nimble vs zfs

The cs460 was the next generation for the platform we needed. As a guy that deals with HPE and Nimble regularly, they are shouting from the rooftops that the reason they bought Nimble was for InfoSight and their support style. He is the primary contributor to Storage Switzerland and is a heavily sought after public speaker. Even the baby ZS3-2 model can serve a cool 500,000 IOPS when they're all coming out of RAM (they only has 256MB per controller, but still know how to party). The active/active design eats up more disks as now I have two different raid groups with dual disk failure(at scale it is a moot point but initially it matters). Those servers also leverage the NetApp SnapManager for SQL/Exchange tools to manage log truncation and database verification. We did have a hardware issue where we had to open the case and re-seat the midplane board that the power supplies snap into (it wouldn't power on). I don’t know who is seeing 2X compression, which is what Nimble Storage always advertises, unless there only SQL databases on the SAN. Insightly vs Nimble; Insightly vs Nimble. Given the option, I would rather do LACP, because with MPIO, we have to install the MPIO driver on each hypervisor and any guest that will have iSCSI volumes using the Microsoft iSCSI initiator (e.g. In my last column I described the components of the quadrant and provided some analysis of what Gartner calls the “Leaders” section. In 2008, ZFS was ported to FreeBSD. Our NetApp customers seldom shop when a refresh is due, as they typically have been very happy with the product and the service. Maximizing the number of “like” files on a given volume is how you get efficient deduplication on the NetApp. We've been using Nimble storage for about a year now. With Nimble Storage we have to use MPIO rather than LACP to achieve networking redundancy. Nimble vs ZFS Players – There seems to be a lot of ZFS players around. About Nimble. There is a lot of debate about block sizes and read/write ratios when sizing for SANs. The VMware environment uses NetApp’s VSC tool to provide snapshots of the virtual machines. If they weren’t owned by HP, I probably would have looked deeper to validate my thoughts, but HP (like Dell) also has a disjointed storage story. The NetApp solution would have been. I haven't been able to find many actual user experiences with Oracle, and was looking for any potential gotchas. To clarify this point further, you need to understand the average latency metric vs lowest latency metric. Imo the best thing about the nimble solution is the online analytics about your volumes, tuning suggestions, block size aliment suggestions etc.. it just makes it easy to run to a very high % of maximum performance / capacity. A take away here is that with small block (4K) I/O, throughput is not at all a limiting factor as 120,000 IOPS at 4K takes up only about 1Gbps of throughput. I could overlook this and size the top tier correctly, but when you combine it with a confusing Dell storage story, I would prefer to pass. When you run a program like a report that requires the data, it will come from disk first, making it slow (normal SAN speeds really) the first time you run the report. Jim Salter - May 8, 2020 12:00 pm UTC With NetApp, there was a certain level of complexity that we were juggling in our head (and we were good at it) but now that we have inline compression, the complexity of the CPU/snapshot/deduplication/SnapVault relationships/SATA Agg vs SAS Agg have been removed. Being a VAR, we have a lot of emotional baggage that prevents us from being unbiased. The FAS2240 doesn’t doesn’t do FlashCache and limits me to FlashPool technology.

It would be tough to go wrong with either solution as long as you have someone knowledgeable helping you understand your real storage requirements. From a vendor management perspective, do you really want to get in bed with Oracle when you're only a 300 person company? Quotes are coming in very close between the two company's. Here's an overview blog post with some interesting comments., © 2020 Condé Nast. The HGST He8 disks they're using are pretty bulletproof though. Nobody who uses one then has to go back to other firewalls is ever happy again. I don't want to shill but I work at iX because I love our product and opensource. NFS with VMware  really is a more eloquent storage solution than iSCSI. And How is it Different from IOPS? If that report is never run again, then you never get the benefit of flash, and your read cache hits for that workload will be too low to speed up though cache. There were two fundamental problems with Netapp’s solution for us. If we hadn’t found Nimble to drive a consolidation ROI, we would have upgraded our Netapp head to a 3xxx-series (more CPU and memory) and added more SAS Disks (more I/O). Also, even though this is anecdotal, I haven’t seen too many Compellent customers that go through a refresh, say five years later, that aren’t shopping the hell out of them. I've put it through its paces by pulling hard drives from both the SSD and SATA pool and also a controller and the hardware had no issues. If I decide on the 3 serries and I want failover to work on the 3 serries I need to buy flashcache for both heads. By design, SnapVault doesn’t allow you to have save on bandwidth during replication. The SNMP support is very basic and only works on a global level rather than a per-volume level at this point. First thing to note: Nimble does what they say it will do.

Cheers!Disclaimer: I'm a sr IT admin at a mid sized county on the west coast.

We’ve written extensively about the pros and cons of using ZFS versus starting from scratch in our articles “VM Aware Vs. ZFS Storage” and “Assessing the All-Flash Array Market”. We've had no problem with support - replacement parts are always overnight, and an on-site engineer visit is optional for everything except disk replacements, which is great when you've got a small mountain of SAS cables to trace and just really can't bebothered. Performance has exceeded expectations and the replications and snapshots are as efficient as advertised.

My technical team tested all the controller failover and RAID rebuilds scenarios that we would expect to experience eventually. We've since migrated other higher IO production volumes including a portion of our VMware farm. This is probably my biggest worry. Nimble focuses on average latency as most general workloads don’t have noticeable user impacts with a couple of outliers.

In the NetApp world, we would see about 40-50% deduplication, so from an efficiency perspective, compression doesn’t seem to be as good as deduplication for our VMware and Exchange workloads. Complex environments like that require NetApp and a high-level operator and the price is justified, but for our environment it isn’t needed. Nimble and Tintri created their storage software from a blank slate, where Tegile started with a ZFS foundation.


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