need.

There, I swapped Rufus for a chance to take a handful of laps in a more track-focused version of the turbo car—a soft-top MX-5 known affectionately as Andy. Only one minor incident marred the car's otherwise flawless performance, but it can be marked down to a prototype-specific issue and an artifact of its transport. This system uses the Rotrex C30-84, the same supercharger used in the extremely successful KraftWerks 2006-2013 Honda Civic Si system. It includes everything necessary for a bolt-on installation. Toggle navigation. Our mission is to help you modify your car the right way, whatever your budget.

Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times. This kit uses the Rotrex C30-84 blower. Below is a list of power outputs from each engine generation. Fitment: NB (1999-2005) It’s all about the intended use. This Rotrex supercharger is renowned for its compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Home; About BBR GTi; Shop .

They also bring about much quicker acceleration. There’s a pulley option available which increases overall power delivery to more heavily modified engines. Its unique design allows for maximum flow, but it also maintains great daily driving characteristics. Fast Forward Superchargers has three NA superchargers, for 1990-93, 1994-95, and 1996-97 years. nc-turbo-kit. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Neither of these options are the cheapest Miata supercharger kit, but they offer fast and reliable HP. The patented traction drive technology means that power is always available, all the way to the redline.

A rather limited set of extra parts takes Mazda's hot MX-5 RF hardtop to the max, starting with a turbocharger kit from BBR (available in both CARB and federal specs) that adds roughly 70 hp and 70 lb-ft of torque to the Miata's stock rating of 155 hp and 148 lb-ft. (Official dyno figures for the kit are forthcoming.) Superchargers are connected to the engine’s crankshaft, whose spinning motion in turn powers the supercharger. All systems now ship with a TiAL BOV. Overall, though it may be pricey, this is one of the best Miata superchargers for the NC generation. Piping Color - Please enter and we will approximate. These kits have a 120-day wait time between orders, for all three options, because of their popularity. Turbochargers and superchargers are both forced induction systems, compressing more air into your engine, which results in a considerable boost in power. The 6-rib serpentine belt drives the supercharger using Mazda’s own automatic tensioner. Did we miss something? Now with Inconel studs as standard.

As always, Track Dog Racing’s kit includes the Rotrex supercharger, intercooler, and all required mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions. Between the two, we prefer superchargers, and we’ll go into the details below. The Hush-O-Matic allows you to task the wiper controls to open a valve in the exhaust path for freer flow and louder sound, though even at full blast it won't bother the neighbors—much. Full installation and dynotuning . Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

Despite its much larger performance envelope, the same love letter to pure, simple joy remains.

Manifold Material. The route was a good one, with secondary roads taking me through Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Buttonwillow, Coalinga, and King City before finally arriving in Monterey. This unit is not CARB approved or for sale in California, however. Next on the upgrade list is Flyin' Miata's Stage 2 suspension kit, which includes Koni dampers, updated springs, rear bump stops, and front and rear anti-roll bars. Highflow Downpipe at 2.5" Diameter. Output: 251 HP. Downpipe choice. With the EcuTek tuning, this kit offers 283 HP, though it’s also available without EcuTek tuning. They can add serious horsepower. For slightly more power, Good-Win Racing offers an intercooled, tuned version of the popular Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kit. The TVS900 twisted lobe supercharger gives the best possible throttle response, with instant boost, all the way from idle! If you want to get more power out of your zippy, Mazda Miata, your best bet is to install some form of forced induction; either a supercharger or turbocharger. Each kit includes the Eaton MP62 supercharger and is compatible with 1.6-liter engines, and 1.8-liter engines for the latter-year models.


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