nodame cantabile drama ep1
Liszt Lieberstraum No. “That this man would be my lifelong teacher.”. I recognise a few of the same pieces used in the jdrama, but I like that they're using fresh stuff, particularly for Naeil's impromptu pieces. For those who haven't read the manga or seen Japanese live-action, Nodame's character is one of the most misunderstood parts of the entire series.

Nodame Cantabile is an anime about performers set for search for after their interests. SUB Nodame Cantabile Episode 11 2014-11-27 14:38:06; SUB Nodame Cantabile Episode 10 2014-11-27 14:37:59; SUB Nodame Cantabile Episode 9 … Sorry to the ferocious posters who can't stand to hear an opposing view. Also, a series playlist is an excellent idea, though I'm afraid I won't be too much help with identifying the different pieces. Opportunities open up as both begin taking risks, stretching themselves far more than they ever thought possible.

+Joo Won's performance so far

On the other hand, Nae-il looks over at Yoo-jin and thinks of his promise to match her, no matter what she does. And I'm also looking forward to getting to see more of the supporting characters.

It is based on the manga "Nodame Cantabile" by Tomoko Ninomiya, serialized in the "Kiss" published by KODANSHA LTD.

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So he sets out to cook her dinner, and when Nae-il arrives in the hallway and sees his door ajar, she can’t help but follow her nose to the smell of delicious food. Honestly, I prefer Boys over Flowers as a manga turned k-drama adaptation.

You nailed it.

fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Be civil folks. 20 seems reasonable, but only if they plan to follow the entire manga.

In the time they spend studying music, playing in orchestras and practicing for competitions, the two make friends with an assortment of eccentric musicians.

lol. exactly, there's something vital missing. Yoo-jin’s narration echoes his opening voiceover, of how his childhood thoughts turn to the music-filled streets of Europe. 3 in E-Flat Major Op. I'm smiling SOOO big right now! At the beginning he throws you off, he seems like a caricature, but then he grows on you.

She looks joyous, and when she finishes, she sighs, “Ah, it’s so good!” I’d laugh at her lack of modesty if only I didn’t totally agree.

[This thread is unnecessary and not in the spirit of this site.

I'm also enjoying the quirkiness of the episode without it being way over the top (although the CG roaches took me out of it for a minute). The main actress...I haven't seen the other version so I can't compare. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major Op. She's like a perverted ajumma and a child at the same time and not at all self-conscious as a woman. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

In lesson, he gamely goes along as she puts together a song about farts—they’re really two peas in a pod.

A list of the pieces played in the episode would be wonderful. Cantabile.

While I can not pinpoint what (one thing?

“Not bad,” he thinks. if (d.getElementById(id)) return;

*nods head* I was caught by surprised how much I like Joo-won as Chiaki-kun.

If so, how was their acting compared to the Korean version? Actually, I'm not sure how much I would like this if I hadn't seen the jdrama. But it's only episode one and characters evolve...but right now it's really hard for me to imagine that kind of vibe between them. This drama is less broad and more true-to-life, and if that means a lessening of the quirky manga-esque violence, I am ALL for it! He reaches the empty field of reeds, peaceful and sunny, and begins walking through it slowly, until he comes upon a clearing. That's what I thought was missing in this KDrama version, And it's not just Naeil, I felt that they did not show enough of Chiaki's/Yoo Jin's genius as a musician. Thanks, Requiem! I was actually expecting to love Shim Eun-kyung and felt wary of Joo-won, so it’s with surprise that I find myself completely sucked into Joo-won’s portrayal of Yoo-jin, which stirred an emotional response in me that I wasn’t expecting.


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