nba 2k12 settings
Having previous experience with the NBA 2K series is helpful, as is knowledge of real life basketball. (PS3).

You can't have the computer simulate the game for you, as this will not give you an achievement even if the events required to unlock it normally happened.

Click Here to get Adobe Reader Learn more, Lets play some good old fashioned basketball. Have u uploaded them on 2kshare yet? 1 Availability; 2 Game data.

More details about achievement hunting below. Pick the Heat. A game that on its face looks so simple with its neat and tidy square menu options. NBA 2K12 ... Video settings . Below you will find basic entry information to get you started. Or click here to search for specific content.

> Basketball i i know this isnt "player specific" but with my guy, the VERY first thing i maxed out was vert so i can get my rebs & make them dunks (either on breaks or oops). just remember, the best offense is a good defense so go out there and work on defense. » Next Thread Some things to keep in mind: You can modify the game settings in your favor. > NBA 2K Last Gen

> NBA 2K Last Gen Sliders (Click to vote). NBA 2K12.

We will cover tips for each game type and a few tips on how to collect achievements.

I just made a few changes though so make sure you're using the most up to date version. > Basketball You will make a character and play solely as him through the season. > NBA 2K Basketball Also do you feel the 3pt should go down a few notches?

Nba 2k12 Game Settings and Sliders 1st Assessment - YouTube

It won't help if you get drafted to a bad team either. Give this slider settings a good play through a minimum of 5 games.

if their shooting guard brings the ball up and someone screens for him, if your close enough you can set up to take a charge on the other side of the screener. Operation Sports Forums Then you get into Association mode and you When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Personal preference.

It is no fun to end a game of basketball with 0 points. You can't control the other people on your team but you can certainly help them. There really isn't much to discuss here.

Using the game settings I mentioned above though can help in this.

I can't count the number of passes i've tipped and broken up what would have been a huge play just by keeping my hands up.

Then you get into Association mode and you find out there are dozens of options.

First game of my Association.

Even the best team has some players that might not be worth keeping.

Added By Guest. For NBA 2K12 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Do's & Don't's of My Player Mode". Scout out some better people to fill these positions. Get your skills honed, and some time in with the various teams before you jump online.

It's not pretty, maybe its cheating, but it gets results.

Watch Queue Queue. i've drawn a few key fouls doing this, but be careful cause you can get hurt by doing it to often. > NBA 2K Last Gen Sliders | Visit our corporate site.

2K12 ranks each team based on various statistics and the Miami Heat have come out on top. > NBA 2K Basketball

Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. Not for the light of heart, this mode can be tough and long. NBA 2K12 My Player 101 Submitted on: 12/22/2011 by Mike Kilroy Now that the NBA lockout is over and the season is scheduled to start on Christmas Day -- joy to the world, King James will come -- it's a perfect time to explore the My Player mode in NBA 2K12 .

Deng didn't have a great game but knocked down the game winner with 6 seconds left.

I'll post every Association game I play. As you play these Quick Games you can test out each button and figure out its exact intent. If you are looking to get serious it will be crucial to know who is your three point shooter is and who can guarantee good passes and much more.

This is the in-depth team mode. for realistic 12 minute quarters".

All our cheats and codes for NBA 2K12 on Wii.

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You have to keep an eye on salaries and other various expenses. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components.

Offense and defense have slightly different controls and it is important to know these differences.

I like the rest of your settings tho good job! Here we are with NBA 2k12. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. my SF w/LAL is avg 40 ppg & shot inside,close & med were the same (whatever the ratings are for ath SF).

GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. So far these sliders have given me something that I've never experienced in a NBA 2K basketball game, games that are realistic statistically and are very competitive on the court. NY 10036. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.

Thank you. Can I use this with 5 min quarters, change the subs and timeouts to auto, and the playcalling to manual?

Find an achievement you want to get, grab a good team and hop right in to get it. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. They were based off of Bedwardsroy19's newly released roster. I don't like the cpu choosing which plays I have to run. How do I dunk on the ps3 every time I try I always end up just doing a layup?

This is a great place to get achievements. This can also work against you if you tend to lose points as I mentioned above so make sure you are ready to play these longer games and that you know you can gain points from them.

Next Thread I will have more games and box scores tomorrow.

You can than build on this already good team to make them amazing. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. I'll check these out tomorrow. This is a discussion on DavonBrown's NBA 2K12 Settings and Sliders within the NBA 2K Last Gen Sliders forums. Sure it is great to have NBA legends on your team but if they are all Point Guards your team is going to suffer in all other aspects. Than go to SETTINGS and SAVE/LOAD and load the SETTINGS that you saved it under and MyPlayer mode and than play the game! I had it at 50 for the first half and the players didnt tire at all. A tweaked NBA 2K14 game sliders to provide an even more realistic NBA simulation. Just stick with it and in time you will be shooting baskets from half court. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

I'll have to try Clutch at zero.

Any reason for Icon lead passing being off?

Three pointers are not as much of a problem on Pro as they are on All-Star. This is a discussion on DavonBrown's NBA 2K12 Settings and Sliders within the NBA 2K Last Gen Sliders forums. The best tabletop RPGs you can buy right now, Best wireless gaming headsets 2020 - cut the cord with Sennheiser, SteelSeries, and more, Best Xbox Series X headset: get ahead in audio before the console even arrives. My player had a current 60 rating when I tried this (sidebar: I also had my own shoe at the momment tof-jus thought i'd mention that tadbit of information in case someone thinks that makes a difference of finds it does). From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. Most of the achievements are pretty straight forward. This is a great spot to practice if you are new to the game or to sharpen up before you jump into Association or Create-A-Player.

Than you exit and save it under SETTINGS in the memory AND your profile.

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This is a discussion on Authentic's NBA 2K12 Sliders within the NBA 2K Last Gen Sliders forums. Then you get into Association mode and you find out there are dozens of options.

Controller Settings: Defensive Assist Strength- 50 Authentics NBA 2K12 Sliders V1 Uploaded to 2k Share, file name is Authentics 2k12 1.2 sliders.

Of course you should make your opponents one of the worst teams to help solidify this edge.

Please Note Manuals are in PDF Format.

Stamina at 50 is a tad high. If you can shoot like a pro, play the shooting drill and then use the points on other things like passing or dribbling.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Its better to play all the games if you want to maximize how many skill points you can earn.


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